it’s all about love (TEI & DYM) Episode – 2


Hey guys I am back with the 2nd epi of my ff……first of all I wld really thank all of those who commented, I was so overwhelmed reading all of ur comments…… And not to forget the silent readers, thanks a lot & plz try to comment……
Recap: some ppl sneak into Radz. room they r reviled to be twinj, yusa(yuvi & lisa), Nesam & arjun. They all wish radz a happy birthday, give her gifts & leave. We saw twinj & Nesam ki nok-jhok also……..

So coming to the episode…..
Episode 2
It’s morning
Usha is doing Pooja & all r present there.
After the Pooja radz takes all the elders ka blessings & leaves for college. All the men except kunj & arjun leave for the office.
All the other ladies r gossiping & deciding what to wear for the party in the evening (as its radz b-day they have a party)…….

At college
Radz is wearing a beautiful blueish green & pink knee length anarkali suit, she enters her class & doesn’t find anyone, she was about to leave when everyone gets up (they where all hiding under the benches) & scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADZ……
She looks at them shocked & surprised and thanks everyone. She goes & sits near her frndz gang. She gets a message & checks it’s from arjun. A 1000wt smile appears on her face.
Message :
A:Hey Radz….. U were looking super cute & very very beautiful……
A:say something
R:u say
A:OK OK…… so can v go on a date 2day
R:sure… but what about the party
A:party starts @7 v will even b at home by then
R:OK…. Wat time & where
A:@5 outside ur college gate
R:k I’ll be waiting…… bye

Both have a smile on their faces.
Arjun calls someone & says
A: I want everything to be perfect.
Someone : OK sir

At d office
Neil is in his cabin he takes a photo from the draw and looks at it.
N: I don’t know when I feel in love with you but I did & I’m really happy with my decision. I don’t know if u love me but I love u so much that I can do anything for u…….. I’m waiting to confess my love to u, but I’m afraid that if u don’t accept me I’ll lose u & I can’t live without you…….. I LOVE YOU…..

Scene shifts to Sarna Mansion
Sam is getting hiccups. She drinks a whole bottle of water but the hiccups don’t stop…… twinkle & lisa come there….
Twi:(rolls her eyes) Sam I suggest go to a doctor…… u get hiccups daily & u & v all know that if u drink water also ur hiccups don’t stop…..
Sam:(she gets hiccups in b/w when she is speaking) stop it yar…. U know na th…. That only from…. past couple…. of days I’m get…. Getting it….
Lisa:Sam I think twi is right….. who knows may be u have an hiccup disease……
Twi & Lisa laugh.
Sam: babhi even….. u started tea…. Teasing me….. So mean….
Leela comes there
Leela: stop it u 2…..
They r still giggling
Leela:i think someone is missing Sam and thinking about her that is why she is getting hiccups.
Everyone burst out laughing
Sam: massi u too…..
She storms out of there.

In the evening
Arjun’s car stops in front of Radz college. He steps out of the car wearing a white shirt and jeans
All the students r storming out of the college. His eyes r searching for his special one. Suddenly wind blows (like in those typical movies) he finds her coming out with her frndz. She starts laughing & Arjun is mesmerized by seeing her.

Radz comes near Arjun & hugs him. He hugs her back.
A: ha so let’s go…. V shld go home on time. They both sit in the car and leave.

At Sarna Mansion
Everything is set for the party.
Twi is in her room.
She is doing her make up. She starts thinking about kunj…. His smile……. their fights…… they way he saves her by holding her everytime she was about to fall…. Their eyelock’S ….. She blushes.
T:(thinks) Y am I missing that sadu….. He always teases me…… but I don’t know I don’t get angry on him like I get on others when they tease me…… am I falling for him….. No no how will anyone like that sadu………
Suddenly kunj enters her room she smiles seeing him. He looks at her shocked & bursts out laughing. She looks at him and thinks what’s wrong & looks at herself in d mirror. She gets shocked and screams…..

