Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( episode 8 )

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Episode 8 :
“ I don’t think he will come ragini “ laksh said with tears .
Ragini remained silent . as her mind is telling he wont come but her heart assuring her that he will come .
“ wat u will go back to kolkatta “ rohan shocked .
“ yes … there r many people whom I have to answer in my way “sanskar replied .
“ but sanskar u hate to go back right “ rohan asked .
“ im not going to them forever … I will return after my work done . u don’t worry about me “ sanskar assured .
“ ok … to be frank I feel gud finally u r going to meet ur family . “ rohan said .
Sanskar smiles sarcastically .

“ I have booked flight ticket . im leaving tomorrow “ sanskar said .
“ great … I will help u in packing “ rohan said .
Rohan helping sanskar in packing … sanskar keeps that cardboard box too in bag .
“ sanskar I really wanted to ask u many times wat is there in that box … “ rohan asked curiously .
“ I cant tell to anyone . just I can tell u it is really important to me … it has a great lesson to remind me always . “ sanskar said .
“ k I understand . I wont trouble u . but y u carrying it to india let it be here only . I wont see it “ rohan said.
“ its not that u will see … but I need it always by my side as I said it has a great lesson to remind me . im carrying it from many years “sanskar said .
“ ok bro … take care …. N listen be with patience … I still cant believe u agreed to meet ur family … though I don’t know wats wrong between u n ur family but I just understood u have so much in ur heart for them … if u r going there try to make ur heart light by talking to them don’t become angry young man … “ rohan said .
Sanskar gives him look .
“ I know u have no control over anger …. But atleast u can try once right “ rohan added .
“ u have only negatives to tell about me “ sanskar asked .
“ its not like that “ rohan said smiling .
Sanskar informs rithvik about incident n clears him everything . he also informed him about he going to kolkatta . rithvik feels happy hearing it .
“ ragini …. Ragini… “ laksh screams coming to her room .
While all gadodia r shocked looking him .
“ wat happened ? “ ragini amused .
“ finally gud days have come “ laksh said .
“ did u find any girl friend “ ragini excited .
Soon she receive killer looks from janki n dadi . ragini looks at them n gives fake smile .
“ y do u reveal everything in filmy style … come to point … wat happened ? “ ragini trying to cover up .
“ actually sanskar is coming back “ laksh said .
“ wat ??? r u serious ? “ ragini amused .
“ yes ragini . rithvik informed me just now … he is coming tomorrow morning “ laksh said .
Everyone gets happy except dadi as she don’t like sanskar .

“ omg I cant believe this …. “ ragini shouts .
Dadi gets irritated seeing her getting happy for sanskar .
“ ragini … who taught u to shout like this ? behave ur self “ dadi said seriously .
Ragini didn’t even hear dadi properly .
“ sorry .. sorry … “ ragini quickly said .
“ come lucky “ ragini said holding laksh hand n both runs to MM happily .
“ this girl is getting mad “ dadi murmurs .
@ MM .
every one r in living room as laksh informed them … theres all happiness on their faces .
ragz n laksh comes .
“ whoah …! Every one’s face glowing like bulb “ ragini looking them .
Sujatha hugs her .
“ finally u both did it “ sujatha said .
“ its only my effort aunty …. Don’t give free credit to this book worm “ ragini said breaking hug .
“ oh really … “ laksh interrupting .
“ or else wat … ? “ ragini looking him .
“ chachi u know wat drama she did “ laksh about to it .
“ shut up … iis it so necessary for u “ ragini .
“ ok ok stop u both … atleast don’t fight now “ AP stopped them .
“ right mom … ragini I think u should save some energy as bhaiyya is coming … I don’t know up to where he make u run all around “ laksh said smiling .
“ n do u think I’m scared of that creature … ? let him come u will know who will make whom run all around “ ragini said
“ lets see “ laksh with mischief smile .
“ u will see … n im not 10 years girl to get scared of him n run away … now im 21 years old …. “ ragini replied .
“ now even sanskar is not kid anymore … im realy excited to see u running bcoz of sanskar after these many years “ laksh reminded .
“ oh hello my running days r over … its his turn now … if I don’t make him run na then I will change my name . “ ragini said firmly .
