Love Me Thoda – Episode 19

the episode starts with abhigya and rabul reaching arora house for pag phera.

dadi welcomes the newly weds and the day passes with a lot of gossips,fun,shopping. The next morning abhi gets a call and rushes to his office. He’s shocked to see Nivedita.
Abhi:what are you doing here..?
Nivedita:i am not here to trouble you, actually i need a job and came to know that the manager’s post is vacant here. abhi…i mean sir i really need this job…please
just then pragya enters.
abhi:nivedita you wait outside i will call you after 10 mins.
pragya:i knew you were tensed thats why i came. abhi i think you should give her the job.
Abhi: you also think that. i am reliefed now i was just thinking about you that how will you react.
Pragya: i know abhi but this time its her need and we can’t do anything wrong with her just because of our personal reasons.
abhi: you’re right and we will not let her ruin our life.

abhi calls nivedita and hands her the appointment letter and says that he is trusting her as she’ll be managing his accounta and concerts. when abhi leaves,nivedita smirks and says “abhi abhi abhi, you’re so sweet and kind but you don’t know that i am here for you, this time you will come to me,just wait and watch.

The screen shifts to rabul in car. bulbul:purab,what is this 2 days have not passed and you’re taking me to the office. Purab:bulbul relax, i have a surprise for you. after reaching the office and blindfolds bulbul. purab takes bulbul to his new and big office and inaugrates the office with her. purab takes bulbul to a new cabin and on its door it is written “BULBUL KHANNA”. Purab: welcome Mrs. Bulbul Khanna as my business partner.

sorry for short update, will update a long one soon.


  1. VarshaVenkat

    |Registered Member

    So ur name is shanaya……I’m really sry if I havnt seen ur name bfre in ur previous episode……’s was a good n nice part…..Waiting to know nivis evil plan

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