Love triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy (episode 25) marriage special


om-i..i m say u something very importent..i dont know how to say necessary that i say u ll be my wife..
ridhima-just chill om..i know what u want to say..
om-u know?
ridhima-Yes..i do..
om-no,u dont know..
as i dint share it to anyone and just kept it to myself..
ridhima-that is y..i om..coz i loved u..

i know u loved anika dii..that day u proposed anika dii..
and when u came to came to know that dii and shivaay jiju are loving each other u accepted it .
and i know that u wanted to say no to marriage..but anita maa s happiness made u quite..
and i my self ridhima promise u that i ll be with u in this plan..
s..u heard it right..
i was very hurt when i came to the fact that it was all for dii..but ur lve to ur mom..and the respect to me my family..made me stay quite..
i know its one side love..
but friendship is of two side..right..
so even after marriage we shall be friends..
and my repect to u has just grew as u wanted me to know truth..
om was all in their..he just steped forward and huged her..
ridhima wanted this moment to never end..
but she broke the hug..

and said i ll always wait for the day u ll also love me back..but till then we shall be the close friends..and this ll be are secrete..
om-so do u mean v were not friends till now..…me…mi mean i din wanted to say that..
om-laughed and said i think we should leave now..
not v ..u said ridhima..
he says ok..and left..
(now just running out this too)
all the brides and grooms were just rocking..
grooms were sitting for rituals..just then pandit asks the brides to come..
just when our beautiful brides enter and sit beside the respective grooms..
shivaay-looking hot..
anika stares shivaay angirly..
and he says i have the right..

she nods..
shivaay senses that something is wrong..
s-anika sab theek toh hai na..u seem sad..
Leela herd this convo,she comes close to shivika and says dont worry beta..anika is fine..i think its just coz she should leave all of us and go..
so..and since morning shes sad..u dont worry..
he nods..
s-anika yar..if u want i can be gharjammi but plz smile only once for me…
she does…
just then pandit asks them to stand for pheres..
all stand..

first 4 rounds grooms first and then next 3 the bride..
this way the marriage ritual ends..
and all leave to take blessings of elders..
adii sees his sisters happy with their partners and has tears in his eyes..
he says to riya..
that today i m the happiest person n world..
guess Y?coz i had promised my dad that i ll get the prince for my princess and i kept that up..
riya-i love u hubby..
A-love u too..
R-shall i ask u one thing..
A-no,ask me two things..
R-is all ok with anika..?she seems a bit sad..
A-coz she has to leave me..
R-aree but till yesterday she was the one who was more exited..
A-i ll speak to her..

R-smile plz..
A-here u go..(and smiles)
om-han ridhima..
r-u really dont love me na..
r-are chill i m just asking..coz mom said hena color depends on the love of husband..and my hena color is just too dark
and u r saying that u
om-smiles at her..and says funny

shivika are sitting on sofaa
s-anika r u ok..
a-just nods..
s-then y r u not speaking to me..
s-vo..vo..kya ?
a-mann nahi hee..
s-appne shivaay ko nahi batoogi..
a-looks at shivaay..she had teary eyes ..
s- thinks..shit.
y r u cring ..
anika clears her face by seeing usha..
and stops shivaay from asking anything..
challo bahurani..
chalne ka vakta ho gaya..

Twinjs night..
anika furious..on shivaay..
shivaay in shock..
anika tries to kill shivaay..


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  1. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode…. Eagerly waiting for next episode…..

  2. Nansshivika

    Omg what’s happening episode was cool but precap hawww eagerly waiting for it

  3. Jayashree

    Whoaa shocking precap… post next part!!

  4. Akansha

    Omg!!! I was happy as shivika are together what’s going on anika wants to kill shivaay.. N m sorry it read d previous part but couldn’t comment… Eagerly waiting fr d next episode post it soon

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