the love transcends time (episode 1)


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So here we go…
The episode starts with the rishis new is just a big and highclass house..suiting there was the which rishi and manpreeth joins the collage rishi for 1st yr pg and manpreeth for his 2nd yr ug course to continue..they both were exited to go to collage..especially first time studying on an indian collage..they get ready early..
On rishis room..

Manpreeth:bhai give me your perfume to me..
Rishi:..why ..chote?? You have a marvellous collection of perfumes even though you are asking me..
Manpreeth:its soo special..
Manpreeth:my bhai is..using it that’s why..if I too use it I will also become a you
Manpreeth:fool…..a perfume cant do anything…
Manpreeth:bhai pls..give it..
Rishi give it to him..he applies it on his shirt…..
Manpreeth:you watch bai..i will also become a hero in front of new girls..
Rishi:ohh that was the reason you asking it naa..
Manpreeth:haa..haa..papa will make your marrage with..some thanu..tanuja..named your chance is over and its my turn…I will shine..
Rishy gets irritated by hearing this..
Rishi:chotte I have said you many times not to talk that matter..thank god we didn’t find her or her family..iam relived from those tensions..even if we find out her iam not going to marry..and on this age..for this silly reasons..never..
Manpreeth:teek hei bhai..iam with can you ruin your good marriying…I understand…(comically)
Rano calls both of them for having break fast..they had their break fast and reach the collage..

Manpreeth:bai…there will be freashers day for pg students..pls take care that no one will raag you..
Rishi:I have heared that ragging is banned on the collages..
Manpreeth(comically) :but bhai who knows…pls take care
Rishi:choteee..dont try to scare me..
Rishi and manpreeth goes to their respective classes..rishi comes to know that there is freshers day for pg students on auditorium..
All the students assemble on the auditorium…the auditorium was filled with students..
On the same time tanu gets ready and comes to collage in a hurry..that she became late…. And was very anxious about the function…..she reaches to collage anu her friend waits at the corridor …seeing her rushes to..tanu…

Anu:areyy….w hy did you became this much late ..come with me lets go to the hall…
Tanu:sorry yaar..bus became late….
Anu:teek he come hurry..
Tanu:did it begin?
Anu: yes before few minutes
Tanu:then come…
Rishi was welcomed to the introduce himself…
Announcer:hai have to show any of your tallent to us..this is the task for you..before that you introduce yourself..
Tanu and anu comes to hall on outside varun and his gang was there…. Tanu didn’t mind him ..and cross him..
She stops there…
Varun:where are you going soo fast..he is not here..And is not going to come here…
Rishi takes the mike to introduce himself…
Tanu:who varun?
Varun:the whome you ..are cheking on every crowd..
Tanu:angrily..its not you deciding varun ……he wiil definitely come if our destiny decided it on past…

Rishi: dear friends..iam rishi singh bedi..and after a long destiny brought me back to india..
Anu:hei varun..whats your problem pls leave her alone…come tanu lets go..anu holds tanus hand and they get into the auditorium…
Announcer :ok friend now it’s the time to show your tallent to us…
Rishi:oh no please I don’t have such..tallents..
Anouncer:then you have to do the task that we give to you…
He brings a box and says him to take a lot….h e takes a lot..and read it..
Announcer:so your task is..its just a simple one and..just for fun….a nd it is to define love…so simple task isnt it friends..
Rishi:oh..its too difficult for me..

Announcer: say two or three words it will be enough..
Rishi:ok..let me try… is…he looks on the audience…become nervous….i don’t know what is it…beyond our definitions..he looks on all the audience and stucks on one face…he contiue it Is the matter of hearts where..the world seems to be dissapear when they see each other…
The audience gets impressed and they claps for his words…
Anu:hei..this seniour is so cute naa and clearly he said it..iam impressed..
Tanu: really….but..anu…
Anu: what ?
Tanu:noo nothing
Tanu feels something inside her heart …but unable to say it…it was a feeling..which is beyond definitions….

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    2. @tanshi dear. you go and see friday spoilers 31thdecember telly update.

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