Love Me Thoda Episode-7

hi guys ….thank you so much for your response. here’s the story ……

everyone had seen pragya in western clothes once or twice but after seeing bulbul,everyone was shocked and purab (in his mind) thought “oh god….thank god koyal is not here…wait a minute,purab what are you thinking,you can’t betray koyal…ya you can’t”.

soon the DJ started the music and everyone went to dance. abhi:today i will say to pragya ,what i feel for her. pragya was dancing when abhi called her. pragya:what happened abhi,why have you called me here. abhi(stammered) :i..i want to tell you something. pragya : ya,tell me. abhi:no nothing,lets go. but abhi’s friends who were watching them from a distance signed him to tell her and showed him a punch if he’ll not confess her.

abhi closed her eyes and took her to another place.pragya:abhi where are taking me? abhi:wait,i have a surprise for you. he took her to the beach side where there was no one and when pragya opened her eyes she was stunned to see a large board in front of her with “I LOVE YOU” written on it and then rose petals were showering on her,she turned and saw abhi who didn’t let her speak and sat on his knees and said “i really love you pragya,your everything for me. everywhere only you are visible to me. and he took out a jewel box with a ring inside it and said “will you marry me”.
pragya eyes were filled with tears on the other side everyone had crossed their fingers waiting for her reply,abhi:pragya answer me fast,my legs are paining. pragya smiled and said “let it be” and hugged him and then he made her wear the ring when everyone came there clapping and bulbul and purab hugged abhi and pragya. pragya: you all knew it. everyone said in a chorus” yes”. everyone was happy and went to the party. everyone went to the bar to take shots except the arora sisters. abhi can’t force his new girlfriend and his lady love. but aaliya and purvi grabbed bulbul after a second bulbul took a shot,another shot and another shot. everyone was again surprised and then she went to the dance floor. pragya:what you guys have done. bulbul danced on the song (tumhi ho bandhu from the movie cocktail). no one was able to handle her. everyone surrendered. then she was heading towardd the shore when purab grabbed her hand and took her in his arms. bulbul(in drunken state):leave me,i said leave me,i want to swim like a fish…leave me. purab:no way. he took her to her room and laid her on the bed.

purab was just coming back when he saw koyal there with kabir. he was shocked and thought to follow her when he saw both of them enjoying a romantic dinner. he was hell shocked and heartbroken.

Precap: purab breaks-up with koyal, bulbul consoles a heartbroken purab. abhi and pragya enjoy a romantic date.

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