“ ok ok … we have a lot of work to do tonight … we have to clean home …help us “Ap said .
“ wat clean house ? just LBD coming not any prime minister “ ragini said .
“ shh … no talks … we have a lot of work “ Ap said n goes .
Later ragini n laksh too joins them in cleaning home . After whole clean up done . every one r tired . except ragini as she looks all ready with some plan . she goes to sanskar room without any once notice .
“ finally LBd coming … there must be red carpet welcome from my side “ ragini smirks .
She starts sticking some papers every where in room …. She even keeps some papers on fan’s blades too . finally she smiles looking all around the room . she goes out of room n closes door .
Finally fight landed in kolkata …
“ finally I came to same place where I never wanted to come again … do I really have to meet them ? “ sanskar irritated .
“ shit all happened bcoz of that mad girl … she filled dirt in my mind … wat for me if they think im scared let them be … wats the need for me to prove my self ? I took decision in hurry … anyhow if I have come finally let me take proper revenge from that HC … I wont leave her for bring me here “ sanskar thinks firmly .
“ sanskar … “ laksh shouts waving his hand .
Sanskar looks at him . laksh know how sanskar looks as he did video chat with him 3 years back …. So he came to receive him n also everyone knows sanskar feels better with laksh only … if every one comes to air port they r afraid that may sanskar get upset as soon as he comes .
Sanskar comes to laksh .
“ how’s u ? “ sanskar without any interest .
Laksh feels happy n hugs him .
“ fine bhaiyya . how’s u all these years ? “ laksh .
Sanskar is unaffected by all this .
“ pretty gud … “ sanskar .
“ come bhai lets go to our home … everyone waiting for u “ laksh said happily .
“ home ??? “ sanskar smiles sarcastically .
@ MM .
All gadodia n maheshwari except dadi r waiting outside eagerly for sanskar especially sujatha n RP .
“ so ragu finally ur best friend coming excited “ shekhar asked .
“ dad … when did that happened … he is my best enemy … its true im excited but just to see this family happiness “ ragini said .
“ those people who fight a lot will care most for each other … its true “ shekhar said .
“ come on dad … its impossible with us … oh no I forgot my handy cam in sujatha aunty room itself …. I will get it … I have to capture this moment “ ragini said n runs inside MM .
Finally car stops infront of MM . every one looks happy . sanskar gets down from car . he takes off his shades n looks at all …. Every one becomes emotionally looking him . gaddodia’s r looking him for first time after these many years … maheshwari have seen his photo as laksh showed them . so they know how he looks . RP n DP hugs him tightly . sanskar looks at sujatha n turns his face away . sujatha gets hurt but she is really happy as atleast he returned to them . . his heart not liking to come here . he starts looking to find out HC . he looks at uttara as she is only girl standing before a question about to raise in his mind of she being ragini .
“ maa “ uttara giving aarti plate to Annapurna .
“ she is not ragini “ sanskar thinks .
“ bhaiyya we missed u a lot “ uttara said with tears coming to him .
Sanskar side hugs her .
“ arey… arey … wait… I have to capture every thing “ ragini comes there running .
Every one moves aside hearing her . sanskar looks at her . ragini looks at sanskar . she gets utter shocked looking him .
“ tum ??? “ sanskar n ragini at once shouts .
Ragini recalls he threatening her in paris . her handy cam falls from her hands.
“ mamaa …. “ ragini shouts n runs .
“ hey stop … “ sanskar shouts …. N runs behind her forgetting every one around them .
Ragini runs as fast as she can … n even sanskar is not less . all family member r watching as if some pictures going .
Sanskar catches ragini but she pushes him . sanskar falls but gets up n again runs behind her .
They both r just like kids to all . ragini runs into GM she is about to shut main door but sanskar stop n pushes door n enter s inside . ragini runs upstairs . sanskar catches her hand n pulls her to him twisting her hand . ragini’s back hits his front .
“ Ahh …. Mr . Drunkard … leave me “ ragini shouts .
“ shh … just shut ur mouth “ sanskar shouted back .
“ Again u came in my life “ sanskar added .
“ arey u came to my place …. “ ragini replied .
“ ur place !!! “ sanskar surprised .
He makes her turn to face him .
