Love Me Thoda Episode-14


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the episodes starts with pragya calling bulbul.purab picks up the phone. pragya:bulbul,where are you,i am trying to call you from so much time. purab:pragya,bulbul is in hospital.she’s met with an accident. pragya drops the phone in shock. abhi,pragya,dadi,janki ma and abhi’s dadi reached hospital. Pragya questioned purab about the accident just then doctor came out of the operation theatre. pragya: doctor,how’s my she fine. doctor:the operation was successful but she is not responding as if she don’t want to live. i suggest you to talk to her motivate her to get up. pragya and dadi tried their level best bvut failed. purab:pragya…if you don’t mind,can in try once. pragya also felt that purab can bring her sister back. everyone went out of the room and purab sat beside bulbul. purab:bulbul,enough,you have troubled me if you don’t get up then i will not talk to you. you know,when i was in london i missed you everyday,every minute.used to thought that what if you have found some one. the fact is that i love you. but didn’t confessed it.i was afraid that you will also leave me or what if you didn’t accept me. he holds her hand. please wake up bulbul. purab sees bulbul’s fingers moving and calls the doctor. doctor said that she is fine and they can take her home after 2 days.

days passed. purab took care of bulbul.abhi announced in his concert about his marriage with pragya.he called pragya on stage,he sang the song “tum ho paas mere,saath mere ho tum yun” and danced with pragya and proposed her infront of everyone.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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