Hey guys !! Again back after sooo long !! And back with a story on our heavenly couple !! This a ROMANTIC STORY !! Full on romance !! Read the A/N


” Oops !! Bhaiya dyhan se chalo !! ” I said to one of bhaiyas who is managing the prepations !!

” Wait what did i said !! Preperations !! Yups here preperations are going on in full swing !! Guess what !! This all preperations are for me !! Only for me and My Babu !! Now you guys are thinking who is my BABU right !!

Oops see na how mental i am first i need to introduce myself na !! Ok I m Swara Gadodia THE HEROINE OF THIS STORY !! ( Said while raising her Imaginary collar ) and here today my engagement is going to happen with my Babu !! ”

” Shona beta !! Come on you have to go to parlour !! Come fast !! ” Shomi shouts from the door !!

” Haan ma aaye !! Ok guys !! Mom is calling tonight is my engagement dont forgot to come ohk !! Bye !! Bye !! ”

Swara runs to the main door where her Mom is waiting for her !! Soon they both leaves for parlour !!

Scene shifts to the another mansion where a lady is seen shouting !!

Lady : Ronie !! Where is the garlands !!
Ron : But mummy ji !! They said garlands and flowers will be ready till evening !!
Mum : Kya !! Evening !! Engagement is tonight not after a week so go imediatley and bought the flowers !! Huh !!

Ron : Ji mummy ji !!
Saying so Ronie left from there a man in his early fifties came from behind !! He put his hands around Mummy ji’s shoulder !!

Man : Sujatha why are getting hyper !! There is more time ok just chill !!
Sujatha (Mummy ji) : Mein karun Ram ji !! Today is our Son’s engagement !! That too the first ever function in our house !! Than tho i will get hyper only na !!

Ram : Haan !! Haan !! Suju its ok first go and see what ur son is doing !!
Suj : Yeah ram ji !! First i have to wake him up !!

Saying so Sujatha aka Mummy ji went to her son’s room !!

In room !! A boy around 27 years seen sleeping in his bed hugging his pillow !! And mumbling something !! Come on come on lets hear him !! What he is saying !!

” Babe !! Come on na !! Ek kiss sirf ek !! Than i m sure u ll enjoy !! Come on !! ” said the boy !! Sorry he is mumbling na !! Omg Yuck how dirty fellow he is !! In dreams also he is flirting !! Chi !! Chiii !! ( i dont like this at all u know but i m only writing na :-p )

” Beta !! Get up !! Today is ur enagement !! Come on come on get up !! ” said Sujatha while entering but the boy covers himself fully with the blanket and slept again !! Suju makes faces and went near him !! Sits on the near him !!

Suj : Beta !! Get up na !! See if u dont get up now than how will go to parlour on time !! And how can u get ready than !! If u became late na than how will ur engagement happen !!

” Thats it !! I want that only !! I want to stop this engagement at any cost !! Thank you for the idea mom !! ” said the Boy while pepping out from the blanket !!

Suj : Chup kar !! Jao now go and get fresh !! And dont u dare to try to stop this engagement or else u know what will happen !!

Said Sujatha while pushing the Boy towards the washroom !!

” Mom please na !! I dont like her u also see na !! She is 7 years younger than me !! How can i marry her and than all the above !! I hate this marriage and all !! I love my life Girls ,, Girls ,, Party ,, Party ,, Bikini ,, Bikini ( singing it ) !! Hahaaa !! How was that !! ” said the boy while turning !!

Suj : Shut up !! U r talking to ur Mom so talk properly and for now go and get fresh !! Thats it !!

Saying so Sujatha pushes him in washroom and leaves the room !!

At evening !! Gadodia mansion is fully decorated like heaven afterall it is engagement of Princess of the house !! Swara is getting ready in her room !! Sitting infront of the mirror !!

She is wearing a pink lehange !! Not looking less than a Diva !! She blushed a little as one her friends said something in her ear !! At the time Swara hears the horn sound !! She immediatley getsup !!

” Swara !! Slow yaar YOUR BABU IS COMING HERE ONLY !! ” said her friend made her blush again !! Swara without giving any damn to their talks runs towards the window nd sees the Groom’s car entering !!


Yes !! Here comes MY BABU !! i am waiting for him till morning !!And u know whats the highlight is !! this is an arranged marriage !! Yups u heared it right !! This is an arrange marriage !! My dad said about him last week !! We met after my dad said !!

But when i saw him na !! On the first time i fell on his arms !! Omg how embarrased it was !! But i felt butterflies in my stomach !! I know this is not love but i can change this feeling as love !! After all my dad had choosed him for me !!

But i dont know why he is not looking happy !! He always used to talk with me only for formalities !! I think he may be shy to talk with girls !! ( Shy !! Nd him !! MY FOOT !! ) ok ok bohot hogaya na !! Wait here my babu came out from the car !!

He is looking like a KING !! Yup my Babu !! my SHANTHANU THE HERO OF THE STORY !! So i also need to look like a Queen rite !! Let me do my touch up again !! Bye !!


In hall !! Gadodias welcomed the groom’s family !! The families are all set to do the engagement now !! Waiting for the bride to come downstairs !! And here u go our Princess is claimbing downstairs !!

All looked at bride !! And gone a boy just got lost in her beauty !!


Hi , I m SANSKAR MAHESHWARI now the VILLAN of the story ,, according to MY SHONA yup my shona !! Actually she is getting married to my BHAI SHANTHANU !! A typical flirty not only a flirty !! A spoilt brat !!

Ofcourse yaar this is an arrange marriage but i know shona didnt love him !! As she is a typicall marwadi girl who loves her parents !! And obey their Words !! So she agreed and coming to our story we are collagemate !! I LOVE HER !! and i even proposed her !!

But alas she said ” I DONT HAVE THAT FEELINGS FOR YOU ” ohk i leaved her !! But now her life is going to get spoiled by my bhai !! I wont let this happen !! I wont let my shona’s life gets spoiled infront of eyes !!

Yup i ll stop this marriage by HOOK or CROOK !!


His trance broke when rp called him !! Sanskar ran to him !!

Rp : Sanskar ring is with u na !!
San : Yes papa !! I have it !!
Rp : ok Beta !! Come on Its time for ring exchanging !!
San : hmm

Rp and Sanskar along with everyone came towards the stage !! Swara and Shanthanu were made stand in the stage !! Sanskar gives ring to Shan !! Shan made Swara wear the ring while making unwilling face !!

Shomi gave ring to Swara !! Swara made Shan wear it while looking down and blushing !! Sanskar looks at Swara and thinks ” After all this is just an engagement !! I still have time !! ” Sanskar’s thought broke by the clapping sound !!

Screen freezes on Swara’s blushing face !! Sanskar’s smirking face and Shan’s annoying face !!!!!

My wattpad id @mahi016

A/N : Guys Maha here !! I know no one knows me here !! Nd this time a sensitive note !! I m writing this story in btw my studies !! Please comment if u are reading it !! Negative or positive do tell ur views !! If this time i didnt get good response than i wont be back here !! It really hurts !! If u guys think that i m bad and stories are not worth to read than tell me i will stop writing so that i dont want to waste my time atleast !!

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