Love Me Thoda Episode-1


Hi guys….This is rabul’s girl. Hope you guys remember me and my ff. I hope this ff will get ample of appreciation and comments from you guys. So from today my summer vacations have started and from today onwards i will update regularly.Before that let me recaptulate the intro
guys purab,koyal(purab’s girlfriend),abhi,pragya,aliya, purvi,neil and samar are friends and in the same gang. neil is aliya’s bf and samar is purvi’s bf.but aliya and purvi know bulbul from school and bulbul did her 1st year of college in bangalore and returned to live with pragya,dadi and janki ma. all are in their 2nd year of college.
here the story goes…..

Were’re born alone,we live alone ,we die alone…..Only through uor love and friendship we can create the illusion foe the moment that we’re not alone.
A girl is just thinking about these words when her phone rings,
Girl: Ya abhi. Keep patience. ya I’ll be there in 15 mins. ok bye.
A strong wind blows,the girls hair are dancing on the tune of the wind,wearing a peach transluscent top tucked in with jeans with a minimal make-up gets ready and enter’s the hall of her house and joins her hand infront of the temple and then her parent’s photo.”Pragya” called her dadi from back and turned to see her and took blessings from her.Dadi i am getting late for collegr,ok bye.pragya said. pragya wait atleast have breakfast said dadi. pragya:dadi i’ll have something in the canteen.ok bye.dadi:pragya..Pragya:now what dadi.Dadi:you’re forgetting that bulbul is also joining the college from today so let her come.Pragya:just tell her to come fast i am getting late.(in a depressing voice).
On the other hand a girl wearing a white transluscent top with jeans and open long hair is standing infront of her parents photo and taking blessing from them when suddenly someone opens the door and enter’s the room.Dadi:bulbul. Bulbul:(turns to see her dadi) Dadi just leaving but remember to take your medicines on time and not a drop of cough syrup.ok.Dadi:ok my dadi now go.
both sisters reached college where aliya and purvi met bulbul at the front gate and hugged her.Pragya:ok guys catch you guys later.bye. by saying this pragya left. aliya:come bulbul,we show you our college. and all the three girls entered the college.

In the College Auditorium
Two boys are playing guitar both are tall and handsome.One is wearing a black T-shirt with jeans playing a hard rocking tune on his guitar,he is none other than our abhi.On the other side a boy wearing a blueT-shirt with jeans playing a soft,soothing and romantic tone on his guitar.he is purab.
Abhi:Dude this tune is really good.
Purab:Thanks.but your one is better.
Abhi:I know that because i am the beat and the future’s rockstar.We both be rocking the stage.
Purab:Not we but only you.
Abhi: why…?
Purab:Music is just my hobby not passion.I really want to be a big business tycoon. taking mom’s company to a higher level.
Both friends convo was interupted by pragya. Pragya:what you guys are doing here.Abhi: we oh we are eating gol gappas here.(said in a teasing tone).Pragya:Abhi….will you stop it.Purab:just practising.why what happen.Pragya:purab, Koyal is waiting for you in the canteen. You made her waiting for 5 mins….Purab:oh god..i am finished i am just finished…say that i am finished. Abhi and pragya said in a chorus:Purab you’re finished and just then purab ran towards the door and abhigya followed him.
Abhi:Why were you late today…
Pragya:why you were waiting for me….
Abhi:no no not at all why would i.(stammered)
Pragya:Lier you’re lying.right
Abhi:Pragya yaar you know na that when you don’t come early then i am bored and i miss you so don’t be late.and now no more questions.ok.
Pragya:Ok baba.Promise i’ll be never late. and both of them smiles seeing in each other eyes,”Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf main yeh kehta hoon…itni si baat hai,mujhe tumse pyaar hai
yunhi nahi mai tumpe jaan deta hoon,itni si baat hai,mujhe tumse pyaar hai song playes in bg.
all three of them were passing the corridor to canteen,while purab was continously talking with abhi and pragya he didn’t noticed the girl coming towards him and both of them clashed and purab fell over the girl.He could not see the girl’s face at first as her face was covered by her bag and all the assignments were flying in the air.When the girl slowly moved her bag from her face,first only her eyes were visible,both lost in each others eyes and then purab was finally able to see her face.It’s none other than bulbul. (Baarish song from yaariyaan plays in tune of the song). abhi called purab whereas pragya shockingly said bulbul..abhi:you know her…?. Pragya:She is my sister. What….abhi and purab said in chorus.aliya and purvi gathered all the things were purab and bulbul were struggling hard to get away but tthey chains got stuck with each seening purab battling with the chains,bulbul said in a soft voice: May i…..
purab left the chains and bulbul calmly and easily untangled the chains and both separated.Both took theie chains and then abhi said so you’re pragya’s sis right.Bulbul nodded yes. Aliya and purvi introduced her to abhi and purab and then both boys shaked hands with bulbul and said that your pragya’s sis so now you’ll be a member of our gang. All of them reached the canteen where a girl wearing a dark blue short dress was waiting impatiently when purab came and hugged her from back and said “I love you”.But “i hate you said koyal. I am sorry said purab. But she walked away thats when purab started singing with abhi “taarif karoon kya uski…jisne tujhe banaya banaya…) all danced and enjoyed but bulbul was just standing there seeing purab and koyal. after the song,koyal and purab hugged eachother. abhi and pragya were also dancing with each other. The screen freezes on purab and koyal’s hug,abhigya’s dancing pose and bulbul’s face.

Precap:Purab introduces bulbul to koyal. Abhi and pragya share a cute fight in the classroom.professor announces a assignment to be done in pairs which will be decided by taking out of paper slips.

guys i hope you liked it and tell that i continue or not. Ammu i ‘ve been waiting for the next episode of your ff. please update fast.

Credit to: Rabul's Girl

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  1. nice but don’t give only importance to purab bulbul u have to give equal importance to abhigya ok

  2. Superb episode rabul..
    Will update a very long update very soon..
    Forgive me..
    But rabul girl …
    Episode was awesome.
    Upload soon….

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