Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( intro )

This is brand new crazy story of mine on my fav pair ragsan which unfortunately not happened onscreen but still they r magical to me though I stopped watching swaragini long back . so well getting back to plot . guys my story don’t start from any point from serial . all characters are same except few terms which will be revealed as story proceeds . I will give simple intro about characters below but u will know wat they actually r soon by reading story .

Maheshwari and gadodia families are best business partners of equal status in everything . n even close families friends just like relatives since from ages . both maheshwari and gadodia residences are opposite to each other .

Maheswari family … all characters are same .
Durgaprasad Prasad : head of family . as strict as we see him onscreen . loves all kids of family but very much concerned about sanskar n dp shows his concern being lil more strict with sanskar rather than pampering him .
Annapurna : same as we see onscreen . very sweet n devoted to family n kids .
Ram Prasad : devoted to his brother n family business . he loves his only son sanskar but failed to express it .
Sujatha : sujatha is different from onscreen behavior . she is more matured woman not funny type . disciplined n very sensitive woman . loves sanskar more than anyone . but unfortunately sanskar don’t ( y u will know as story proceeds ) .

Adarsh : first son of dp n ap . he joined business after his studies . follows dp n rp blindly . work minded guy .
Parneetha : wife of adarsh . loves whole family . fun loving as well very disciplined .
Laksh : not same one . here he will be more matured guy knows how to handle things in sensitive way . cares for every one . want to keep every one around him smiling always . still studying .
Sanskar : in a word spoiled brat hates rules boundaries everything which stops him from his craziness . he don’t have value for family relations . he don’t expect any kind of love n affection from any one n himself don’t show on any one . he is madly in love with just himself . loves to flirt with girls . thinks love is just time pass factor n gets bore if it continues long as life is not meant to be stopped at anything or on anyone . so till now he kept his heart safe . he don’t like to stay with family though his family wants him to be infront of them but he will be constant rebellion . he took dp’s extra concern as imprisonment for him from enjoying his life . so he always wanted to run away from family n kolkatta . he wants explore . he can go crazy for adventures .
Sanskar n laksh r of almost same age . sanskar may few months elder to laksh .
Uttara : she is also daughter of dp n ap . smallest one in home . quite disciplined girl . knows her limits well .

Dadu : head of gadodia’s . successful business man currently enjoying his retirement n loves spending time with his grand daughter ( ragini ) . eagerly waits for ragini every evening as he enjoys gossiping with his lil doll still . veru humble n caring one .
Parvathi : very proud woman . she loves their status n wealth n her grand daughter ragini . she takes ragini as her pride n wants ragini to be like her . n handle business in upcoming years .
Shekar : devoted to his parents . managing business right now . he loves to spend time with his wife n daughter especially . loves ragini a lot .
Janaki : very educated n disciplined woman but never forced her daughter to be like her . she wants ragini to be the way she loves . pampers ragini a lot .
Ragini : the only princess of gadodia family .very much fun loving girl of modern times . she loves her family a lot . her priority will be her family . but she lives the way she loves no matter how much dadi pressurizes her . don’t want to take up family business as she has her own interest n career goals . she goes crazy with her best friend dadu . she believes love is magical . n thinks one can fall in love as many times as they wish until they find their soul mate as love give all fresh experience every time . ragini feels to lead adventurous life we don’t need to run around world just we have to fall in love . love is ultimate adventure to her .

School life :
Laksh ragini n sanskar are of same class n school .
Laksh ragini are best friends from school . ragini hates sanskar as he always irritates her . sanskar loves teasing ragini all the times in school . laksh is the one who get struck in b/w these two . laksh wants ragsan dosti tried a lot but no use .
Laksh is topper of class . n ragini does great in social subject only as it is only subject seems interesting to her unlike whole class . she can die for history classes which is most irritating to sanskar . n in remaining subject ragini is average student . no need to mention sanskar he just hates to spend whole day in b/w four walls of class . he chooses last bench n deeply lost in his own world of interest . all classes he can manage atleast to sit in his place but one thing he cant just tolerate is history class . he used to fail every time in social studies . but he never cared . he hates ragini as she tops every time in social subject only n his social teacher scolds sanskar badly n asks him to learn from ragini . ragini gives him revenge smile while . n after every history there will be world war outside class b/w ragsan .

