Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy(episode 12, 13, 14)


thankyou for the response and sorry for the dealy..
n i m back as its weekend time matlab its time for the ff of crazy..
NOTE-guys one of my best frnd puh ll be uploading ff very soon..
and it ll be from my account only..
its a mature support her..
she ll be their very soon..!

episode starts with everyone rushing towards anika..shivay takes her on lap and cares her asking her to wake up ..
s- anika..anika..mere taraf dek anika(please look at me anika)
anika keeps stamring shivays name
shivay asks omkara to get the vehicle as we need to rush to hospital..just then a car goes omkara tries to stop but it just moves off
omkara is very angry ridhima notices this and asks omkara to cool down she ll stop the car..
she comes and waves her hand to take lift..
the man in the car is just too handsome..wearing black suit..
he stops seeing rishima.. sis has met with an accident please help us to take her to hospital..
man- yeah sure ..where is she..
shivay picks anika in his arms and gets her near the car..
shivay has kept his hand over anika…to stop the blood ..but the man keeps staring ridhima..
omkara notices this..
shivay says ridhima omkara jaldi chaloo please..
omkara-shivay u go ahead..
i n ridhima ll come ..plz make it asap..
shivay nods..
shivay gets in car and takes anika on his lap
and speaks to her..
s-yar..please kuch baath kar mere se..(plz speak to me)
kuch b hojayee apni akheeen band maath karna plzz(let anything happen but plz dont close your eyes)
kshan..mein yahi hon..
guy-listen mr, the girl is getting unconsious..please keep talking to her..kuch b baath kar but kar..
s-anika…yeah sabna tere wajese horahahai…meine kaha tha tuzje ki the plan is not good..
par tu aur tere siyapee ..badi jaasi ki rani banrahi thi..dekha kya hogaya abb..
s-tuze toh mera naam b lene nahi aaraha hai..
tu ek bar tekk ho ja phir dek..ajj tune mere kitne asson waste kiye hai na..uss sab ke na mein suth sameet badla lunga..

anika breaths faster..
guy- here we reach hospital..
shivay takes her in..
and shes in ICU..
omradhhi reach there..
shivay hugs omkara..
agar anika ko kuch hogaya na toh mein genahi pavonnga..
omkara is schoked at this…as he gets to know that shivika are loving each other..
risdhima says
anika dii ko kuch nah hoga shivay..calm down..
hamein maa ko inform karna hoga..
guys- no..i mean i dont have right to speak in between you..but dont inform in her home till any thing is confirmed..
first let doctor say what has happened then you guys can inform..look i known few good doctors i ll call them and call here to treat her..
hope you dont mind..!
s-tum log kuch bhi karo bas mere anika ko teek karo..
doctor comes out
shivay rushes to him..
doctor wo meri anika
doc-everything is fine now..
but if she is notconsious with in 12hrs then she may slip to coma..

s-mein anika ko kuch nahi hone dunga..
mein meri anika ko kuch nahi hone dunga..
bahle muza iske liya apni zindagi dav pe kyun na laga ni pade..
(i ll not let anything happen to anika
i ll not let anything happen to my anika..
even if i had to risk my life to her..)
guy smiles listening this..and thinks the girl is lucky to have him
omkara- par shivay…
s- nahi omkara. i love her a lot and ll not let anything happen to her..
ridhima smiles

ridhima goes to omkara and shivay and says i think i should inform maa..
just then she gets call of ankia’smom
(now you may get question about who said to ankia’smom all this, i ll reveal it later and let it be a TS)
risdima picks the call and stammers..
ankia’smom- puttar i m annoyed with you you could have said me na that to celebrate the victory you both and all the friends went to beach side farm house for three days..
chall koi nahi(it ok now) but you take care of your self and anika ok..
and she cuts the call
shivay and omkara ask her what did aunty say..
she narrates everything..
shivay says its not right but to hurt the sentiments of aunty..
and to lie her about her daughter..
omkara interrupts and says but we dont have courag to tell anything to her..
shivay gives angry looks(imagine this look guys, then every girl like me would blush as i m doing now while writing the ff-sorry for my bak bak again)
omkara-what..i mean what are you gonna say aunty..atlest let doctr come and tell us anything about anika..
risdima feels dizzy..
omkara holds her and asks are you fine risdima..
he makes her sit..
and says i ll get you water and something to eat..

