Love Me Thoda Episode-2


Hi guys thank you for your sweet comments and all the silent readers.I am trying my level best to give equal importance to abhigya but since its just the starting,their story is going to shape up soon.lets get back to the story….

Everyone reach the classroom when aliya and purvi introduce bulbul to koyal,neil and samar.
Purab:koyal she is pragya’s sister.
Koyal:really…pragya you never told us about your sister ha.
Pragya:just like that what was there to tell.
koyal shaked hands with bulbul and said that just like pragya now is also their friend.

just then the professor entered the class and everyone got seated.while professor was giving his lecture,abhi was continuously disturbing pragya to distract her and talk with him but she ignored him and signed him to stop just then the professor throwed a piece of chalk on abhi’s head and told him to concentrate ther to which pragya smiled and taunted him and just then the professor throwed another piece of chalk on her head and in anger said that “don’t your parents have taught you manners” to which abhi replied in a angry tone”that’s really rude sir”. to which the professor made him stand outside the class.

After the class was over abhi’s temper was on its high point. how can he say to you all that.that old man i will make him pay for his sins,how can he talk to you like that.Pragya:Relax abhi why are you so angry and why you felt bad. Abhi:because i care for you and can’t bear that anyone misbehaves with you. Pragya:but why….
Abhi:because I…..pragya:i what abhi.Abhi:i am your best friend thats it. abhi left from there.Pragya(in her mind) one day you will say that to me abhi which is in your heart but you never express that feeling.

The next class was of business studies and the teacher said that they all have to do a assignment where they will make a product and will make a presentation on it with news ideas for its marketing and all. and the assignment will be in pairs. To which abhi and pragya,purab and koyal,aliya and neil and purvi and samar looked at each other and on the other hand bulbul was thinking “pair” how will i work with someone i don’t and with whom. Everyone except bulbul had already decided their partners when the teacher said “that the pairs will be decided by taking out the slips’ everyone was hell shocked. the teacher picked up one slip from the bowl which contained all the boys name and one slip from the bowl which contained names of all the girls.
the pairs were- Abhi-pragya,aliya–purvi,neil-samar and purab-bulbul. everyone was shocked and koyal thoght that how can this happen and then who is my partner after which the teacher announced the last pair that was koyal and kabir(played by zain imam). koyal was shocked as she does not like kabir at all and he’s the lead singer of abhi and purab’s rival band.

after the class, purab went to koyal to make-up her mind but koyal was not at all upset and said it’s just an assignment your mine forever.purab also told her to be alert while she is with that kabir. after ther college all were going home,koyal left in her car,aliya and purvi went with neil and samar in their bikes.

Abhi said to pragya that he can drop her home to which she agreed and went in abhi’s bike. Just when they were gone bulbul came running callling pragya but they had left. Bulbul was upset but went from there and was searching for an auto when a car stopped infront of her. It was purab:do you want a you are our friend so don’t be shy,come i can drop you.Bulbul hesitantly sat in the car and they went off.Purab:so now you’re my partner for the assignment so tell me when we have to start. for the firs time bulbul spoke up.Bulbul:well first i will make a draft and then the schedule so i’ll text you when we have to meet for the project. Purab was just looking at bulbul which made her feel shy and then purab said that why are you so shy and silent.Bulbul: sometimes we experience such incidents in life that it takes away all our talks and give us silence. Both reached arora house,purab bid adieu to bulbul and went.

Pragya was thinking about abhi and his words that he said in college when there was a small on her door.It was bulbul, di she said. Pragya:what is it. Bulbul:can you give me purab’s number as i have to send him the details for the assignment . Pragya unwillingly took her phone and sended purab’s phone number on bulbul’s phone and said now you can go from here.

the other day purab was roaming in the college when he got a text. “Meet me in the library in 5 mins” in the bottom of the text was written bulbul. Purab smiled and said miss silence…
abhi was eating burger in the canteen when pragya hit him with a book and said how much will you eat now and lets focus on the assignment.they both worked together with their nok-jhoks between the assignments. pragya happily sees abhi smiling face and said (in her mind) that keep smiling like’re smile is a stress buster for me

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. Super dear Bt one suggestion how can you make pragya’ S behavior so bad towards bulbul plz if possible change it

  2. is there any difference between pragya and bulbul…….??? so you made pragya a very talkitive nad smart girl while bulbul a silent girl….a new thought…i liked it…keep going…all the best…..

    1. but..pragya’s attitude…i towards bulbul…..becoz we always loved to see them as the best sisters who support each other a lot….it was just a request…the rest is up to u……

  3. nice but when abhi is going to propose pragya

  4. unite abhigya and rabul soon

  5. Super episode awesome abhigya and rabul scenes was super thanks for giving important to abhigya also

  6. Super one……

  7. Nice episode yaar bt I don’t know y pragya doesn’t care 4 bulbul actually thy r the best sisters I love tat relationship coz both the sister love 4 others happiness BG here I thk pragya doesn’t care 4 bulbul yaar tat pt I thk somewhat disturbing me… Bt other than tat it’s really nice

  8. Nice but wats d reason behind d rude behavior of prags towards bulbul it sounds some weird know….plzzz unite them yaar…becoz v luv their bond as best sisters plzzz and a nice epi…..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb…….. But I have a confusion…….Is There any Difference between Pragya & Bulbul ??? Their Relationship is Something weird……

  10. Its really very nice ma

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