Love Triangle (Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy (Episode 1, 2 & 3)

well as its diwali so taught of some bonus ?
so here giving you back to back 3 episodes..
and i want my reward for the bonus by ur response..
if response is good then tommo again bonus pakka!
as its diwali…

Well this z the first episode f my FF..
Had given the intro earlier..
N at the intro itself got such good response from u all..thank you so much guys…

just one more me none is villan here..
this story is teen based i mean clg lifestyle..
Here we go….

Anika and Ridhima are kapoor sisters
om and shivay are unknown to eachother

Episode starts with anika n Ridhima n bed fighting for blanket..
A: Ridhima tu pura blanket lelegi toh mai kya Karun…
R: tuh…muje blanket lene do..aur vo alaram b band kardo..plzzz
Its irking a lot…
A: tu kab sudregi Ridhima..

On the other hand shivay wakes up for the alaram..
N look at d calander n says at last the day has come…
Bagvan help Karna …n goes to take bath…

Here om comes back to home from jogging n his mom asks him do u remember what z today..
om- what?
mom- om tum ase kese bhul sakthe ho????
om- OK let me guess..
Ajj apka bday…?
No its not n this month..
Then ….
Anika ka bday..?
Nope..still 20 days remaining for it…then?
mom- om ?
om- chill mom…I know what is today…

Back to Kapoor’s
Anika n Ridhima gets ready n come to hall..
N take blessings from all..
Mamu gives them chocolates..n says
Acche kaam ki suruvat hamesh……
(ridhima n Anika together) chocolate se honi chaeeyeee…
They give HiFi to him n both hug him..then they come to leela(their mom) n take blessings..n take a Lev..

They reach their collage..
Ridhima – Dii ..vo..go..
A: kya bath hai..?
R: kuch nahi..
A: hmmm..let me guess..
Toh tu nervous hai…
R: nahi toh..
A: tu sabse zoot bol sakthi hai..but mujse nahi..n u know that…
Now let’s go…
om comes from behind.. N scares them..
Anika n Ridhima run to beat him..
He at last says sorry..n gives up..
He says holiday were litrally boring for me what about u guys?
Anika n Ridhima says together it was awsomeeeee..
Anika says Pr. Chachad aarahai hai..

N I think if he sees all 3 f us together then…
om says u both Lev to class..I need to call my Frnd as there r many missed calls from him….
They says okay n Lev to class…

shivay comes near class n enquires abt the class..
Ridhima n Anika were passing from there..
S- excuse me girls..can u just help me find my class…Im not able to locate it so..
A: sure ..! Which z ur class?
R- right turn..then left turn..then up stairs..then left turn then downstairs..then right turn 2nd room..
Got it?
Challo let’s go dii…
A- par Ridhima…
R- diiiii…
They head to go…
shivay recalls..
First right turn..then left then upstairs pir..left ya right..
Ohhh shit man..
Anika feels bad n comes to him..n says actually Ridhima was just joking
Let me see class number..
Ohh its same..
Take left turn..then 2nd room..
A: smiles n says thanks so much miss….?
Anika..Anika Kapoor.

Ohh nice to meet u Anika..well myself shivay ..
Anika hurdily says bye n leaves..
shivay sees time m leaves too..

Precap- shivay comes to class n finds Anika is in same class..
He comes to her n says hello again ..
She smiles..
He says if u don’t mind can I sit with u..
As o just have u as my Frnd…
A: Sure
He sits beside Anika..
Om comes n sees this n is furious…


Episode starts with anika allowing shivay to sit with her n ridhima…
om comes there n z furious at he was sitting next to anika…
He comes there n greets them..saying I m back..n already my place z captured by someone else…
A- tu ase kyun keraha hai..?
N y d hell r u embarsing me ?
She says sorry to shivay on behalf of om n says him..
He has habbit of joking ..!.shivay feels strange n asks om to sit here..
He shall sit n other bench..
anika n a jerk no need !
om says to shivay I must say u won my heart …actually u can sit with us as bench is for 4 ..
N v r 4 I guess..

Class starts..
Pr chachad comes there n greets all n welcomes them..
He gives a long lecture(muted way) these 4 gets bored
anika looks at shivay just to check if he’s studious type of guy…
But sees him totally n sleepy mood..he looks at her n makes funny faces..n she giggles n shows it to ridhima
Both start giggling among themselves ….

After a long lecture PR chachad ki nazar om n anika par
He says u r back to my class..
Welcome back..but whose the guy sitting with u?
shivay gets up n says..

My self shivay Oberoi
Pr- great Mr Oberoi
But did u not get any others to make friends..
That u got into these 3..
om intrepts n says its none f ur ….
shivay holds his hand n

In canteen..
Om: angry???
A: listen shivay v Neva forced u for our friendship..
So its completely ur decision
S: its my life n only I have ri8 to take decision s f my life I m with u..
N more over once I hold anybody I don’t Lev them so easily…
shivay comes to om n SAys chill dude..
No need to make ur BP high

They gather n class n give HiFi to each other..
There z a list displayed on board..
All chk it out
shivay n om says to anika n ridhima to b there they ll chk what is it..
They go..
N find that its a due group list for projects..
Shivika and om-ridhima r parked for project.


Episode-3 begins from yuvi getting disappointed hearing that shivika r paired..
But he does not show it on face..

They all gather in class n professor tells them that they need to submit project on Thursday ..
N today z Tuesday..
So time is running out go quick n gather the info..
As this project will grace u with marks..
anika tells shivay that she don’t know anything about project..
He smiles n says don’t worry we shall complete it..n get good marks too..
But before that planning z needed ..
Here ridhima tells om that v shd hurry up n project..
N I think v can get most f info from slum areas but how to go there..
He says by my car..??

She SAys its not time to joke as v ll get grace marks..he nods n says but before that I m hungry..
She says okay..n says v shd go to my I have some articles I think we may get some info from there..
Here the sane line is related from Anika..
N shivay nods n says so shall v leave she says sure..
He SAys by my car?
She smiles …
They sit n car n heads om watches this from far..
They reach anika’s home…servent opens the door..
N finds her with shivay
She SAys hii
N gets in..

She walks for some distance n watches him still standing n door..
N says shivay main tumhe arti karke andar bulaoo?
Leela asks who’s he..?
anika says he’s shivay my project partner..
She says I can’t take n come all articles here so kya tum mere room tak ane ki takleef lovge..?
He just follows her..
They reach her room

She says these r the articles ridhima collected n I may help..
shivika together starts searching
Their head bang…
She says can’t see..
He says no I can’t but u can see right then..
Leela comes there and gives them coffee shivay thanks her..
She says no need to thank me just for a coffee
He n she at a time go to take coffee n takes same mug f coffee
He says I took it first..
She says no I took it..

Both were holding each others hands ..
She SAys u want to drink coffee ri8
So take this she trows coffee on his face..
He runs behind her n he too throws it on her..
They both laugh seeing each other when at same time ridhima and om enters..
shivika together sees them..n feels some different feeling n just Lev..
By taking the articles..
om z full to angry…
Mahi laughs at this..
N says I think they bonding is super what u say om?
He says I think v shd concentrate n project…

Not decided as such


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    It is very nice crazy
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    I loved it
    Please update the next epi ASAP???

  3. Ur name defines u?.. crazy concept dude?

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