Love Me Thoda Episode-9

hi guys…..this is rabul’s girl. i am really grateful to all of you for your precious comments. here the story goes……..

abhi and paragya were done with their rehearsals and they were going back when they heard bulbul’s voice from the dance room. both entered and saw purab and bulbul arguing. pragya: what happened, why you both are fighting like this. purab:pragya, i am just done. i am tired of making her understand a simple point but its just not happening. abhi: but what happened. bulbul: actually after that incident i am not able to dance in the way i used to,i cannot focus on my feet,i am just scared.pragya:bulbul, it happens but yoy have to move on..ok. just try. bulbul again tried to dance but she failed. purab(in annoyed tone): oh god just stop it. your not the only one who suffered ok. actually thats not the real reason, the reason is that your a coward. and he went from there. abhigya followed him. abhi:purab whats wrong with you. you shouldn’t have talked to her like that. purab: guys, iam really sorry but i did it on purpose.

pragya: what do you mean…? purab: now she will perform to prove herself and thats for sure. abhigya was little bit confused and stared each other. after sometime abhi,pragya and purab went to see bulbul in the dance room and they were totally surprised to see bulbul dancing in a beautiful way. she was dancing gracefully on the song sun saathiya. after she finished all three clapped. pragya ran and hugged bulbul.

time passed and romance was on full swing. abhi and pragya were going through a lovey-duvey relationship and romance during play practise. aliya and neil who were in the costume department were having their separate moments as well as purvi and samar. it was like the play brought a chance for the couples to spend time. bulbul and purab were having strange moments while practising, eye-locks and the way purab used to boost-up bulbul with confidence. pragya saw bulbul smiling after so long just because of purab. soon the final day came. aliya’s costumes were beautiful, pragya and abhi’s climax scene was appreciated by everyone and the play got a final touch when purab and bulbul danced romantically on the song “Te Amo” and it was a success.

soon exams were approaching. all the gang used to meet at arora house to study together. everyone was working hard. one day in the college entered “Nivedita”. she came and hugged abhi.( she is koyal’s sister and loves abhi and wants him at any cost). abhi greeted her. pragya never liked her. pragya(in her mind): aagayi chudail. abhi considered nivedita only his friend but was unaware of her true intentions. On the other side bulbul was developing feelins for purab and thought to propose him soon.

Precap:no precap.

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  1. Rabul
    Episode is awesome…

  2. heyy superbbbb episode…..want lil longer parts too……

  3. Superb very good one waiting for the next. Plssssss try to write longer ones

  4. Nice episode yaar

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its NICE yaar……

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