shivay is still in shock..
he remembers all that happened with him..
shivika ki kiss..
then anika smiling at him..
just then he notices a voice..
its anika she comes to him and sits on bench beside him..
anika-O’oooo tumbhi na..meine tumse kya kaha tha..yad hai..
(You also na..,you remeber what i had said you once?)
shivay nods in no..
s-bolgaye..chall koi ni mein yad dila deti hun(you forgot..any way let me make you remember it)
jab bhi koi muskil ho toh kya karna chaiyee?(when there is any difficulty what should you do?)
and she vanishes
he thinks how anika said him once that when ever you are n difficulty you should always close your eyes and think of lord..and leave all the problems to him..
then he ll send an angel to solve all the problem..
just then he hears bells of temple..
he goes out of hospital and finds a temple..
he goes there..
anikas voice echos in him everywhere…
he removes his shoes like a typicall hero..
and enters the temple..
and like typical movie secnes winds starts bolwing hard..
bells start to ring due to wind..
shivay goes and joins his hand and says to god
anika is very nice girl..fully jolly type who just likes to be in problem just as she is now..
you know she said me once that when ever we are in problem we should leave it to you..
see bagvanjii i m leaving this to you .now you shd make my anika well..
i know i have never joined hands infront of you with my will..
right from childhood i did it as mom said but today i m doing it from heart..thinking that you will never break the trust..
hesays so and leaves..
there omkara was searching shivay..
he thinks shivay really loves anika a lot..i know i too love anika but my love is very less when compared to shivay..
now i promise my self that i ll make anika also realise her love for shivay and make them one..
and the day they become one i ll accept ridhima too..
he sees shivay comming and says shivay..
see i baught pizza for us..
come have it..
as you din have anything since long..
shivay nods and goes with omkara when he remembers the fight for food…
how shivay fought with anika telling her that pizza is tasty than home made food..
but anika stressing that mom ka hatha ka khana is best…
other side anika gains consiousness..
shivay drops pizza there and runs to see her..
he goes and sees anika and hugs her tightly…
she respods..

Episode starts with shivay hugging anika tight …
N scolding her and warning her to not to execute such damboo plans..which leads to risk her life..
anika is amazed n touched by his words…
Just them risdima comes in and hugs her..
N shivikas eye lock break by interruption f risdima..
anika to her self- shivay mera kitna khayal rakta hai..aur kuch der mein shayad vo muze vo magical words b kehdeta..
Par yeah risdima na..
Kuch der baad atii toh shayad ….n blushes…
a- vo maaaa…
s- hamne ghar pe kiisi KO nahi batya is bare mein..
ridhima n shivay narrate all the circumstances…
Just then doctor comes in and SAys that by tommo you can take her home..
N he adds u have a good fortune miss anika that you have such caring ur life partner .
He din live you a single min since you are admitted n kept sobbing
And I know you are also as lucky as her (pointing to shivay) as ur better half kept chnting ur name even in such state…
He just goes…

anika n shivay smile n hearts…
ridhima comes to shivay..n in a funny tone wishpers n shivays ears..
Betaaaa maan mein ladooo phutaaa?
shivay just keep smiling and comes to sences n hits lightly to ridhima…

omkara comes to shivay..who’s just smiling thinking about anika..
He hits him at back(as almost many frnds do ..)
He says you don’t want to say me anything?
He says no..but y r u asking so….
omkara nods n nothing..
Shall I say u something..
s- yup ..
o- I think u r n love…
s- what…with whom…
o- anika yar..
shivay cones to him n smells..
N says tu pk hai kya…?
o- I m serious here n u…!
s- u r thinking my consern for anika n wrong way..
I care her as she’s my best of best friend…that’s it…
Now enough f back back..
Let’s go to anika now…
V shd Lev her n risdima to her house
As according to aunty v were our n farm house for just 3 days
He laughs n goes
omkara- tukuch b kele but I ll make u n anika one..
As I know u both love each other truly…
All heed to anika-ridhis home
They reach the gate.
N c a guy doing exercise..
He’s doing push ups..
He was nakd upside..
He was fare enough with blue-green eyes

all 4 comes back to house..
they c that a guy is doing pushups whos uper bady is nacked..
anika fell intsntly she ran like a satabdi expess and hugs the guy tight..
(only his back can be seen..)


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