Love Me Thoda Aur……Twinj OS

Hey my beautiful girls kaise h sab…..guys u know i can’t live without u all…..that’s y baar baar ajati hun…..disturb krne……
so lets start the os

A college is shown whers boys and girls are are talking,fighting but there is a tree where a couple is shown hugging eo….
boy-twinkle u know how much i miss u….in these 1 week(she is our Punjabi pataka twinkle)
tw-mee too kunj…..(he is our handsome kunj)
twinj broke the hug
tw-till we will hide our relationship frm our parents
ku-wait when the right time will come we tell……and the bell rings..
tw-we should go to our class
ku-lets go…

nxt seen
its evening…
ku- arjun tw always tell when i will our parents about aur relationship
arjun-go and tell today
ku-sure today i should tell????
ar-yes bro….
ku reach his house and he gone to his parents room and…..
ku-mom and dad i want to talk to u
manohar-yes tell
usha-that’s a good news y r u scared
manohar-yes that’s a good news whose that girl
ku-dad her name is twinkle taneja and i really love het
manohar-what!!!!she is daughter of raj taneja
ku-yes dad
manohar-that’s a very good news we r business partners…i m ready for the marriage tmrw only we will go to their house…
ku-thnx a lot dad and mom i love u both….

nxt seen
its morning
kunj and his family reach tanaja house
Rt-yehh manohar u here this time
mano-i came here to talk about aur childs life
Rt-come sit….
leela,twinkle comes twinkle is shocked to see kunj
mano-do u know our children love eo
Rt-got up and gone to tw….did u love kunj
Rt-that’s a good news i m happy for u tw
tw-thnx papa
mano-so lets do the marriage after 2 days what say
twinj looks at eo and smiles

after 2 days the sarnas arrive to taneja house
and marriage completed and tw drove to sarna house
usha-kunj and twinkle go to your room
kunj took tw in bridal style and took her to their room…
tw-kunj our marriage finally……and hugged kunj
ku-yeh baby……took her to their bed and made her lie
ku-may i have the permission……
and they both made love……

so guys done it plzz drop ur comments bye


  1. Aamna_2690

    |Registered Member

    Aww adeebo!!
    it’s soo good luved……
    It was awsum dear….
    I do also write an ff LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE…… Do read it dear…..
    Plz comeback soon….

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