Love Me Till The End (Character sketch)

So guys Man Mayal might end sooner or later. It might me I think max 30 episodes as I don’t want to drag it and destroy its charm although I am open for ideas from you guys if you have any. I am not able to update MM because of my exams only 5 left. I have a holiday tomorrow and was quite bored of studying and this idea story came back to me. This you could say was the first ever story I decided to write on this forum TU but ended up writing other things and then MM came up. Well how did this come up I’ll tell at the end.

Character sketches
Abhishek Prem Mehra(starring shabir ahluwalia): he is a typical nerd, a bookworm. People find him very creepy and geeky. He is an ideal student and loves to study. He keeps things to himself and stays lost in his own world. People call him a weirdo. His dream is to become a world renowned rock star.
Pragya Arora(sriti jha): A very adventurous girl. She loves life and wants to live it to its full extent. She has no limits. She loves music and sports. Wants to touch the skies and no holding back in doing what she feels like. She is in the search of true love but shows that she doesn’t believe in it.
Purab Mehta(arjit taneja): Abhi’s brother like friend. They are roomies. He cares and loves his buddy but feels sorry for him as he gets constantly bullied. He wants Abhi to change and stand up for himself and tries to convince him.
Bulbul Arora(mrunal thakur): pragya’s younger sister. She is your chubby and bubbly girl. She is an ambitious girl with dreams of becoming the best fashion designer in the country.
Tara Sharma(Kriti Sanon): pragya’s best friend. She wants the best for Pragya. She really loves and cares about her loved ones. Secretly likes Sushant.
Sushant Kumar(sushant Singh rajput): a charming boy. He is sent to the college for some purpose. Abhi’s best friend.
Arijit Khanna(dharmesh): he is a criminal mastermind who uses the genetic technology to his purpose. Leader of the Mafia.
Mr. Douglas: An 80 year old man Chief of MA(make a guess I will reveal in MM update)
Dr. Hugo Grief(hugo strange): a scientist at arijit khanna’s facility.
Shivaay prem mehra(nakul Mehta): Abhi’s brother. He himself has no knowledge of being the fact that Abhi is his brother. Abhi’s best friend

So here Teaser
Mr. Douglas and Mr. Irwin, the head of FBI are sitting together. They are in a heated argument. Irwin gets up and throws a file on the table.
“This is the information of the guy you asked for. He is in danger and is danger if not controlled,” said Irwin while leaving the office. Mr. Douglas holds his hands to his face by combining them and thinks what to do about it.
As the file falls on the table the contents are revealed. On the top of the file is stamped “TOP SECRET” IN red. The cover of the file flips open and a page is seen. On the top is written “test subject.” The camera moves down and it is revealed to be Abhi.
Scene shifts to a dark isolated place where a man is lying on the bed. Tons of machines are connected to his body. “if I hadn’t taken this decision then everyone would be with me, everything would have been the way it was but it isn’t. Why?

So guys how is this one. So comment if I should continue this. How this came in my mind? Well I when I came to know that Tina sis wasn’t in this world anymore I was tramatized. I used to read all of her fan fictions with eagerness. She was really sweet as I had talked to her once. Even though I hadn’t met her Monesha’s message brought tears to my eyes and I was really sad and crying. Then I decided to write and this ff’s inspiration was tina sis. She wrote great fantasies and I miss her. I am sorry if I hurt anyone of you I really am but this is the reason I started to actually wirte this FF.

Do comment guys.
Oh and there was this FF “by the moon” I am sorry I don’t remember the author but please update I really liked it.
Until next time
Adios amigos

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