Love? — Episode 1- The Pain


shivay was about to cut the cake when….

voice: stop!

everyone was shocked to see that the owner of the voice belonged to a goon.

goon: everyone, stand still!

all was scared. just then:

om: why should we? what do you want?

goon: that business deal was suppose to go to my company but this gauri oberoi girl did something and the deal went to shivay.

shivay: what?

dadi: gauri? that characterless girl?!

jhanvi: yes that gauri. the one who uses oberoi as a namesake.

pinky: ands trap om.

goon: give me the mony else….

he gets a gun just then:

shivomru stood in front of him and beat him up. the goon injured went.

anika in mind: no! gauri can’t do something like that. i know this.

soon the party was over and om went to the room gauri was in. he saw munni sleeping peacefully and then he saw gauri putting a pillow border around the bed. he went towards her and grabbed her wrist and took her in the corner.

om: you did bribery right?

gauri: what are you saying? i never did.

om: oh really? a goon came today and said you did.

gauri: why would i? i treat shivay like a brother….

om: because you are a gold digger, a so called oberoi, a b*t*h and a sl*t.

voices: shut up!!

precap: ‘you can never be our dad!!

so who said shut up?

who called the goon?

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    Waiting for the next update

  2. Please update the next episode….I am eagerly waiting to read this…

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