Next scene

Arjun & Radz reach an isolated place.
Radz P. O. V
There was a big but simple resort. It occupied around 2-3 acres of area and had huge walls surrounding the resort. Arjun gets down after wearing his royal blue blazer, I never saw him wearing this in this half-an-hour long drive, ahh mostly it was on the back seat. He forwarded his hand, I kept mine on his nd gave him a smile, he too had a curve on his lips. Oh how I wish I could keep my lips on his though I know there is time for that. He takes me inside & speaks with the receptionist & the while time I’m admiring him.
He takes me near a room & gives me a cover. I look surprisingly at him.
A:go wear this……
I go inside the room without a word. It was a beautiful royal blue & black gown, it suits perfectly with that blazer of his…… wow it’s pretty nice . I storm into d washroom to wear it

At Sarna Mansion

Everyone rush to twi room. At first they r all shocked but later laugh seeing twi….. Twi feels embarrassed.
L:wat have u done twi….. Tumara dyan kaha rehta he ajj kal…. They all laugh….

Twinkle P. O. V
O God what’s wrong with me. Firstly I wore my pajamas instead of the gown & I even wore my jewelry. Second I have put so much powder on my face thinking it is the foundation, sure no one would have seen so much powder in one place till now, ahh and the last thing they all r laughing at me……. I storm into the washroom. I wash my face & put my black gown & the diamond jewelry. When I go out only Sam is there. She is wearing a light blue gown she is looking damn se*y, I still don’t understand why no boy has ever proposed her, though I knew many who had a crush on her at the college….. Anyways I walk up to my dressing table and sit. Sam comes & helps me in dressing my hair while I do the make up,this time careful that I don’t put powder instead of the foundation……

At the resort:
Radz comes out wearing the royal blue gown, she has kept her hair open & wore a beautiful diamond earrings which came with the dress.
Arjun is awestruck on seeing her. He goes near her & tucks a loose hair behind her ear. Radz blushes
R: how am I looking???
A: beautiful as ever.
R:thank you.
A:so ready for the date.
R: yes of course.

They smile at each other. Arjun takes out a black ribbon & covers Radz eyes with it.
R: Arjun what r u doing.
A:shhhh…. Don’t you trust me….
R: I trust u with all my life…..
Arjun is touched by her words.
A:ok so let’s go.

Saying this he lifts her in his arms & takes her.

At Sarna Mansion
Lisa is wearing a red gown nd is applying lip gloss when suddenly to arms surround her waist. She smiles.
L:uv leave me if anyone sees
Y:come on u r my legally Wed wife & what if anyone sees they might think I’m very romantic.
Lisa blushes.
Y:plz don’t blush I feel like doing something…….
Her blush deepens
L: wat will u do ha…
Uv makes her face him & goes near…..
There is hardly any gap b/w them & their lips r cms apart.
Y: don’t act innocent….. It makes u more cute & I might take u down here right now…..
Their hearts r beating very fast….
Yuvi just pushes his lips towards her, they kiss, both of wanted that moment to freeze…… they wanted to stay there like that in each others arms forever…… Lisa pulls back as they wanted air, she started to cough & uv took heavy breathes….. He came near her for one more, but this time she pushed him.
L:enough for one day Mr. Husband.
Y: come on…..
L:no I need to go…..
She turns back before she leaves
L: if u want more wait till tonight…… saying this she gives him a flying kiss & walks out of the room……

At resort:
Arjun puts Radz down & says HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY nd removes the ribbon.
Radz glances the surroundings & is speechless….. She hugs him & he hugs her
R: this is the best birthday in my life….
Saying this she moves her lips close to his. Arjun is surprised+shocked.
Saying this her lips finds his……. They share a passionate kiss which showed how much they love each other……


End of 2nd episode……

Credit to: Mrs.Bunny

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