Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( episode 9 )

Hi guys . after really long time im sorry friends . im busy with studies n till next month I will hardly get time . mean while I thought to give u all next update . plz kindly ignore mistake it is not proof read . hope u all like it . plz do comment .
Episode 9 :
After everything is all set at dinning table … even gadodia decided to join lunch with them every one came except dadi she made some excuse . ragini comes near dinning table .
“ wow is everything perfect ? ” ragini gets excited seeing many items .
“ foodie …. Control urself today as all this items made specially for sanskar bhai ” laksh said sitting beside her .
“ oh wow from when ur big bro started having food normal like us … ? I mean he have something special in his menu right …something like eating up humans … ” ragini replied .
Mean while she sees sanskar descending steps .
“ look ur monster bro coming … im sure he not going to eat all this..he will be much disappointed “ ragini said looking laksh .

“ ragini u wont trouble sanskar anymore ” janki in ordering tone hearing raglak convo .
“ huh !? mumma how can u say that ? infact even u know its me who always get troubled by sanskar … y everyone taking his side ? “ ragini in complaining tone .
“ shh … I know everything … lets talk about this later “ janki said .
Laksh laughs at ragini . ragini glares at him n sees sanskar is about to take seat beside her . ragini quickly places her hand on the seat . sanskar looks at her .
“ why r u sitting here ??? “ ragini asked looking him .
“ oh sorry I don’t know that u reserved this seat for tom cruise “ sanskar said sarcastically .
“ huh !? “ ragini .
“ take off ur hand “ sanskar said coldly .
“ no way … u hate me so much then y do u want to sit beside me ? “ ragini asked .
“ I said take off ur hand “ sanskar repeated .
“ I want to eat peacefully “ ragini said .
“ okay then don’t blame me for anything … “ sanskar said .
Before ragini could think wat he mean … sanskar sat down on his seat with force … thanks to her senses working so fast she pulled her hand back in time .
“ was it serious ? “ ragini shocked .
Sanskar rolls his eyes .
“ do I look like clown to entertain u all the time ? be careful with me … I cant be ur play toy like u made everyone here “ sanskar said .
“ no one is my play toy here … its just every one loves me so much so they do wat I want … “ ragini replied .

“ oh come on like wat kind of people can love u ? they must be either scared of ur childishness or ur madness . n about me sitting beside just look around with ur wide eyes do u see any other chair empty . “ sanskar said .
“ leave about me do u think anyone can love a person like u … u r just rude , unkind , mad monster and ill mannered jerk “ ragini said angr
ily .
“ u …. “ sanskar angrily about to shout at her . but stops sensing something .
Both ragsan looks at everyone staring them since long time . they both feel embarrassed .

“ finally u both realized … ragini no matter how many times I tell u will end up troubling sanskar ” janki said looking ragini .
“ leave it na aunty … finally they both gave us an interval break before they start again lets have lunch … im really hungry “ laksh said teasing .
“ okay “ ap said smiling .
Ap n sujatha starts serving food to everyone . after food is served to everyone .
“ aunty said everything is made according to this LBD’s taste … my taste is exactly opposite to his . not even one dish I like . how sad these many items r served n I cannot have any one of them . “ ragini thinks making faces looking at her plate .
“ y his taste is so bad ??? “ ragini asked herself in low voice .
DP gets call .
“ im really sorry … its really important call I have to take . I will be back in a sec “ DP said n goes .
Sanskar looks at everyone not having lunch .
“ do here every one have food only by staring at plate like u doing “ sanskar asked in low voice audible to ragini .
Ragini comes out of her thoughts hearing him .
“ im just staring for some other reason n everyone is waiting for DP uncle to come n start first … “ ragini replied .
“ so nothing changed much “ sanskar said .
“ y to change anything if its not bad . its some respect from our side to head of family … wats so bad about it ? “ ragini replied .
“ stop making nonsense . “ sanskar shot at her .
“ im not making any nonsense . just reminding u the tradition of this house . “ ragini said .
“ so it gonna be first thing im gonna break now … watch idiot “ sanskar said looking her .
Sanskar about to take his spoon . ragini looks at him n stops him holding his hand .
“ wat the hell u doing LBD ? “ ragini in low voice .
Ragini looks at every one if any one saw this . fortunately no one giving them much attention .
“ sanskar r u mad ? wait until DP uncle come “ ragini said to him holding his hand .
“ wats ur problem . leave my hand HC . I want to have food n I don’t need to wait for anyone . its my way . leave my hand “ sanskar said n frees his hand .
Ragini holds his hand again n pulls his hand under table .
“ r u mad ? “ sanskar .
“ huh!? Infact its u who acting mad now … I know u r not that much hungry . u can wait for a while … stop acting like kid “ ragini said holding his hand firmly with her both hands under table .
“ stop giving orders to me . leave my hand before I break ur both hands . “ sanskar said trying to free his hand from her grip .
“ sanskar wats wrong with u … every one did so much for u n cant u do this much in return . if u start before dp uncle how cheap u look infront of every one . though u r ill mannered guy don’t loose ur respect infront of ur family . It will be really rude . “ ragini tried to explain .

