Love Me Thoda Episode-5


hi guys…’s the 5th episode and guys kindly tell me if you all are bored as i am not getting as much response.
getting to the story….

abhi consoles pragya and try to make her understand that it was not bulbul’s fault but she was not at all ready to listen not even to him.

all the friends decide that they will unite both the sisters. and then a idea struck abhi’s mind and he told something to aaliya and purvi…….

in the classroom the teacher announces a trip to goa for 2 days and hearing the news everyone get excited and they decide that in this trip they will unite pragya and bulbul. purab also decided to spend some quality time with koyal but his all romantic plans got spoiled as koyal refused to come to the trip. purab: but baby why are you not coming,is everything ok….(asked with concern). koyal:ya i am all right just i am not feeling well to travel.thats it. purab again believed her blindfoldly and hugged her tight but she broke the hug and went from there.

everyone reached goa and the friends decided to have a bornfire where they will execute their plan. as planned they came to a beach with the bornfire and started playing antaakshri. it was bulbul’s turn and she sang the song “phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai, ek hazaaron mai meri behna hai”. pragya had flashback of her good days with bulbul,unable to control her emotions and bursted out in anger. abhi:pragya please try to understand…but she was not ready when purab bursted out “pragya what do you think of yourself,not only you but she also lost her parents infront of her eyes(pointed towards ulbul, she was staring him…),it was not her mistake,she was just 13 but you are committing a mistake, first you lost your parents but now don’t lose your sister. pragya was reminising her moments with bulbul and went towards the crying bulbul and hugged her tightly. pragya: i am sorry bulbul i am really sorry,i did very wrong with you,i am sorry. bulbul: don’t say sorry di i am sorry and seeing them everyone had tears in their eyes when samar said “common guys why are we so emotional today,lets celebrate and they all danced.

pragya was sitting near the bornfire when abhi came there and sat beside her.pragya:thank you abhi,thank you so much you don’t know what you have given to me and in excitement she kissed abhi on his cheek,making them both staring each other silently……

bulbul was standing near the beach when purab came there and saw tears in bulbul’s eyes.purab: again crying,i think i should name you nirupa roy,suddenly she gave her million dollar smile and seeing her smile he was mesmerized,he never saw her smiling like this when unknowingly in excitement she hugged him.bulbul: thank you purab,thank you thank you thank you so much.realizing what she had done, she slowly broke the hug. purab:just keep smiling like did,it electrifying if koyal was not in my life then definately i would have fallen for your smile.
the screen freezes on abhi,pragya,bulbul and purab’s smiling faces.

Precap: abhi is imagining pragya everywhere.everyone comes to beach for a party,everyone is astonished to see pragya and bulbul when they enter the party.

ammu what happened yaar,why are you not posting. i am really waiting for you.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  6. Reshma Pradeep

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  8. Dimple(kanishka)

    Soooo good ….nice episode….

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  10. Rabul’s girl episode was awesome..
    It is not boring at all.
    Please continue ..
    Rabul’s I’m admitted in hospital..
    After I come back I will update
    Please forgive me.
    I hope you read this

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