Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy (episode 27) Final showdown


Its morning..
a fresh new day..
Riya and adi wake up but are still in bed smiling at each other..
(u guess y)
leela call from down asking them to wake up as its riyas first rasoi..
Riya is schocked..
she hurridly gets up but u know na..
like all typical secne adi pulls her..

but leela calls agin..
she goes gets ready and moves down..
she is tensed..
she greets leela and says sorry..
Leela-its ok..i know its new place so u may have become late..
she giggles..
R-no maa..i m saying sorry as i dont know anything to prpare except coffee..
are u crazy(i just love this word..)did s’mom din teach u..
r-steps back in fear..
l-u might have taught i ll say like this to u..right/
she laughs..
and says come i ll teach u..
she teaches her making halva..
riya hugs her..and says can i take little halva to mom..
as she ll be glad..
only if u allow..
L-its ur wish..
and its good thing that u ll meet ur u might be missing them..

here yomi gets up and does notfind ridhima..
he gets ready and huridly leaves down..
and sees om’smom tasting kheer done by ridhima..and says its so tasty..
om-ohh then let me taste it too..
om’mom-ooo romance han..
both feel ackward..
r-i ll get it in seperate bowl..
o-aree no beta u both eat in one bowl only its ok..
they say if couples eat together love increases..
so continue..

shivaay gets up and he does not find anika he dont open his eyes..
he says anika kaha hai yar..
i want to get up seeing ur face from now on..
where r u?
he slowly open his eys praying to god that he must first c anika only..
he opens his eyes and finds anika sleeping on the couch with laptop in her hand..
who is fully ready..
he asks to himself..
how did she reach their..?
y Laptop?
N shes ready too?
but sleeping?
he hits his head and says y m i questing it to myself..i shd to anika..
he goes to her..
he smirks naughtly..
he comes close to her and kisses her on cheeks..
she jerks off suddenly..
and is about to fall but shivaay holds her makes her stand and starts questing her..
she pats her finger on his lips and says stop are u taking my test..
already i m so late..and upon that tensed..
she buzz off and go to kitchen..
s’mom enters and says so what sweet have u decidede to prepare..
she says sojjii ka..
oo sojii ki kheer..
no halva mummji..pats quick reply..
i wanted all ingridents..
oky let me help u..
she prepares sojii ka halva and serves it to all..
all finish it in a glipse..
she thinks i wanted to taste it too..but..just then she remembers that little is left out she huridly leaves to kitchen..
shivaay listens to this and goes in the kitchen..and romances with anika and purpusly makes that little halva to fall..
she gets angry on him..
and makes faces and goes to room..
shivaay follows her and says sorryyy plzz..
he begs her..
she says u know shivaay till today i dint prepare a cup of tea..and today i prepared today halva..
i wanted to taste it..
u dont knw to prepare a cup of tea..?
but ridhimai knows..
a-s she loves to cook..but not i..
[s-so only that halva was yakkkk(to himself)] s-ok wait i kept little halva for u..
he goes down and gets it in bowl..
she tastes it and says shivaay i m not in mood of joke..
a-i know this is not the halva i prepared its halva from Mishra shop..
the halva u prepared was finished and u wanted to taste it..then how could ur wish not be fulfilled by me..
a-with teary eyes..u love me soo much shivaay ? u like crazy
anika made a little of it to shivaay and she then started having it as she was hungry..
shivaays flash back..
anika had prepared halwa..
shivaay to himself-so this is the halva that my lovely wife prpared to let me taste it..
just then babe enterd..
and said
kabardar shivaay if u have it..
first it ll be showed /offered to god then all will have it.
shivaay said..i had come here to drink water not have halwa..
then babe went off..
s-offf bachgaye..
he peeped a little and saw babe gone and quickly had a full teaspone of halva and started coughing badly..
Oh shit wht is this..
the halva that my great siyaapppaaaa queen prepared..if any one will have this na then i m sure mere ghar ke sab log margajengee..and top on that anika will be sad which i cant c..
he quickly goes and orders the halwa and changes it..
–Flash back ends–
just then they hear riyas sound..calling maa..maaa
s-riya n hear..
he quickly runs their..
and hugs her..
and asks how is she..all fine na..(typical questions that every bro would ask)
Riya-chillax shivaay i m fine..
s’mom-riya beta..
riya and s’mom have a daughterly hug..
just then leela comes and says my daughter wanted to meet her mom so i thaught her to bring to u..
R-actually today was my first rasoi and so i prepared this..
and i wanted u all to taste it and asked mom if i can..
and she quickly said yes..
i m just tooo happy to have a MIL like her..
a-akhir maa kiski hai bhabhi..
anika hugs leela..