“ u talk really big words . n do u think I care wat others think about me ? “ sanskar shot back .
“ okay I understood u r so fascinated to take a fall don’t worry after lunch na I will push u from terrace but plz don’t fall in everyone’s eyes by doing this cheap act . n im not going to let u do this at any cost “ ragini said angrily holding his hand back .
“ now y r u so bothered about me ..ha “ sanskar asked angrily .
Ragsan looks DP coming . sanskar gets excited to start having food before him . he pulls his hand with force . ragini struggles to hold his hand back . janki looks at her face .
“ ragini wats wrong ..? r u doing anything wrong again “ janki asked unaware of under table war .
Ragini nods .
“ sorry it was really important . lets start now … “ Dp said taking his seat .
“ its ok uncle no problem plz start fast … “ ragini hurries up .
“ its like today u r very hungry . “ Dp said .

“ yeah . something like that “ ragini said looking sanskar who is already staring her angrily for spoiling his plan .
DP tastes food n compliments AP and sujatha . sanskar pulls his hand forcefully and it hits table making juice glass fall on his shirt .
“ sanskar … “ DP concerned .
Sanskar wiping his shirt .
“ sanskar how it fell ? “ janki asked .

Sanskar looks at ragini .
“ oh shit ! now sure this idiot will tell its bcoz of me . already mom said not to trouble him now if he complains mom feels really bad n later she will make me feel worst by all those long lectures .. im dead for sure “ ragini thinks worried .
“ sanskar I was asking something . u can tell it frankly “ janki looking ragini .
Ragini thinks better to take blame herself before sanskar puts it on her .
“ mom … “ ragini tries to speak .
“ aunty it was all mistake “ sanskar said quickly .
Ragini looks at him .
“ really ? “ janki asked .
“ yeah . I was not paying much attention n it happened … “ sanskar said at end looks at ragini .
“ excuse me … ” sanskar said getting up .
He heads to his room to change his shirt .
“ whoa is this for real ??? “ ragini looks on surprised .
Later sanskar comes n joins them .
After finishing lunch . ragini looks at kheer .
“ wow atleast kheer is prepared . it looks really yummy . “ ragini thinks happily n forwards her hand to take the bowl .
Both ragsan holds the bowl at same time . both looks each other . ragini recalls how he lied for her . sanskar recalls how she stopped him from doing the act so that he don’t fall in anyones sight . both takes off their hands from bowl at once . again they looks at each other confused .
“ wats with weirdo today ? “ rags thinks .
“ wats wrong with this silly girl now ? “ sanskar thinks .
Ragini passes bowl to his side . sanskar passes it back to her side again . both went on passing bowl to each others side . atlast both gets irked .
“ wat the hell is wrong with u ? “ both shouts at once angrily .
Everyone looks at them surprised .
“ wats wrong kids ? “ DP asked .
“ nothing uncle . we r sorry “ ragini said .
“ n im not at all sorry . y don’t u take it when I back off already ? “ sanskar said to ragini .
“ exactly y don’t u have it . any ways im full already “ ragini replied .
“ oh come on I know u r a big foodie “ sanskar said .
“ even u r not less to me in that matter … “ ragini replied .
“ y don’t u both share it ? “ laksh said .
“ sharing ??? “ ragsan shouts loud at once passing death glares to each other .
“ that can never happen in dreams too “ sanskar said looking ragini .
“ exactly . n u stop pretending to be a peace maker . first learn how to finish lunch in time u take really long . act like adult sometimes . don’t know when u will grow up “ ragini said looking laksh .
“ yeah “ sanskar at end .
Both ragsan gets up n leaves in opposite directions looking away .
“ huh ! ? those who fought like kids lil ago were the ones to tell me to act like adult … wat a pity seriously “ laksh said after ragsan left .
Every one smiles .
@ sanskar’s room .
Sanskar unpacking his stuff . he takes out box n opens it . he takes out photograph from it .
“ hey ! had my lunch just now . its something really yummy hope u had something like this today with perfect smile on ur face . I don’t know where u are? N how u r ? I can just hope for ur well being . unfortunately it’s the only thing I can do for u . I feel so useless . I met that lady after many years but still she the same I found no sort of guilty in her eyes . but u don’t worry this time I wont leave this place unless I ask her the thing I wanted to from some years . “ sanskar talks looking it .
