Love Me Thoda Episode-11


The Episode starts with pragya and bulbul getting ready.
pragya:bulbul,all the best for your interview.i am sure that you’re gonna get the job.
bulbul:thank you di.both of them hug each other. pragya drops bulbul and then reaches the college.
principal:pragya,the celebrity whose gonna come here,you will attend him.
pragya:ok sir but atleast tell me his name.
principal:its abhi,abhi the rockstar.
pragya was hell shocked and didn’t knew what to do. she didn’t wanted to come infront of him.

screen shifts to bulbul where she enters the office and read the board “Khanna Group of Industries”. she asked the receptionist who told that her turn is next. bulbul’s turn came and when she was about to enter the cabin she heard some girls talking that the boss is very rude and hasn’t selected anyone yet. bulbul:”oh god,please save me and get me this job. she entered the cabin,”may i come in sir”. suddenly the person turned and bulbul was shocked to see the person.

screen shifts to pragya who heard students shouting that abhi has arrived. on the other hand abhi was walking through the college corridor,remembering his college days with pragya when he feels something strange,pragya was at the corridor opposite his but he couldn’t see her. pragya wanted to see a glance of his so she entered in the crowd. abhi was surrounded the crowd when he saw pragya’s eyes and immediately recognised her,he went behind her,she ran and was looking at the back when she collided with a strong structure and turned to see,it was abhi.

Khanna Office
bulbul was shocked to see purab as her boss but somewhere in her heart,she was really happy. purab:so,miss bulbul arora come have a seat. bulbul sat and just after a second purab handed over her appointment letter. bulbul:thank you so much purab…i mean sir.purab:don’t think me wrong,i gave you the job because you’re deserving and has really good qualifications. and by the way you can call me purab like before just not in office.i don’t want anyone to know that i know you already. bulbul nodded. so,you can join me from now onwards. bulbul:thank you and she left his cabin. bulbul sensed something strange in purab’s behaviour which was not like before.

abhi hugged pragya,not able to control his emotions.pragya tried to go away but abhi holded her hand,they had an eye-lock,soon their moment was interupted by the principal,who told abhi that it was abhi’s performance time. and told pragya to look at the arrangements. soon abhi was singing on the song “sun raha hai na tu”.pragya was not able to control her tears.soon after his performance,he was surrounded by students and teachers and could not find pragya anywhere. pragya had left to her home.

Khanna Office
bulbul reached to her table when a girl came and said “hi! i am rachna”. bulbul:hi. rachna:so,your new here,right. bulbul:yes. rachna:i also joined last week.well we’re already colleagues but if don’t mind,can we be friends.bulbul:ofcourse. they shaked their hands.

Arora house
in the evening,pragya is standing at the window when bulbul comes there.bulbul:di,what happened. pragya tells the whole incident to bulbul. bulbul:destiny is such a strange thing na di. you met abhi today and i met purab.pragya:what,you met purab. bulbul:yes di.he’s my boss. pragya:oh my god.i can’t believe this. bulbul:di,i think you should apologise abhi and tell him the truth.pragya:no bulbul,i can’t do this. pragya leaves from there but bulbul decides that she will unite her di and jiju.

the next morning,bulbul is late for office and is crossing the road when she is about to get hit by a car. the person comes out of the car,its abhi. bulbul goes and meets abhi.abhi:bulbul,how are you. bulbul:i am fine abhi but i have to tell you something really important. she goes with abhi in his car. abhi:what happened bulbul,please tell me clearly. bulbul tells everything,from nivedita’s ploy to pragya’s guilt. abhi is shocked. bulbul:di still loves you but her guilt is stopping her to come back in your life.abhi:don’t worry bulbul,now no one can stop me from going back to pragya.but how will i meet her. bulbul:i have an idea. she tells her idea to abhi.abhi:superb yaar. bulbul:thanks,and now please drop me to my office and you have to meet my boss and tell him why i am late.he will only listen to you. abhi:why,is he my fan. bulbul:no,but your friend.

Khanna Office
bulbul enters the office when rachna gives her a scary look and tells her to go to purab’s cabin. bulbul enters purab’s cabin,purab:may i know the reason that why are you late miss bulbul,abhi:because you don’t have time to meet your friend. purab turns and sees abhi and hugs him. later abhi and bulbul tell everything to purab. after their chit-chat,abhi went and bulbul and purab started with their work.

Precap: pragya sees abhi standing infront of her,she tries to go away but abhi holds her and says”i know the truth pragya”. Rabul office romance.

thank you so much guys for your comments. also,Varsha my name is riya. and thank you so much for appreciating my work.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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