my love TPK OS

A silent reader now Writing An OS Encourage by The writers of THIS PAGE RANDOM FAN,NUSZ,MINEEY,PAYAL,JUGGU,ANU,ASYA & others…

So here my Os start with
thapki is in her room thinking about his super hero & recalling all lovely thahaan moments..

T;”where r u bihaan? I m missing u Ha U said u love me than Why often leave me alone…? Always think about urself & love to spend time with ur friends…. Never care of me Yes i m not ur katrina Not so hot.. not beautiful Ha…. here i m stupid who always think of urselves.. care for u…. Now come today… i will show u true face..”
thapki is angry as Bihaan often Leaves her alone at home & come at late night..
She is suprised by his behaviour bt thinks he Want to Spend time with friends bt today its too much…

She saw his favr8 T-shirt & Say;”U look too handsome in this shirt…I never Praises u bt my heart knows ur most handsome & dashing husband… too lucky to have.. u.”
she began to dance with his T shirt..(Pareshan song plays in Bg)
Kiran comes & saw her like this & taunts her
kiran:”Uhum uhum bhabhi plz dont tore Bhai t-shirt u can romance with bhai when he comes.. ha ha ha..”
T;”nno kiran nothing i m just kkkkeeping his shirt in almirah..”
Kiran;”ok ok bhabhi dont need any explanation Now I m going Ma is calling me..”
T;”why i m happy no today i have to show him my face….no thapki behave angrily..U have to Bring bihaan in right path…yes …”

Bihaan comes & saw thapki…lovingly….
For a while they both r lost in each other eyes..
(New Bg of thahaan plays)
T;”Oh so u have come & u had get time to for me…U never care for me…. ”
Bihaan;”Ok Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey sorry Chotu had stop me there i was coming early bt he.”
bihaan answered Innocently
he hugs her
Thapki was melting bt she change her tone
& said;”No u r Making excuses u never care for me….. u always said u love me…bt its Not true u only love ur katrina”
she makes an angry face.
Bihaan:”so u dont want to talk to me ok i m going & u will not see my face as i m bad…”

He goes angrily..
Thapki is sad now
T;”i made him angry may be he is right…I m a bad wife never understand my husband… how will I say sorry to him ..”
She follows him….

he is walking angrily at roads @night.
there is dark.
Bihaan is ahead & thapki is following him.

B:”i know U r following me….today i will Prove myself how much i love u………….”
T;”where r u going bihaan? i want to stop u..Bt how will u stop…. its better to keep an eye on that u cant do anything wrong..”
Bihaan reached a place..
it was dark there..

Thapki is looking at him Continuously.. bt Suddenly he vanishes….
Thapki is suprised & sad
T;”where had he gone? bihaan bihaan plz come back….Now i will never scold u…Always behave good wife….I love u a lot plz come back…”

lights come back…
she saw the beautiful decoration
The Lovely place, A perfect venue, a romantic place….

thapki likes it bt still she is worried for bihaan.

bihaan comes from behind & hugs her
B;”I love Mrs.thapki bihaan pandey…. & congratulation as today is our Half anniversary..So i want to made it S 4 special S 4 shocking for my lovely wife…whom i love so much…”
T;”so u remember My moti budhi Has a buddhi.. hmmm.”
Bihaan:”ofcourse hows it do u like it??”
T;”Not at all.”
B;”Gajab I had planned all this for u & u didnt like this…From past few days i m decorating this for u…& u such a bad wife..”
Thapki:” Relax my husband g..i was saying Not i liked bt i loved it….. & more than i love u…..My handsome husband.”
Bihaan:”Oh u made me Insane….”
Thapki;”u r born insane…”
Bihaan:”had u say something…”
Thapki;”no no nothing actually i was saying now lets enjoy…”
B;”ok much excited .my N 4 natkhat N 4 naughty Biwi..”

thapki Beats him..

they both Goes & cut the cake…

They have a romantic dance…

after that they have a Dinner ..

T;”i love u a lot bihaan.”

saying this she kissed him.
B;”Oho i m dying my wife kissed me …”
T;”now stop ur nonsene lets go home…”
B;”gajabb nice..”

they both smiles & return to PN

they both sleeps in each other arms…

Bihaan kissed her
B;”i promise i never hurt u..”
T;”& i promise I never stop loving u….”
saying this she hugs him tightly..

they both smlies & sleep

epi ends

hope u like
this is A light Os
i m missing thahaan romance so that i write this Os

do comments if u liked it

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  1. Juggu

    Its gajaaaaaaabbb…..harry

    1. thanks juggu

  2. Nice 🙂

    1. thanks Emz

  3. Wowwww…..realllyy love ittt wt a romance yaaaar

    1. thanks Pasi
      i m happy that u liked my idea
      Thanks for encouraging

  4. Nusz Khan

    Aw this is so sweet, you’re inspired by me? But look at yourself!! Harry this One Shot was so beautiful and written so well, you’re so talented and amazing!!! I swear to god you should write a Fan-Fiction about them with your writing skills!! You rock Harry, keep smiling like always aha!!.


    1. yes Nusz u & other writers r My inspiration I m very bad writer
      fed of dragging thats why i write it….

      thank u

      No i cant write ff its not an easy task

  5. Lara

    It is awesome harry

    1. thanks lara…
      I m happy that u liked it

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow harry is so good n thanks for mentioning my name dear happy u liked my ff 🙂

    1. Yes i m big fan of ur all ffs

      i m new Viewer of Tpk

      actually My mum loves this show….
      On wed she miss the epi

      she tell me to Check Online videos
      I search on google
      & Suddenly i found… tU page
      i Read the updates & tell my mum.

      & I found ur ff A loving pat

      I read all the Epi in hurry
      i loved it
      than i found Nusz ,juggu,anu,mineey Ffs
      i read it & loved it
      sorry didnt comment

      Many ff r Lefting
      so i had to read it ..

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    yes i also fed up with dragging ur one shot made me happy

  8. Mineey

    Very good harry keep writing.
    mood fresh hogya yarr

    1. i m happy that u liked it
      big fan of ur ff

  9. super yaar……..i really get a great relief feeling from this current track.good luck waiting for the next part.

    1. Thanks a lot
      for liking it
      No more parts.
      Its an Os

      i was fed of dragging thats why i write it…

  10. nice epi

    1. thanks simpi

  11. you are amazing.carry on thahaan romance.:)

    1. its just an Os dear
      thanks for ur comment

  12. Hey …….good one harry!!!Your imagination and way of writing is appreciable…..keep writing such ff.

    1. if i got chance i try to write Os
      on thahaan
      thanks for ur comment

  13. Really awesome yaar.hatsoff for ur os!!!

    1. thanks soundharya

  14. Nice…even i was missing thahaan moments.

    1. thAnks i m missing thahaan romance thats why i write this Os

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