Love Me Thoda Episode-8


hi guys…thank you so much for your response. so without wasting time i start the story

purab was distraught and asked koyal. koyal:purab, listen i am sorry but i didn’t knew when i fell in love with just happened. purab: then what you were doing with me till now. koyal was silent. “you were just playing with my feelings”,said purab and without listening to koyal he left from there. abhi,pragya,aliya,neil,samar,purvi everyone tried to console him but he didn’t wanted to listen to anybody and wanted to be left alone. abhi: whats wrong with him. why is he behaving like his world is finished. pragya: abhi try to understand from his point of view. if i had done like this to you then what would you feel at that time,have you ever thought what pain he is going through. abhi: i think you’re right but promise me what you said just now, you will never do that. pragya: do what..? abhi:what koyal did. pragya: ipromise, i will never do that. and both hugged each other.

everyone was in the bus,going back to mumbai when bulbul observed purab and asked purvi about purab when she came to know about purab’s betrayal. she was sad looking at purab but don’t know why she felt happy at the same time. after 2 hours the bus stopped at a roadside dhaba for half hour for the students to get frashen-up.

abhi took pragya to the back side of the dhaba. pragya:abhi,where are you taking me. abhi:patience sweetheart. he took her to a beautiful small lake where he arranged a desi-type typical lunch date for her near the lake which had around 4-5 swans swimming in it. at the time of sunset,the place looked awesome. pragya:abhi,thats amazing and hugged him. pragya:”thank you abhi.i don’t have words to say,nobody did something like this from me. abhi: i am here for you to make you feel special and now without wasting time shall we start the lunch, he said while taking her to the table. Both of them enjoyed their dinner,although both of htem were unaware of the fact that they were being seen by purab who was standing on the other side of the lake. by seeing abhi and pragya ,purab also remembered his moments with koyal.

bulbul saw purab sitting alone on a bench when she went to him with 2 glasses of tea. she sat beside him. bulbul:purab,i have brought tea for you, yoyu seem to be tired,please drink some. purab:no thanks. bulbul:hmm…you know purab,you have forced me to domany things and if you think me as your friend then you have to drink this. take it. reluctantly he took the tea and took a sip. bulbul: now if i am sitting here then you can tell me your sad story. purab:bulbul,please leave me.i want to be alone for some time. want to be alone so you can cry.don’t worry,i will give you company in that as lets cry together. purab stared her. bulbul:c’mon cry….after a moment of silence both of them burst into laughing,but soon his smile turned into tears. purab:why it happens with me that whoever i love the most betrays me. first my father whom i loved a lot left me and my maa and now koyal.

bulbul: maybe because its your destiny,maybe koyal was not your true love. you have to see the positive side. your father left you but you have your mom and i bet that she really loves you a lot. purab nodded in “yes”. and maybe in the case of koyal, your true love who will be your life-partner will soon enter your life who will love to till the end and never leave you. just then the teacher called all

the students to board the bus,when bulbul turned to look at purab,who hugged her and said “thank you”. bulbul broke the hug and said,”no sorry and no thank you between friends”. bulbul:now stop acting like nirupa roy (she said in a teasing manner ) and they boarded the bus.

the next morning everyone went to the audotorium for the play practise and to see that who was the selected as the female lead dancer. everyone was normal except bulbul who saw her name on the board. bulbul:but how did it happened.

abhi told something in aaliya and purvi’s ears and they went to the notice board and had put the slip carrying bulbul’s name in the ballot box and by luck she also got selected.flashback ends.
bulbul:di,you also knew it…? pragya:abhi told me yesterday and i also felt that it was right to do this. i had to correct my mistake. bulbul hugged pragya.

soon,the rehearsals started. abhi and pragya were practising a romantic scene, abhi:i love you (holded her hand). pragya:i love you too. both were lost in each others eyes. after 5 mins,purvi clapped her hands infront of them and said “scene is over guys,come out of your dreamland.” everyone laughed at her statement.

Precap:bulbul was nervous and said “i can’t dance after so many years,i am still afraid….”. purab encouraged her to dance.pragya sees this and smiles.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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