Love Me Thoda Episode-12


the episode starts with bulbul searching for a file.
rachna:what are you searching for.?
bulbul:purab sir has asked for a file,i am searching for that.
suddenly rachna gets a call and after attending that call,she becomes very angry. rachna:oh god, why it only haqppens with me.again i could not get the tickets and in anger,by mistake she kicks the stool on which bulbul was standing,she looses her balance and falls on purab who was passing from there.all the files and papers were flying in the air.both had an eye-lock.bulbul remembered her first meeting with purab.(they melike this only,when bulbul clashed with purab on her first day of college). rachna helped bulbul to get up. rachna:sorry sir,actually by mistake i kicked the stool and bulbul loosed her balance. purab:its ok. and he left from there. bulbul stared at rachna. rachna:sorry yaar,actually i am trying my level best but i could not get abhi’s concert in frustration i kicked the stool.bulbul:its ok. rachna:bulbul,you’re so lucky. bulbul:why? rachna: purab sir is so hot and you fell on wish i was in your place. bulbul:what are you saying. anyway,i can get you the concert tickets. rachna:really thank you.

pragya reaches a hall where nothing is visible.darkness is all around.she calls bulbul. pragya:bulbul,why have you called me here. bulbul:di,just wait i have a surprise for you,ok bye. suddenly someone switches on the lights and the place is decorated with balloons and flowers and then abhi enters there. pragya: what are you doing here. wait a second,it was bulbul’s plan,i can’t believe it. she tries to run away from there but abhi holds her hand. abhi: stop your drama pragya. i know the truth.bulbul told me could you think like that stupid. you don’t know how i have lived since these 2 years without you. how could be you so selfish,you just thought about yourself,didn’t think about me that how i am going to live without you. pragya was crying. pragya:i am sorry abhi. abhi hugged her tight.both were in each others embrace. pragya:i love you abhi. abhi:i love you too. suddenly a voice came “i love you three”,it was bulbul, she ran towards abhi and pragya and the trio had a group hug. pragya:so you had given this plan to abhi. bulbul:i can’t see my sister in pain,and i got the opportunity that i met abhi and told him everything as now he is a rockstar and how would i meet him but destiny made me meet him. she told everything to pragya.

Khanna office
bulbul was doing her work when purab came there. purab:working late tonight..? and by the way where did you went in the afternoon. bulbul told him evrything. purab was happy for abhi and pragya. but told bulbul not to leave her office work for all this. soon,bulbul left for home.

bulbul was walking on the road looking for auto. after some time she was walking on the road when she noticed some goons following her. she was scared and walking fast,as they came nea her a car stopped infront of her. it was purab. bulbul immediately sat in his car and they went. purab:i must say that you have many boyfriends. bulbul was confused. purab:the ones who were behind you just now. bulbul:just shut-up ok. purab:no,seriously,they were mad in your love. bulbul stared him,both of them started laughing. after a while bulbul asked purab,”you have changed a lot in these 2 years. purab: what do you mean? bulbul: i mean you used to be very chilled out and a positive cool person but now you are always in anger and silent. and a little “sadu and akdu” type. purab:life has forced me to change myself.the incidents have forced me to become what i was actually not. they reached arora house. bulbul requested purab to come and meet pragya. as they went inside,they saw pragy with abhi talking to dadi and janki ma. pragya saw purab and went to hug him. pragya:purab,how are you and how’s aunty. there was a silence of 2 mins when purab said “she’s no more. she died in a plane crash a year ago”. pragya:i am so sorry purab. abhi:this much happened and you didn’t bother to tell me. but purab didn’t wanted to say anything related to this topic. pragya changed the topic. pragya:guys, guess what,my and abhi’s marriage is fixed. dadi approved our relationship. bulbul:thats great di. and they both hugged eachother. bulbul:congratulations abhi or i should start calling you “jiju”. abhi:whatever you want meri aadhi gharwali. pragya: my what…..abhi:arey! it is said na that saali is aadhi gharwali. pragya:acha,you can’t have even 1/4 gharwali,only me ok. everyone laughed to her statement.

in the night ,bulbul is standing near the window when pragya comes there. bulbul:di,i am so happy for you. pragya:then why are you so sad. bulbul:di, i think purab’s mom’s death is the reason for his change. pragya:what change. bulbul:di you know purab has changed completely,he doesn’t talk so much and is always in anger mode.i think first his father left him and his mom then koyal and now his mothers death. after getting hurt so many times,he has changed completely. pragya:then why don’t you confess to him. bulbul:no di,i don’t have the courage this time. and you don’t worry for me. concentrate on your love life and marriage.because now you will be busy with jiju only. pragya ran behind bulbul.

Precap: bulbul try to convince purab to move on but purab shouts on her. bulbul meets with an accident.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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