At end he places it against his heart .
“ has it been so long ..? still how long should I wait ? this is so unfair . “ sanskar gets lost in his thoughts .
Sujatha looking him through glass .
“ I can guess who it can be . im sorry son . im really sorry for u but im really helpless at that time n even now . “ sujatha thinks with teary eyes . she leaves wiping her eyes .
Sanskar gets back to senses . he quickly places it back in box n closes it . he puts his face in his palm .
“ Ahh … y do I become so weak easily ? bcoz of this weakness I have been so useless . “ sanskar shouts at himself .
He looks himself in mirror . he tries to smile but couldn’t .
“ come on sanskar u can do anything cant u just smile come on “ sanskar talks to himself .
This time he tries harder but in vain all he can show up is his anger . he gets frustrated n punches wall angrily . he feels so rest less . he heads out of his room angrily .

@ ragini’s room .

Ragini puts head phone .
“ wow after eating so much listening to best music is all I need “ ragini talks to herself playing music .
She hears knoking on her door .
“ Ahh wat a nuisance “ ragini thinks .
She hears knock again .
“ its not locked . u can come “ ragini shouts .
Ragini looking at her phone . she looks at sanskar n jumps off from bed .
“ u “ ragini surprised .

Sanskar gives careless look to her n sits on her bed .
“ hey atleast take off ur blo*dy shoes u r making my bed muddy “ ragini shouts .
Sanskar rolls his eyes .
“ y r u listening to music at this time like wat so gud happened “ sanskar asked looking head phones .
“ nothing like that . after eating so much I do listen to music always . its helps in quick digestion . “ ragini said taking off her headphone.
“ wat ??? who said that to u ? “ sasnakr surprised .
“ no one I just found out myself . u know wat it really works for me in not putting in so much weight . “ ragini said .
“ r u sure that u belong to this planet ? I really wonder manytimes …. “ sanskar looking still amused .
“ u should try then believe me it really works “ ragini said going near to him .
“ stop right there … don’t u ever dare to involve me in ur mad acts “ sanskar shouts at her showing his index finger .

“ huh !? psycho then y r u here ? get lost right now “ ragini shouts .
Sanskar looks on lost .
“ bcoz I really want to smile now … “ sanskar said in low voice being so lost .
“ did u say something now ? “ ragini asks .
Sanskar gets back to senses .
“ hey wat do u mean . do u think I come to u for no reason … I have myself reasons “ sanskar shouts .
“ wat do u want then ? “ ragini asks .
“ wo … I want … “sanskar thinks wat to ask .
Suddenly he remember some thing .
“ I came to collect the thing I gave u before leaving “ sanskar said .
“ wat thing ? “ ragini thinks .
“ hey how can u even forget that ? “ sanskar yells at her .
“ okay okay don’t get mad … give me sometime … “ ragini said n starts thinking .
“ oh ya that bracelet “ ragini recalling .
“ where is it then ? “ sanskar asked .
“ wat ? do u want that now “ ragini asked surprised .
“ yeah . “ sanskar .
“ it has been so long I forgot where I kept it . I have to search for it . anyways y do u want it now u gave me as a gift right “ragini said .
“ that time I felt like giving now im feeling like taking back . wats the matter its my thing only right “ sanskar said .
“ I don’t know where it is ? “ragini said .
“ wat ? how can u be so careless ? u lost it the thing which I gave u with a lot of love … u stupid girl “ sanskar yelled .
“ huh ? u gave with love when did it happen infact u had thrown it on me like throwing waste in trash box . is it ur way of giving with love ? psycho ‘ ragini shouted .
“ whatever … do argue with me … give me back with in 10 min “ sanskar said .
“ wat 10min ? no way “ ragini said turning other side .
“ ok then take ur own time I will wait until u find it . mean while I will read this “ sanskar said taking something from her desk .
Ragini looks at it .
“ oye its my personal thoughts book u cant read it like that “ ragini trying to snatch it back .

