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hi guys…..really sorry for the late update and yes i am ending this ff because i am having my exams and this year is really important for me and i ‘ll be not getting time even in weekends so decided to end it. but as i will get time i will soon come up with an another ff.

the episode starts with abhigya and rabul reaching airport. they are just about to board the flight when police comes there and arrests pragya after a case is filed agains her for fraud by other company as she is the owner of the company.

Pragya: abhi i am innocent,i didn’t do anything.
Abhi:relax pragya, i know you’re innocent just relax. i will take you out.

later abhi along with bulbul and purab go to abhi’s office where they find nivedita standing and laughing on them.
abhi:so you did this, right.
nivedita:you’re so innocent abhi, you easily got trapped in my plan and gave me the entry in your office and then what, i forged pragya’s sign and now she is in jail.
abhi:I will not leave.
nivedita: and i will not leave her. you can’t even imagine that what can i do with her.
then she threatens him that if he wants pragya alive then abhi had to divorce pragya and marry her.
abhi:i will not do anything like this.
nivedita:then she have to suffer.

suddenly they hear a girl’s voice “not pragya but you will suffer di..”.
It’s koyal (purab’s ex-girlfriend and nivedita’s sister) .

koyal comes along with police there.

Koyal: inspector, you’ve heard everything, pragya is innocent.
everyone is shocked.

police arrests nivedita and frees pragya.
nivedita:koyal how can you do this to me…
koyal:di i did what was correct, i cannot let you ruin the lives of my friends.

later abhigya thanked koyal and at night everyone went for a dinner.

on the other side nivedita is bailed out by her friend who needs to seek revenge and take’s her gun out.

after the dinner, abhigya and raul are going out of the restaurant when a van comes and some goons kidnap pragya.
abhi and rabul follow the van and they reach a huge dam. when abhi and rabul got out of the car they saw pragya standing at the edge who is at nivedita’s gun point.

abhi:nivedita stop it, what are you doing…have you gone mad.
nivedita: yes i have gone mad.

and nivedita shoots the gun, just then abhi comes infront of pragya and the bullet hits his chest. pragya,bulbul and purab yells his name, just then nivedita fires once again, this time the bullet hits pragya’s back who was preventing abhi from falling down, purab and bulbul ran towards them but both of them fell into the huge river.

at a river bank an injured abhi and pragya who know that their end has come hugs each other.
abhi:i am sorry pragya, i could not give you a happy life.
pragya: so what but you’re giving me a happy death, this life is nothing without you. where you’re not there then there’s no meaning of life. see abhi, we were together and now we will die also together, our heart beats together and will stop together. they both touch their forehead.

abhigya’s POV
we breathe our last, we could see purab and bulbul running towards us with police and ambulance but it was of no use now, we went away from that world to anyother world. we could see one sister crying for us, a brother who was shocked. our dadi broke down and there were our friends who were crying but we didn’t cared about anyone and departed for a beautiful heaven, it was gonna be more beautiful because we would be together forever.

12 Years Later…….
two kids are shown arguing in their room. One boy who is 10 years old and his younger sister who is 6 years old. just then their mom arrives.

Lady: Samar, Amaaya what are you doing, you have school tomorrow c’mon go and sleep.

Samar: mumma, we are not sleepy.
Amaaya: yes mumma, please tell us a story which you narrate us everytime.
Lady:ok but after that you’ll go to bed.

Both kids said in chorus”yes mumma”.
lady: so there was a princess who always dreamed about her prince charming, and she even got it. they fell in love, got married and their life was a bliss but an evil had casted her eyes on their happiness. she wanted prince charming and to get him she tried to kill the princes but her prince charming came in front but that evil still killed her, but both of them died together, in each others arms and remained happy forever.
Samar:mumma,if they died then how they lived happily forever.
Lady:they lives happily forever with each other in heaven where no one can separate them.
amaaya: mumma, how does a heaven look like….?

Just then they heard a car’s horn and the kids shouted “papa” and ran towards the door and opened the door. Purab was standing at the door and the lady was none other than bulbul and samar and amaaya are purab and bulbul’s kids. the kids hugged purab and when purab asked them that why they were awake till late so they told him that bulbul was telling them story.

after the kids went to sleep, bulbul who came after changing and was brushing her hair, purab asked her….

Purab:so which story today….?
Bulbul:di and jiju’s.
Purab: ah! they often hear this story….guess it’s their favourite.
Bulbul:it’s not a story but a reality which always make me sad……

purab hugs her from back and cheers up her mood..

Purab:why you always think negative, think positive that wherever they would be, they’ll be happy with each other.

Kids Room

Amaaya: bhai,what you think, how a heaven would look like…?
Samar: i son’t know….
Amaaya: i think whatever it may look like but the princess and her prince charming must enjoying there with eachother.
Samar:ok my grandmom, now sleep otherwise if mom came to know that we were awake till now then tomorrow instead of school she will send us to hell…

and then both kids dozed off

Above in the clean sky,filled with stars. abhigya’s smiling faces is shown where they are looking at each other and the screen freezes on their smiling faces.


thank you so much friends for being such a good audience and i promise to come up with a fresh story soon.
again a big thank you to everyone who commented and my silent readers.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  3. Superb dr.what yr u killed Abhigya but it’s ok atleast in heaven they can live happily without any worries of being was an awesome ending .I loved it .I understand yr u should give first preference to ur studies only.but plzz come back with an amazing story.ALL THE BEST for ur bright future.keep smiling n keep winning…..!!

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