Time is changing but sanskar is the same one . wants to run away fly off . dp n rp finally understood they cant change sanskar . one fine morning sanskar came up with cracking plan infront family that he wants to study in Chicago along with his best friend Rithvik . every one r hell shocked .
“ wat r u talking sanskar ..? how can we send u to chicago u r still studing in 7 standard do u remember … “ dp louder .
“ I know bade paa . rithvik is my best friend . his family moving to Chicago n send me with them . I will study with rithvik . their family too agreed . “ sanskar said .
“ u r still kid but u think u have grown up . wats ur problem with school here “ dp asked .
“ bade paa plz . I hate this place n that school . I don’t wanna live here . let me go n see world around me . y no one understands for me here ? y r u trying to stop me forever here . let me go plz …. “ sanskar said .
“ shut up sanskar . go to ur room . u will be with us “ dp said louder .
“ ok then … if u want me to study then send me to Chicago with my friend or else I will stop my studies right now . “ sanskar angrily said n ran to his room .
“ sanskar “ dp shouted but no use .
“ wat to do with this boy “ rp worried .
“ he will change his mind …. Don’t worry “ dp said .
Sujatha looks worried for sanskar

Its has been two days still sanskar is so stubborn with his decision .
“ bhaisa sanskar not even touching food from two days . “ sujatha said ith worried face .
“ wat we should do now ? I thought he will change his mind . but no “ dpi patiently .
“ send him to place he want to go “ sujatha said .
“ wat ? r u mad sujatha ? only son we will send him away “ rp louder .
“ his happiness is our happiness na ji …. Don’t break his happiness . for him we can adjust but our sanskar cant “ sujatha said .
She convinces every one . finally sanskar dream gonna come true . he is very much excited that he is leaving tomorrow . he got his stuff packed n lies on bed .
“ wow wow I cant believe im gonaa fly tomorrow …. Finally I got my reason to get out from here … but anyways once I get out from here na then I wont get back here again . “ sanskar excited .
Sanskar is so excited that he cant sleep . he looks out through window of his room . he can see ragini room from his window . sanskar looks at room .
“ its like history class already slept … tomorrow I’m leaving … ek last time ho jana chahiye “ sanskar said with evil smile .

@ ragini room .
Ragini is sleeping . she hears some sound n awake up . she looks all around from bed . she closes her eyes . suddenly she hears some one coming into her room making horrified sounds . ragini gets scared . she pulls blanket over her . she feels some one pulling her blanket holding at end .
“ who is it ? leave me “ ragini shouts holding blanket tight .
“ boo “ sanskar making sound pulling blanket .
“ ahhh … “ ragini shouts .
Even sanskar gets scared n switches on the lights .
“ its me stupid history class “ sanskar shouted .
“ u stupid idiot last bench duffer . how dare to scare me ? “ ragini shouts throwing pillow on him .
“ arey listen I came to return ur stupid history class work “ sanskar said n throws book on to her .

Ragini ctaches book .
“ idiot this is my history book give respect haa … “ ragini shouted .
“ shut up “ sanskar shot back .
“ by the way have u completed the work “ ragini asked .
“ that’s y I call u boring history class … how can u even expect that I will complete work that too history class work . huh . that will be 8 wonder if I do so “ sanskar said rolling his eyes .
“ I know … after holidays na again u will be kicked out of our class …. Get ready LBD …. “ ragini said .
“ LBD ??? “ sanskar amused .
“ arey last bench duffer “ ragini replied .
“ very funny … by the way im not gonna see ur face n that school face again “ sansakr said sitting on bed .
“ wat ??? “ ragini confused .
“ I’m going to Chicago … n I will join new school there …. “ sanskar said .
Ragini gets lil upset hearing this . sanskar looks at her .
“ by the way will u miss me ? ‘ sanskar asked .
“ I will miss u …. Impossible … thank god atleast I’m getting freedom from u …. “ ragini replied .

