Love Me Thoda Episode-4

hi guys and thank you all for your lovely comments and i hope that i am doing my work of entertaining you well. getting to the story.

pragya is sitting on the chairs crying when a hand comes on her shoulder, its abhi. Abhi:pragya why are you crying.i know that something is bothering you please tell me. after a lot of hesitance pragya agrees him to tell her problem.

Music Room

purab:you sing so well and your violin is so amazing,why you don’t you show your talent to others. Bulbul was crying and said “this talent is the reason of my parents death and my broken relationship with di”. purab: bulbul please tell me what is it that bothers you and pragya so can tell me iam her best friend and now your friend as well. bulbul saw something in his eyes which made her agree to tell him.

pragya and bulbul used to live in a small hill station near the borders as their father used to get transfers due to his job. bulbul was 13 years old, she was a natural dancer and singer wheras pragya was good in drama and their parents were proud of their daughters.
there was bulbul’s mega performance in an audotorium by the dance academy she used to learn dance and music. there were some attacks going in the city. bulbul:no ma,papa you have to come,your daughter is going to perform and you’re not coming why. pragya:bulbul can’t you understand that it’s not safe out there and you should also not go there. she didn’t listened to anybody and said “i am going and no one will stop me”,saying this she went away from there. pragya warned her parents but they both said that it’s about their daughter and they will go there for her. pragya was scared but still her parents went. in the function bulbul performed amazingly, just after her performance a group of terrorists broke into the audotorium. many people were killed. when pragya came to know about the mishap,she ran towards the audotorium where she saw that her parents were safe with bulbul. Pragya:ma,papa,bulbul come fast. just then the terrorists came there were going to shoot. bulbul and pragya’s parents were ahead and bulbulwas behind them but to save her they pushed her infront and told her to run away,as she ran and turned to see her parents,they were shot infront of them. both pragya and bulbul shouted “maa….papa….”…flashback over

tears rolled down from bulbul’s eyes. bulbul:you know purab at that time i felt so helpless, i could not do anything from them. they died infront of me and i could not do anything…bulbul was crying endlessly when purab also became emotional and hugged her.

pragya said “that day i lost my parents, just because of her”…pragya was also not controlable and abhi also hugged her and consoled and said”pragya,please don’t cry.if today your parents were alive then they would not be able to see you like this nor i can see you like this.

purab wiped the tears rolling down on bulbul’s cheek and said that it was not at all your fault and i promise you that we will mend your relationship with pragya and thats my promise…

Precap: abhi and purab along with their gang take-up the mission to unite pragya and bulbul. purab encourages bulbul to be his dance partner in the play and should dance like she used to.

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