Love Me Thoda Episode-16


hi guys…..sorry for the late update…’s episode 16

the episode starts with bulbul lost in purab’s thoughts when pragya enters the room and says “tomorrow is my engagement and my sister is in her own world”. bulbul:di,i want to tell you something. pragya:i know bulbul,i and abhi gave purab the idea to propose you. bulbul hugs pragya.

the next morning,engagement preparations are on full swing. dadi is tired when bulbul comes and says”dadi you take rest,i’ll do it”. pragya and abhi are buying their engagement rings together when abhi gets an idea and says”pragya did you told about purab and bulbul to your dadi.” pragya:yes abhi but i didn’t told dadi to tell it to bulbul. abhi:even i also told it to dadi and she gave me a brilliant idea. pragya:what abhi whispers something and pragya says “i love you abhi,you’re genius.”

bulbul is arranging the lights and decorating with flowers when suddenly her stool gets misbalanced as she is standing on her toes to reach the roof and falls but lands in purab’s strong arms. bulbul: purab…you here purab:just thought to help you and meet you but it seems that you want something else….bulbul:wh..what are saying…purab makes her stand and both of them stare each other.

in the evening dadi and abhi’s dadi are welcoming the guests when abhi grabs pragya’s hand and takes her to a room. pragya:abhi what are you doing,somebody will see us. abhi:so what your my fiance. pragya:i am not your fiance right now…. ok. abhi:so what and by the way what about my kiss…? pragya: i gave you yesterday only na. abhi:do you call that a kiss. kids give that kiss. i want a real kiss. comes closer to her when she pushes him and runs from there.

its engagement time when abhi and pragya come to stage and exchange rings.(itni si baat hai plays in bg). after the ceremony abhi takes the mike and annouces that “today one more couple is going to be engaged. purab and bulbul”. bulbul and purab are totally shocked. a flashback is shown where abhi and pragya send ring’s pics and ask them about their choice to help them and they buy the rings of their choices. flashback ends. purab and bulbul also exchange rings.(sab tera plays in bg).

the other day,mehendi ceremony takes place. pragya and bulbul are wearing identical yellow sarees. both apply mehendi with their respective partners name. abhi comes and hugs pragya from back and talks romantically,when he doesn’t get a response from her he turns her and it turns out to be bulbul. abhi is shocked…bulbul:jiju,i will tell this to everyone and she runs from there. she is running when a hand grabs her and pulls her in a room. its purab. purab:bulbul,show me your mehendi. i will search my name in it and then….bulbul:then…..what

abhi is searchin for bulbul.”where did this girl went,if she told everything to everyone then i’ll not be able to show my face to anyone. just then he clashes with pragya and she falls in his arms.both share a eyelock. pragya:abhi what happen why are so tensed….abhi explains her everything and pragya starts laughing. abhi:you are laughing at me and your sister is going to issue my death warrant. pragya again laughs. abhi:pragya,i said don’t laugh. pragya continuosly laughs and go from there. the screen freezes on abhi’s tensed face

Precap:abhi and pragya dance on “bol do na zara” and purab and bulbul dance on “pee loon” and then bth the couples dance on salaam e ishq in the sangeet ceremony. abhi and bulbul gets drunk.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. Ammu

    Abhi and bulbul gets drunk
    Awesome yaar
    Rock on

  2. Sakshi (rabul forever)

    Yr yr amazing today episode was fab and in nxt epi omg they both r drunk plz update soon !!

  3. it was super

  4. Its super.

  5. really super…

  6. VarshaVenkat

    Wwo…….rabuls girl….so sweet…..abhi bcame genius suddenly….hahah….nice one actually…..u managed to do rabuls engagement too….wow.

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