Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy(episode 9,10,11)

Hello guys I m back with the next episode of my FF..I m just confused guys if u r liking df r no..lz plz plz.
Keep commenting be it positive or negative but do its my strength..really sorry for late update..
As I met with an accident …n was nor allowed to touch my cell r laptop..
But here the episode…
Its short one..sorry for it.
N bear short ff for few days..

Episode starts
shivika smirking at their plan ..
N omkara ready with other plan…
shivay goes to his home…he goes to kitchen to get water bottle..
He sees anika there and is schoked..
She asks u here.
He says pyas lagi thi(I was thirsty)

She says OK..n gives him water bottle..
He says thankuu n heads to leave..
Just then anika calls him..from back..n says what has happened to u shivay…
You always hug me instead of saying thanks.
He just blushes..she comes to him n shakes him n makes asmall cute baby face n says my hug….?
He gets confused…
She again asks…
He z just on cloud 9…
N hugs tight..
From back his dad comes n says agar tum maa bete ki gapchup khatam huvi ho to shall we dine…?
(If u mom son due talks r over then shall we done )
shivay stand still that he taught his mom as anika…

N room
shivay says I should hurry up…all might be waiting for me..
He goes to choose a dress..n again imagines anika..
She hits his head…

He drives in with his bike to anikas house
As,they had decided to meet their…
N his way he keeps thinking about anika…

shivay cones there and finds anika angrily waiting there for him..
She says how dare you shivay…
I mean I never taught you could…
shivay is shocked and doesn’t understand her says..
He says par maine kya kiya?(but what did I do)
She turns her face and starts giggling. .
He notices this…
She asks I was just practicing..
Practicing for what?
Aree baba just testing my acting skills shivay..
Ad toni8!
Lots gonna happen..
But do you feel what we are gonna do is right…
As we both gonna do that in front of them…
She sees ridhima coming and hugs shivay…shivay feels her touch and responds…
anika whispers sorry shivay actually ridhima is coming towards us..and this had to be done….
ridhima comes there and says ahemm ahemm..
shivika break hug…
ridhima winks at anika…
Just then omkara comes n anika winks at ridhima making her blush huh…

anika hurdly asks shivay to start bike…
He says let omkara come…she says we r already late…
He nods and starts n anika immediately sits on his bike….
omkara comes there n feels bad…
anika asks ridhima to sit with omkara and hurry up…

She nods and sits with him..
anika asks shivay to slowen the bike as she wants to talk to omra..
He slows it down n omkara to cms n slows down..
anika SAS that its getting bore to just drive n. Shall race…
All agree…
omkara goes faster..
anika asks shivay to take it fast…
anika hugs shivay sensibly both can feel each other….
shivay makes it more fast n anika hugs him more tightly…
omkara who watches this z furious n drives too fast ridhima hugs him tight..
All stop at a place…omkara gathers his all strength to propose anika he watches anika standing alone n goes there anikas back was facing him..
He neels down closes his eyes..
N speaks out his heart…
N says will you marry me…n make me that spexil person on earth..
He opens his eyes and z shocked

omkara gets up in shock..n finds ridhima standing in front of her…
ridhima runs from there…
omkara is shell shocked…
shivika were standing behind the tree n watching this…
They were really very close to each much that they could sence each others breaths..
(But they were unaware of their closeness..)
shivay – anika yeah Teri behan KO kya hogaya..(what has happened to your sis anika?)
Tune toh kaha she loves om (u said she loves om)
anika- dambo…
You boys can never understand the heart of girl…

Other side…
omkara goes to ridhima…
He senses her sobbing .
omkara-(to himself) yeah tune kya kiya yar??
Actually mein MATLAB….I …really…I don’t…wanted to …are please stop crying yar..
ridhima- runs to omkara and hugs him tightly…
omkara just responds thinking that she need some support..
But she instead replies him..
omkara is shocked…
anika n shivay are too happy..just when omkara hears some noise n SAys who’s there( just to break the hug with ridhima..he says in intensionally)
But shivika getting scared of being caught comes more close close that their lips touch ..(would suggest u guys to imagine it,so that u can understand the secne)

Both were just lost in each other..
shivay was holding anika from waist..
Both were enjoying it..feeling each other…
But suddenly both sence it out wrong and seperare..
s- I ..I din mean that…
A- I know it was just by accident..
s- don’t take me wrong .
a- just smiles at him.
s moves from there running..

omkara and ridhima notice this..
But they only see that they kissed each other..
ridhima tells to UV
It means dii n shivay..
I m so happy for them…
shivay feels shy remembering all the past events..
Just then all hear the scream of anika..
N see that anika met with accident..
shivay is distraught…
He runs to her..
And takes her on lap and cries vigorously…
anika murmurs shivays name…

so shocked?
now ll c how it goes!
but mind u i ll not upload if i dont get good response..
guys i dont even get sunday as a holiady for my clg..yet i write..
it hardly takes few sec to write “good /bad”

precap-anika taking last few breaths of her life !!!

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  1. Priyanka_22

    ohhh accident
    how r yu now ?
    feelin better ?
    n it was tooooo goood crazy 😀
    plz plz plz pot next part soon

  2. Nansshivika

    Crazy don’t make me carzy by not uploading next one its not just good its great fan awesome. I really meant it. Llz post next one asap

  3. Nansshivika

    And take good care of ur health

  4. It was awesome.
    Tomorrow or say today morning is my kvpy exam and still i commented.

  5. Shivu

    Nice one nd d end twist is superb

  6. Plzz don’t stop writing… I’m one of ur silent reader… Who eagerly waits for ur each and every epi… I don’t have that much tym too comment but trust me I love ur ff.. And I literally wait ki kab upload hoga krke

  7. Pls dont end its really amazing i despirately wait for ur ff and i assure u that this ff is best so stop caring about comments

  8. Priyali

    No no no no !! Anika can’t die!! And u can’t stop!

  9. Nithu

    Omg….nyce dear….

  10. Nice episode dear

  11. Priyanka.N

    Kya yaarrrr kiss nd accident…..ithana romantic or tragedy ek sath….phir b mast hai…..waiting fr nxt prts….u r writing r good…keep it up….keep going

  12. I understand crazy.. commenting is way better than writing an ff.. while commenting takes few seconds and writing ff takes hours.. soo plss comment?
    N ur ff is soo much different yaar.. i luv it.. waiting for next epi.. n plss do upload it ?

  13. Accident??
    Hope anika is fine

  14. How r u crazy? get well soon… Coming to the episode how can anika die? No after such good moments between shivika n ishkara I don’t want them to cry… Post soon

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