Love Me Thoda Episode-3

hi guyz…many of you are confused about pragya’s rude behavior towards bulbul, i already told in the intro of this ff that their parents died a tragic death and pragya holds bulbul responsible for their death,this will be unfolded in the next episode,till then you guys have to be patient. Back to the story…..

purab is continuously calling koyal who is not picking up his calls and a frustrated purab shouts when bulbul pulls him in a corner and said, “will you be quiet or else the librarean will throw both of us out from here.


Pragya was discussing the assignment with abhi when she heard the sound of abhi’s snore and shaked him 2-3 times but all in vain, then she took a glass of water and poured it on his face. abhi: “tum paagal ho gayi ho kya”(are you mad) …pragya: mai paagal nahi hoon sirf tum jaise kumbhkaran ko uski need se utha rahi thi(i am not mad,just trying to wake up a kumbhkaran like you from his sleep). after that abhi though unwillingly,did his share in the assignment and pragya just smiled over his child- like tactics. and finally,there assignment was over.


bulbul was discussing the work purab had to do whereas he was just pretending to listen to her but was busy in his phone,just then he got a bang on his head by a file that bulbul was holding, she took his phone away. purab:give my phone back. bulbul: i will give it to you but first finish the project,i don’t want my marks to get affected because of you. purab: first give my phone back (trying to snatch the phone) bulbul: first do the project. purab: i thought that your a shy and innocent girl who never talks too much but i forgot that your pragya’s sis and just like her. Bulbul got silent and returned his phone and said “it’s your wish to do the project or not,i have done my part. purab silently did his work and listened to her (he too don’t know why but he did), then bulbul went away without saying a word. Purab (in his mind): strange girl….

purab: abhi why are you wet..abhi:don’t ask me. pragya: just got a punishment for not listening to me…purab: well, in that case i am lucky. bulbul didn’t did anything like this to me. abhi: dude you’re so lucky..though they are sisters but so different. pragya’s face expression got changed after hearing bulbul’s name and went from there. Purab: what happened to her..? abhi: don’t know.

In the Class

koyal entered the class with kabir. she was talking to him very comfortably and when purab asked her that why she didn’t pick up his calls, she apologised and said that her phone was in silent mode. result was announced..aliya-purvi got 85%,neil-samar got 82%,koyal-kabir got 90% (purab didn’t liked that),abhi-pragya got 92% when abhi was praised by all then he told that pragya should be praised and she did the assignment more than him. pragya really felt happy with his statement but her happiness faded away when the highest scores were announced and that was bulbul-purab with 95%.

whole gang was standing infront of the noticed board and saw that abhi-pragya were selected as the main leads for their annual play and purab was selected as the lead dancer but his leading lady will be decided by a lucky-draw. purvi: hey! bulbul, you should give your name,you’re a fabulous dancer and singer. Purab: you dance and sing also…? Aliya: purab she is just mind blowing. pragya not able to bear their talks shouted “she will not dance at any cost” , “do you understand not at all”,tears rolling down from her eyes and she ran away from there and so does bulbul but in opposite direction. everyone was shocked…abhi went to pragya to calm her down…

purab was thinking about pragya and bulbul’s strange behavior while walking through the corridor when he heard a melodious tune being played by violin, the violin was being played briliantly as he was moving towards the music room he heard a girl’s voice along with the violin

raat main,chandni kabhi
aise gungunati hai
sun zara, lagta hai tumse
awaaz milati hai

mai khayalon ki mehek hoon
gungunate hai saaz par

ho sake toh mila le
awaaz ko le saaz par

aaja mai hawaon par bitha ke le chaloon
tu hi toh mera dost hai
aaja mai khalaun mein utha ke le chaloon
tuhi toh mera dost hai

awaaz ka dariya hoon
behti hoon main neeli raaton me
mai jaagti reehti hoon
neend bhari jheel jaisi aankhon mai
awaaz hoon main….

as purab entered the room he was surprised to see bulbul there…Purab: bulbul…
the screen freezes on purab’s astonished face and bulbul’s tensed face.

Precap: pragya tells abhi about her parents death,simultaneously bulbul tells the same to purab. story goes into flashback. abhi consoles pragya

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