Love Me Thoda – Episode 20


Hi guys…..i am really sorry for not updating….was out of station… goes the story…..

Khanna Office

Purab is working in his cabin when bulbul enters his cabin and hugs him from back.
bulbul:thank you so much, you’re the best husband.

Purab: i know that and now i have one more surprise.

Bulbul: Whats that…?

just then abhi and pragya enters. pragya hugs bulbul and tells her to pack her bag.


Pragya:because we four are going on a vacation.

Bulbul: really..where and when.

Abhi: bulbul relax. we’re going to darjeeling and then a 5 day sikkim tour. first i thought for a international trip but purab told that he’s having a award function in darjeeling so i planned, is everyone ready for the vacation.

“yes” said everybody in chorus.

Abhi’s Office

Abhi: nivedita i am out of station for a week so just handle all my payments.ok.
Nivedita: ok abhi.
(in mind) just see abhi, after this vacation you and pragya will be separated forever…….

Mehra Mansion
pragya was busy in packing when abhi came.

abhi:pragya we are going just for a week not for a month,then why are you packing so much stuff.

pragya:i saw in the news that its raining a lot there so for that i have packed extra clothes.

abhi: i have a solution for that.

Pragya: what…

Abhi: see if we will not go outside then we will not get wet in the rain so we can stay in the room only….(said in a s*xy way)

pragya smiled and throwed a pillow on him.

Khanna House

purab entered his room and was shocked to find his room all messed up with clothes.

Purab: what have you done to my room, did any hurricane hit this room.

Bulbul: purab, i am so confused that what to pack and what not. my all clothes are old. lets go shopping.

Purab: are you mad, you have so much clothes then also…

Bulbul: yes and we are going for shopping.

Abhi’s office

nivedita is searching something in abhi’s office.
Nivedita: what should i do so that abhi leaves pragya forever.
just then nivedita gets a idea.

the screen freezes on nivedita’s smiling face.

Precap: abhi,pragya,purab and bulbul are about to depart when police comes and arrests pragya.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. Sakshi(rabul forever)

    Amazing as always bt try to update regularly?

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    Its Nice……

  4. Awesome episode n shocking precap yaar

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    Its nice and the twist scares me

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