Sanskar keeps it at his back .
“ do u want me to tear it ? “ sanskar asked raising his eyes brows .
“ no plz I have a lot of beautiful memories in it … I don’t want to loose them “ ragini said .
“ then start searching my bracelet … if try to act smart u know wat can I do ? i will only take me 1 min in destroying this … I will just read it until u find my thing if u find it I will return this to u safely “sanskar said .
“ okay … don’t go fast read slowly plz “ ragini said .
“ fine . “ sanskar replied .
“ okay lets get started then … 3 2 1 go “ sanskar shouts.
Ragini hurriedly opens her cup board n sanskar opens book .
Ragini searching really faster . while sanskar reading out aloud .
“ today I had great day … I n rithu krithi went to movie in evening after college without telling grand ma … after returning I said we went on some field work suddenly to my surprise granny believed it in a go … “ sanskar reads out aloud n looks at rags .
“ whoa u r no less in these things shaitan went to movie n said to dadi that u went to field work … wah history class I don’t know u know these things too ….great going dear “ sanskar said .
“ this psycho … “ ragini murmurs while searching .
“ the movie is really romantic … when lead cast kissed each other I even had goose bumps do first kiss be so special n romantic like that in real life too … I really wonder … “ sanskar reads aloud .
“ hey I asked u to go slow … u r really fast “ ragini complained .
“ oh so u went to romantic movie …. Wow “ sanskar stressing words .
Ragini looks on . he takes soft toy lying beside him n hugs it tightly .
“ is it so romantic ??? something like this … “ sanskar hugs it more tight to tease rags .
“ hey stop doing that … u psycho “ ragini heads to him .
“ stop there … “ sanskar shows her book .
Ragini stops .
“ psychos can do a lot “ sanskar said threatening her to tear it .
“ okay okay “ragini runs to cup board .
“ hey silly head … don’t imagine much first kiss n love in air all those magical feelings can only happen in movies n fairy tales … in real life first kiss wont be so special like they show … not even second one not even third one even fourth one is same “ sanskar continued .
“ he kissed so many times … wat a jerk “ ragini thinks .
“ 22nd jan I went to university as usually …. “ sanskar continued .
“ 22nd jan … “ ragini thinks …
“ oh god in next page I wrote about Nikhil if he reads it then im all gone ….. “ ragini gets scared . she hurries up .
By mistake her hand gets hits a box n it fall down . ragini opens it . she finds that bracelet . she takes it into her hands n kisses it with happiness . she looks at sanskar turning page .
“ here it is … “ ragini shouts showing him .

Sanskar looks at her n then at book . he already turned the page .
“ sanskar deal is a deal plz stop there “ ragini said .
Sanskar looks at her n closes the book . ragini feels relieved . sanskar comes to her n both looks into eachother’s eyes for a while . sanskar holds her hand n puts book in her hand . ragini looks on . sanskar about to head out of room .
“ hey u asked me this …take it “ragini forwards bracelet .
Sanskar looks at it but still goes out .
“ hey … so u r not taking this then y did u made me run like this … mad monster …. U r a big psycho … I almost made this place a mess who gonna clean it now “ ragini shouts .
Sanskar gets going … sanskar walking in corridor he recalls all her mad talks n she running all around room to find her bracelet fast so that he don’t read her secrets . he unknowingly smiles . he looks infront n finds himself in mirror on wall smiling . he holds his face .
“ did I smile ? “ sanskar thinks looking into mirror .
“ yeah finally I did it “ sanskar smiles again . he finds ragini standing infront of her room looking him in mirror . he looks back . ragini gets to senses . she pretends looking something else . sanskar stares her with raised eye brows . ragini looks at him n quickly gets inside room n shuts door . sanskaar smiles again n leaves .
Ragini leans againt door . she looks at her messy room n then she recalls sanskar’s smile .

