Which love triangle entertains you the most?

The same trend of love triangles is catching up in all the hit shows. The love triangle of Abhi, Pragya and Tanu is going on since long and is impressing the viewers too. Kumkum Bhagya is doing ahead with good TRPs by the love triangle. The new entrant in love triangle category is from Beyhadh. The show started recently and has amazing chemistry between the three leads. Viewers are appreciating all the three wonderful characters defined of Maya, Arjun and Saanjh.

It so happens that the third person is either a negative selfish person or totally positive one. Naamkaran has all the three leads positive. While Ashish loves Asha, the third person in their love story is also a positive character. Neela is selfless, and just unaware of Ashish’s love story. Seems, she would be uniting the lovers upon knowing their truth. Similarly, Ravish is the positive guy falling in love with his wife Vividha, unaware that Vividha is still in love with Atharv. Their fates have intertwined and brought them together. Its fun to see selfless and pure love triangles. Naira, Kartik and Gayu are one such couple, who can sacrifice their love for each other. Naira and Kartik love each other, but sacrifice love for Gayu’s sake.

Along with the scheming Tanu of Kumkum Bhagya, Malaika of Kasam, Bindu of ETRETR and Tia of Ishqbaaz are the cunning third persons in Rishi-Tanuja, Raja-Rani and Anika-Shivaye’s love stories. They just don’t get away and stick to the story always, sometimes to make the lovers realize or stronger their love. Either ways, the love triangles bring the entertainment needed to make the love story intense. Which love triangle entertains you the most? Let us know in this poll by selecting up to two choices. You may leave your comment as well.

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  1. Joan Kwesiga

    The love triangle of kartik,Naira & Gayu makes me mad

  2. Maya-arjun-Saanjh r the best . It is yet to see how their love triangle is

  3. AMkideewani

    The love triangle of Maya, Arjun and Saanjh is very interessting

  4. Tia shivaaye and anika of ishqbaaz always rock

  5. yeah!!!!anika shivaye tia rocks!!!!highest votes till now…

    1. Shitiani highest votes Ishqbaaz ….

      1. HAPPY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!! SHITIYANI….

  6. wow shitiani is 1st place

  7. shiv- ani-tia

  8. Azizul

    Shiv ani tia

  9. Pooja26

    maya- arjun -saajh
    are awsm…. 😉 😉

  10. Avishi

    Naira kartik gayu and shivaye anika tia

  11. It’s abhigya

  12. Atharv-vivida-ravish

  13. It’s abhigya

  14. Shakaib

    Abhigya,tanu,Shivika,tia,tanshi,malaika are entertaining most.

  15. Shitiani SUPERB!!!

    1. actully tia doesn’t lv svy, and svy also not, so this is not love triangle…. Same as tanu, Rishi, Mallika, rishi and mallika do not love each other , so there is no point to vote them

  16. best is my raja-rani-bindu I don’t know why is this at bottom

  17. Maya around saanjh rockzzzzzz!!!!!!

  18. Jiya_Ani

    Maya-Arjun-Sanjh r d highest guys…tia, shivaye and Anika isn’t a love∆…

  19. atharv vividha ravish is d besttt

  20. Maya -Arjun -Saanjh
    Shivaay Anika Tia

  21. Sanghita0000

    Maya-Arjun-Saanjh love triangle hasn’t started properly….that’s why it’s 2nd….When it will start , it will be one of the most passionate and epic love triangle

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