Sanskar looks on .
“ kya ??? “ ragini asked .
“ u r so happy na from tomorrow I wont be in ur life … no one to tease u as im the only one who makes u cry every one else loves u … im telling u history class u will be bored without me “ sanskar said .
“ ur face . I will be laughing running all around with out u … n look at this …. I gave u my class work just bcoz sir said to me …. But wats this stain LBD “ ragini shouted showing im cream stain on her book .
“ arey I was hungry that time “ sanskar said .
“ then u should eat cake who asked u to feed my book duffer “ ragini said .
“ not selfish like u … I’m so happy that from tomorrow there will be only one history class in my school I have to bear …. As im getting free from u history class( ragini ) … “ sanskar said .
“ get out from here before I kill u … “ ragini shouted being irritated .
“ fine …. Who loves to spend time with history class like u … remember na u r so boring like history class n will be always to u … bye “ sanskar said gets up from bed n goes to door .

Ragini becomes lil dull n looks at door . sanskar still standing there .
“ kya ??? “ ragini asks .
“ I think I will miss u a bit … with whom I should fight from tomorrow ? “ sanskar asked looking dull .
“ then don’t go naa ? “ ragini said neutrally .
“ impossible . I want to fly . bye HC … HC means “ sanskar .
“ history class I can guess that much . not duffer like u “ ragini said .
“ ye le “ sanskar said throwing something on ragini .

Ragini catches it
“ yeh kya hai “ ragini said looking it .
“ u r not duffer like me na … I guess u can see wat it is ? “ sanskar said .
“ bracelet hai … “ ragini said .
“ maine khud banaya …. “ sanskar said .
“ for me ? that too u … god … “ ragini .
“ I know u will throw it away … don’t know y but still I felt like giving something to u before I leave … ok bye HC … “ sanskar said about to leave .
“ sanskar wait “ ragini shouts getting off from bed .
“ all the best for ur new life “ ragin said forwarding her hand .

Sanskar n ragini shook their hands .
“ y r u behaving like friend ? “ sanskar asked .
“ I hate u LBD … we cant be friend even in our dream . I’m just wishing u gud luck as u r going away “ ragini said .
“ hate u too HC … n gud luck to u too for ur boring life ahead “ sanskar said .
“ my life is not boring ok “ ragini shouts .
“ it is HC .. like history class “ sanskar .
“ sanskar “ rags shouts .

Sanskar runs away . ragini looks sanskar going from her window . she looks at bracelet n holds it tighter .
“ y am I feeling bad for this duffer ??? he is not even my friend . I should feel bad if laksh goes like this leaving me its just sanskar who is going away . ragz finally all peace in ur life yaar “ ragini smiles n keeps bracelet in cup board n sleeps .
Finally all maheswari took sanskar to air port next day morning … laksh stayed in home itself …ragini stayed with laksh as laksh is crying badly for sanskar leaving him . ragini n adarsh uttara consoles him . all family members r so sad for sending sanskar away . especially rp n sujatha . but sanskar no way dull he is so excited . rithvik family arrived . sanskar goes to them running . rithvik father talked to rp n dp n promised to take care of sanskar as his own son . finally is time to leave rp hugs sanskar . sujatha about to hug sanskar but sanskar moves back . sujatha kisses him on fore head . sanskar is unaffected by all this . he just want to fly away that’s it . he goes with rithvik family without even looking back at his family .

Precap : life of sanskar ragini n laksh after big leap ….
Have sanskar changed after many years ? do ragini n sanskar still remembers each other ? will ragsan meet again ?

In my ff swara will be there . but after few episodes . pairs r just ragsan n swalak . no shuffling . but only ragsan gets more attention in this ff . currently im writing “ pain that continues “ ff . first I will complete that one . this is not yet started I can give one more episode n then I will continues with my old ff . I will start writing it completely in april . I just felt bored of writing same story so I started this earlier . wats say guys is it gud ?

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