Love Me Thoda (Intro)


hi guyz this is Rabul’s girl and i am here with my new love saga ‘Love Me Thoda” Being a diehard rabul fan my main focus will be rabul but will also show abhigya’s story as well. Here’s the intro and kindly comment whwther i should continue this ff or not if i get a good response then will be starting this ff from may 21st. Here’s the intro

Bulbul Arora: Topper in her college, an introvert and doesn’t have any friend except her best friends aaliya and purvi and they only know he secrets. Lost her parents and their parents death is the reason of her this kind of personality. Has a elder sister pragya but doesn’t hold a good relation with her.Is a talented singer and dancer but does not show her skills to anyone and is a confident and bubbly girl from inside but one incident changed ger life.

Purab Khanna:a cool guy for whom every girl dies to be with him.Has a girlfriend Koyal(played by shritama mukherjee) and thinks he loves her but actually not.Lives with his mother and a spoilt brat but good and innocent at heart loves his mother like anything and respects all relations.Hates his dad and his parents are divorced from 15 years.Best friend of abhi and also his co-singer in his college band.Good at sports,studies,dance,singing and a complete flirt.

Pragya Arora: Bulbul’s elder sister who hates bulbul and thinks that bulbul is responsible for their parents death. A cute,beautiful,charming and an intellifent and clever girl. Loves abhi (but does not told him).member of abhi and purab’s gang and a bubbly and vivacious girl.

Abh:the rockstar of the college,best friend of purab and lives with his grandmother.likes pragya but doesn’t realised his feelings yet.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. Super yaar. …..continue

  2. cntinue it.. differnt plot..i like it

  3. Superb yaar.

  4. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Do continue , I am loving it!

  5. Nice yaar bt I love abhigya I lotttttt than rabul bt I like ur way if writing so I request u too give equal importance to both the couple I thk I dint say anything wrong nu…

  6. Superb dr pls continue

  7. its really nice dr….
    but give equal important to abhigya also…..
    we all love abhigya…..
    its my request dr…….

  8. Interesting??

  9. super continue..

  10. Reshma Pradeep


  11. Thank you all for your comments. As per your request i will also give limelight to abhigya with rabul. Will be starting this ff from 21st may and will be updating regularly from 21st.

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