U-but riya how did u prepare this..i know very well u dont know anything to prepare
R-mom taught me and guidede me..
and hugs leela..
s-well this is really very tasty..
R-u..u…how dare u eat it…
i bought that for mom..
dont finish it..shivaay..
s-quicklyy goes to s’mom and feeds her a spoon and says now mom also eat it..let me have..
bebe-and what about me..?and me too said anika..
Oky..oky..,replied shivaay
He was about to make bebe have it when riya snached it from shivaay and said u had enough..let others have it..
a-showed tenga ..
l-anika what about ur rasoi..
shivaay started to cough listing this..
L-what happend shivaay..
s-nothing maa..
vo bass ashei..
U-i must say my DIL is such good chief..
L-i think urmistaken..
anika dint prepare a single cup of tea or coffee till now..
U-but halva was so good..
L & U-then how u prepared anika
i got up early and studied all and prepared it..
bebe starts laughing..
dont worry anika puttar i ll teach u ..

scene shifts–
om had somewhere started feeling for ridima ..
bt bechara ladka he cant share it with anyoone..
(self talk- y m i falling for her..she so loves her..she cares so much for my family..i know its something that is strucking me but what is that)
om’smom-omi beta i m leaving for jagrata..and i ll be late so u plzz take care of ridhima oky..
om-g mom..

ridhima vo actually mom said shes going to temple so i was thinking the way we are only two over shall v go out ..
om-kya homa u look sad..
r-vo..i m missing maa..
om-bass itnisi bath..
r-its itnisi bath for u?
om-no i mean…
han mere bivi koi wish kare n vo uska om complete na kare is it possible?
r-kya kaha tumne..
om-(realising just what he said)i said get ready..
(self talk-it means i m relly falling for her..
but how to tell her..
one day before marriage i told her i m doing it for only and only my family..and after two days love?
no i think its just attraction..ridhima is good i m feeling this..
thats it..)
om-i think i m thinking to much..
r-about what?
om-nothing so shall ve lev..
they both left for taneja mansion..
and saw it locked..
they asked the guards..
and he said adi sir went to office and both the mam went out..
ridhima again get sad..
om-lets go to oberois then i m sure u ll feel good by meeting ur sister..
and i also want to c what anika prepared for rasoi..
if she added salt insted of sugar and starts laughing..
ridhima laughs hearing this..
om-uff thank godd..atlast u smiled..
they were about to lev when leela and riya come back..
they forget about going to oberois and sit there only and talk for long..
they din get the time..
here om was determined to tell his feelings to ridhima..
they reach home..
ridhima-soo dinner..
om-i m very hungry..
r-give me 15 min..i ll prepare something in i m also super hungry..
she is about to go and falls down..
resulting in sprain..
om rushes to her and asks if she fine..
she was crying in pain..
he picks her and goes to room..
Riya nd om both neva wanted this moment to finish..
as they were so close to each other for the first time..
he keeps her on bed..
and massges her leg..
she says i m fine let me i and u both are very hungry..
om-no need..
at this time no hotel are open and i think i have noodles let me prepare them..
then let me have juice atlest..
om-sit and rest i ll get it..
om in kitchen..
puts the apren and started preparing he stands still for 15 min..
as he knew nothing about kitchen..
and he knew that noodles/maggie such fast preparing foods are all finished..
he was in trauma..
he taught atlest let me go and do juice..
he peals of orange and puts in mixture..
and puts the lid..
and on’s it..
without knowing that the lid is not properly fit..
all juice flows like a wavy ronge..
and splashs all around..
he then doe sit again very care fully..
he slowly goes in room and sees that ridhima is in wash room he goes and keeps the juice ther and keeps a note stay in room only..
and locks the door from outside so that ridhima dont gets toknow what has he done of the lovely kitchen of hers..

he then thinks i can prepare bhendi..
he starts cutting them and relise that the bendi is not good as its chipku(with out knowing the fact that it is chipku)
self talk-i wanted too say her my feelings and look whats happing here..
just then om’smom enters and says om..
om is n shock..
but tells her all things..
and says i wanted her to rest i could just prepare juice for her..

In Room..
ridhima comes out and sees juice and says om is so caring ..
and sees note
and says let me text him… i m waiting here only!
om shows messge to om’smom and she starts laughing..
and says first clear ur face and says appne app ko teek karu till then i ll prepare something..
oky but where..
om’smom-u ll not go to ur room u shd move to mine only na..

om comes back and sees that his mom prepared food..
he hugs her and takes the food to room..
he turns back
o-kichten ka avtar..!
A-i ll clean it..
o-need my help
o-say how to help..
A-go and feed my bahu with ur hand..
he comes to room and says food is ready..
both eat the food..
ridhima wa about to get up but sprain made her fall..
and lands up on om..
They were very close to each other..
they were so much lost in each other that they had a liplock which embrased both..
they were still on bed..
ridhima above om.
she tries to get up but om holded her tight by waist..

he says do u love me..
r-s..but it dont matter..
om-do u still love me..
om-then i want this moment to frezz..
coz i love u too..
r-no om..what..what did u just say..U love what..
om-i love my bed..i love my AC..i love my room..
om-i love u ridhima..i know it seems to be funny coz 2 day back i said i m not ready but today i felt..something else..
i know this propsing style is also diferent..
no banda in world would propse a girl in such manner..
but i..
ridhima goes wild thenn..
and say love u too..



There will be no precap hence forth..
as it was last episode of the FF..
this was the first FF i ahad wriiten on TEI and from very first day i was overwelmed with ur comments..
and then i was made popular(i know i m bosting my self)but stil..
i just read few intro parts and u guys mentioned my name telling that my FF and OS are awsome..
and i m glad ki i rewrote it as shivika ff!


Special thanks to commenters over there for their voilent support

News- dont worry guys…
i ll be back soon with a new story
there ll be many changes which u can go through once its uploaded..
one r the other day the FF had to end..
so it endede today..
Guys ur opinion on FF would be my award…
so chappal,roten tomatos,thorns with beautiful roses accepted here

well thankyou so much for bearing the ff so long!
and would really love if each and every member who reads it would comment even if its just a letter/character also then i ll be oky..
but plz do..

this ff ll be replaced by “Shivika Love Strategy”
a FF full of mystries and suspenses !

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