Love Me Thoda Episode-10


hi guys….thank you all for your lovely comments. so,here goes the story

the story starts with a flashback

Pragya entered the classroom and saw abhi laughing and talking to nivedita which made her jealous. nivedita saw that and went away from there and smirked. pragya: abhii..what were you doing with her and what were you enjoying so much. Abhi:i think someone is jealous…pragya:just shut up ok. and by the way are you participating in the singing competition. abhi:no, i have to study.Pragya:you and the way its goog because i want bulbul to participate so i am going to talk to her more thing,stay away from you understand that. abhi:ok my highness.(pulled her cheeks).

the day came,bulbul was wearing a light pink suit.she chose a ethnic dress for her competition as it was given by her mom. purab:still nervous…?bulbul:not at all but would be if my turn was first. i become very nervous to go first. kabir heard that and as koyal was also participating ,he exchanged bulbul’s and koyal’s turnes and now bulbul had to go first. purab was furious at kabir but bulbul was scared. she stood silent on the stage when purab came on stage while playing his guitar and started
Purab:Hmm hm…hmm…

Bulbul:Thoda sa pyar hua hai thoda hai baki …(4)
Hum to dil de hi chuke
Hum to dil de hi chuke bas teri haan hai baki
Thoda sa pyar hua hai thoda hai baki …(2)

Kaun sa mod aaya
Zindagi ke safar mein
Bas gaya tu hi tu
Ab to meri nazar mein

Purab:Dil ki har ek dhadkan
Tujhko pehchaanti hai
Meri chaahat hai ab kya
Tu nahin jaanti hai

Bulbul:Main tuhje jaan gayi
Tujhko pehchaan gayi
Phir bhi teri haa hai baki
Thoda sa pyar hua hai thoda hai baki …(2)
(during the song ,bulbul was lost in her dreams imagining herself with purab,on the other hand abhi was also dreaming of his romantic moments with pragya)
Aaj yeh kya hua hai
Dil nahin mera bas mein
Is liye sochti hoon
Tod doon saari rasme

Purab:Umr bhar ke liye tu
Aa mera saath de de
Tera ho jaaonga main
Haathon mein haath de de

Bulbul:Haathon mein haath sahi
Tu mere saath hi sahi
Phir bhi teri haan hai baki
Thoda sa pyar hua hai thoda hai baki …(3)

everyone clapped,bulbul was the winner but that day purab won her heart and she knew that she’s surely in love with purab.
days passed pragya became more insecure due to abhi’s closeness with nivedita. nivedita’s strong weapon was pragya’s jealousy and she decided to use this weapon and make her final move to separate them.
exams were over and everyone passed with flying colours.But pragya,purab and bulbul topped the class. everyone decided to hold a get-together. bulbul decided to confess her feelings to purab. she wore a red one-piece knee length dress. and she was looking gorgeousbut pragya got to know about her sister’s secret but she was happy. pragya:i am glad that you chose him. Bulbul:thank you di. but i am scared,what if he rejected me. pragya:i don’t think so,i’ve seen love and concern for you in his eyes so don’t worry. Pragya wore a white maxi length dress.

as they reached, everyone enjoyed the party,dancing,chatting,abhi hadn’t come yet and pragya was waiting for him eagerly. bulbul went to purab and said” purab…” purab:yes bulbul,what happened….bulbul:i want to tell you something.but before she could say something purab interupted her,purab: bulbul,i also want to tell you guys something really important. he continued as everyone stood to listen to him, purab:guys mom want me to do my higher studies and MBA from london and so i am going london tomorrow morning. everyone was shocked but bulbul was heartbroken.flashback ends.(guys this was all what bulbul is remembering after 2 years)
after 2 Years
bulbul’s inner voice-“nahi keh paayi usse,bas nahi bata payi ki main usse kitna pyaar karti hoon aur wo chala gaya,kabhi lautkar nahi dekha,maina uska wait bhi nahi kiya. jitna main usse pyaar karti thi,usse zyaada woh apni mom aur apne sapnon se karta tha. aur di,unka dil bhi toota,aur main andaaza bhi nahi laga sakti,ki kitni buri tarah unka dil toota.
pragya got a call from a stranger informing her about abhi’s life being in danger and all the friends rushed to place mentioned by the stranger. it was a disclosed location which had a small cottage there and they were shocked to see abhi with nivedita in a compromising situation. pragya felt as if her heart broke into pieces. she broke up with abhi, abhi tried to made her understand but her trust on him was also broken. when abhi got tired in making pragya believe him,he started with his music career for his dadi.Purab left india,aaliya,purvi,samar,neil,abhi and pragya came to see him off but bulbul didn’t came.pragya gave an excuse.purab felt bad when bulbul didn’t show-up but not realising his feelings,he went. One day pragya went to a coffee shop where she saww nivedita and followed her. nivedita was talking to koyal and told her that how she pretended to be kidnapped and when abhi came to save her,she drugged him and took advantage of his unconsciousness. Pragya realised that what a big mistake she has done. Bulbul:di,you should go and apologise him. i amure he will except you. pragya:no bulbul,i can’t show him my face after what i did.this guilt will not allow me to go close to him.its very late and i want him to focus on his career be successful thats it. Flashback ends.

Pragya is now an economics professor and teaches in a college. Abhi is a big rockstar and successful. bulbul is going for a job interview so that she can help her sister and dadi financially.
aaliya and neil are married and settled in us. purvi is still in touch with arora sisters and is engaged to samar. purab is now handling his mother’s company. his mother died in a plane crash when she was coming back to india from london where se went to meet purab. he has become a silent and rude person after that incident and doesn’t talk so much. abhi,pragya,purab and bulbul are living different lives but there is absence of love and affection.

Precap:abhi performs in pragya’s college. she doesn’t want him to see her but clashes with him. bulbul comes to know that her new boss is purab.

will their destiny again bring love in their lives…?

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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