Love Me Thoda Episode-15


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seeing abhi and pragya’s romance on tv bulbul also thinks in her mind “when will you confess your feelings purab.

abhi and pragya later have a ice-cream date. abhi:pragya,see now i proposed you infront of so many people and are marriage date is also coming,so…..pragya:so..abhi:don’t you think you should give me my pending kiss. pragya:no. abhi:but why….pragya:i said na no means no. abhi:pragya this is not fair. pragya:everything is fair in love and war. abhi:if you will not give me the kiss then i will not marry you. problem. abhi:what,you don’t have any problem with that. pragya:ofcourse not. abhi:you know i can’t do that. but this is so unfair.pragya:really, the rockstar abhi is such a drama queen or i should say a melo-drama queen in real life. by the way, i can give you the kiss. abhi(excited):really…pragya:but on one condition….abhi:what condition. pragya: my sister is so much tensed right now and i can’t see her like, if you can make purab propose bulbul then i will give you your kiss. abhi:are you sure. pragya:yes. abhi:then just wait and watch,what this rockstar will do now.

abhi meets purab and encourages him to propose bulbul. purab:abhi,i can’t do it and by the way by are you so tensed about that. abhi oh my god purab i am trying to convince you from an hour but you are not understandin,if you will not propose bulbul then she will be sad and if she will be sad then pragya will be sad and then she will not give me my kiss and then i will be sad too.(he said all this very speedily). i got it.your doing this for a kiss. abhi: no purab,your taking me wrong. purab:i know for what are you doing this but now its enough,i am tired of all this and i have decided that i will propose bulbul today. abhi becomes happy and hugs purab and says “i am really happy for you”.but in mind abhi thinks “finally i will get my kiss…”.

purab calls bulbul to a place and when she reaches there she goes to a gazebo which is right in the centre of a garden. “purab,where are you”. suddenly the lights are swiched on and she sees the whole place decorated with white and red balloons and curtains and she finds a huge gift box on which “open it” is written. as soon as she opens the box,a number of gas balloons come out and float above the box with her pic attached to them. then she hears a voice but could not see him. voice”i wanted to say this to a girl but could not say it but today i will surely say it to her. first of all, bulbul,please do a favour for me,uncover the first board.(3 canvas with 3 boards on it were placed in front of her covered with cloth). bulbul uncovered the first board on which was written “I LOVE YOU”. voice: these are the 3 magical words i wanted to say to the girl i love from a long time. and now along with this i also want to say other 4 magical words to that girl. so for that uncover the last canvas. on the last canvas it was written “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. voice: and now you must be thinking that who’s the girl i wanted to say these words to and where i am. then bulbul nervously uncovered the canvas placed in the centre. it was a mirror showing her reflection and saw purab standing behind her. she turned and saw purab smiling at her,purab opened his arms and bulbul ran and hugged him tightly. purab:i love you bulbul. bulbul:i love you too. abhi and pragya were seeing all this from a distance and pragya was really happy for her sis. pragya:abhi,you’re just amazing thank you so much. and she kissed him on his cheeks.
the screen freezes on both the couples happy face.

Precap:abhi-pragya and purab-bulbul get engaged.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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