“ no matter how much trouble he cause to me always but still I have to admit it that I still find his smile so adorable as always …. “ ragini talks to her self .
She looks all around her room .
“ do I really have to clean this now ? “ ragini thinks making sad face .
She gets cleaning …
@ night .
After everyone went to bed . sanskar doesn’t feel sleepy so he comes out of his room . he goes to kitchen to drink water . he opens fridge n finds kheer .
“ no one ate it … “ sanskar takes bowl .
“ lucky boy … “ sanskar pats his shoulder .
He haves some spoons . he recalls ragini .
“ should I give little to that silly girl “sanskar thinks .
“ come one y should u ? sanskar u r the lucky one … “ sanskar thinks .
Ragini is in her room writing her thoughts in book .
“ today is really gud … both of our families had lunch together after a long time … even its bcoz of that LBD but I really felt gud eating together with everyone . as usually we both fought a lot today too …. I really had hard cleaning day today again I messed up my room bcoz of him n same way I cleaned all stuff like I used to do it in childhood bcoz of him I felt for a sec did I return to those childhood days . Since he took blame for me I had forgiven him for these stuff . again tomorrow if he trouble me I gonna kick him hard . today’s tragedy thing is I missed AP aunty’s kheer bcoz of that psycho … “ ragini gets upset .
She closes book . n about to go to bed but finds no water so she goes to get it .
@ gadodia’s entrance .
Sanskar comes there .
“ sir do u need anything “watch man asked looking sasnkar .
“ hmmm … can u do me a small favor “sanskar asks .
“ yes sir “ watch man replied .
“ can u give this to ragini now itself “ sanskar said giving him box .
“ sure sir “ watch man takes .
“ hey one min don’t mention that I gave it tell her that Annapurna aunty sent it for her “sanskar said .
“ okay sir . “ watch man .
“ thank q . “ sanskar said .
Watch goes inside . ragini comes to hall .

“ wats wrong uncle ? “ ragini asked looking him .
“ nothing ragini beta . Annapurna ji sent this for u “ watch man hand over it to her .
“ really wats it ? “ ragini goes to dinning table n opens it .
“ oh wow Kheer … “ ragini excited .
“ how sweet of her she sent it for me at this time … every one in that family r so sweet like this kheer except that sanskar psycho he be like black bean sauce all the time pungent , salty and spicy … wat a mismatch … I pity on u mr. psycho sanskar “ ragini says aloud .
Sanskar who is standing back of her gets irked hearing all this stuff about him .
“ no doubt u will die in my hands only “ sanskar murmurs .
Meanwhile Ragini enjoys kheer .
“ thank u aunty … u r really a sweet heart thank q so much …. “ ragini says happily .
“ I hate u psycho sanskar I hate u even after u trying so harder im enjoying kheer … its so true that only angels win at end not demons …. “ ragini says .
Sanskar feels annoying n heads forward but stops . sanskar goes out .
“ so sweet of u aunty … thank u so much …only angels win at end not demons “ sanskar imitates her .
“ crazy idiot … I don’t have words to describe ur foolishness … angels wins only bcoz demons looses … some demons have their own reasons …. Even if we demons do gud still all counts it to be demon act . “ sanskar says .
“ u think every one loves u n cares for u … how to tell u not to believe in love so much u will end up hurting urself badly … love is not as precious as u think … for humans love changes all the time … its true … “ sanskar says looking at her room leaning against maheshwari house main gate .
Sanskar looks for a while n then goes to his room .
Episode ends .
Precap : # im here with a purpose !!!
Sanskar joins ragini’s university .

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