“ so u r ragini “ sanskar with atmost excitement .
“ n plz don’t tell me u r sanskar maheshwari “ ragini replied .
“ hehe haa………… “ sanskar laughs like evil .
Ragini gets scared whenever he do so there gonna be serious trouble for her .
“ y this happens with me always ? “ ragini makes cry face .
“ okay okay don’t start so soon …just tell me where is my baby boy ? “ sanskar asked .
“ wat ??? “ ragini shocked .
“ u only said I have a boy … something he went on me … u know im dying to see my lil one … come no patience in young daddy … is he in ur room ??? lets go there then “ sanskar said n drags ragini to her room .
“ so where he is ??? ”sanskar looking all around .
“ r u mad ? its just a prank . I said right ” ragini replied .
Sanskar pins her up against cupboard all of sudden .
“ r u mad ??? “ ragini shouts .
“ shh… just shut ur mouth … shut it ok “ sanskar shouted back closing her mouth with his hand .
“ its just a prank for u … haa … u almost tried to kill me ??? first time when I heard im going to be father I know how I felt like … I felt like ground under my feet fallen apart …. N im falling from 107 th floor … have u got it … can u imagine my expression … “ sanskar shouted .
Ragini nods . he takes off his hand . soon she burst out laughing . sanskar gets irked seeing her . he grabs her arms at once .
“ laughing so hard right … “ sanskar angrily .
“ wat to do im really gud at imagination “ ragini said laughing .
“ n im really gud at killing u right here “ sanskar shot at her .
Ragini stops laughing at once n looks at him .
“ that’s gud … “ sanskar said leaving her .
Ragini couldn’t help laughing so she started again looking him .
“ do u have habit of laughing continuously “ sanskar irritated .
Ragini finds so difficult to control her she sat down there itself laughing holding her tummy .
Sanskar watching her placing his hands on his waist …
“ how can someone be so mad like this … ? “ sanksar thinks .
“ hey come up … “ sanskar in stern tone .
Ragini still laughing …
“ do u want to die ??? “ sanskar shouted .
Ragini nods .
“ come up then “ sanskar ordered .
Ragini trying hard to control herself . she raises her both hand up . sanskar rolls his eyes n holds her hands . he pulls her up . ragsan are so close to each other . sanskar n ragini share eyes lock .
“ aww… my lil cute one … “ ragini said pulling sanskar’s cheeks with her both hands n starts laughing again .
Sanskar closes his eyes being irritated like never before in his life .
“ u wont stop until u feel the same I felt already … “ sanskar said .
“ so u gonna tell me something like u became father of my child … “ ragini said .
“ not exactly “ sanskar with evil smile .
Ragini looks on .
“ HC have u ever thought some guy whom u hate the most will grab u for a kiss so suddenly . if it happens it will be the most shocking incident to u right “ sanskar asked .
“ ofcourse “ ragini replied innocently … she realizes soon . “ huh ? ! “ ragini looking at sanskar who is smiling like evil .
“ then here u go “ sanskar said n squeezes her face so hard making her pout . ragini hits him with her other hand he holds her hand up against cupboard .
He gets closer to her . both looks each other . he recalls how she looked to him that morning in paris . he is so lost in her intense eyes . ragini closes her eyes . sanskar too closes his eyes . he gets even more closer not knowing wat he doing . when he is almost about to kiss her . ragini hits his forehead with hers . sanskar moves back .
“ ouch … u psycho “ sanskar shouts rubbing his forehead .
“ wat r u upto ? do u think im also same like the girls u have dated before … I can take ur life if u try to get closer to me “ ragini said .
“ oh ..! so u think im hitting on u ? come on ms. Ragini gadodia … how like to date a girl like u “ sanskar said .
“ like me means ? “ ragini .
“ im mean a con artist like u “ sanskar said .
“ hey im not a con artist … “ ragini shouted .

“ I have seen . how u lied to my friend n me pretty much shows wat u r ? con artist “ sanskar said looking away .
“ sanskar I will kill u if u dare to call me a con artist again “ ragini shouted .
“ con artist … con artist …. Con artist … “ sanskar wantedly shouted .
Ragini looses her cool .
“ sanskar Im not gonna leave u “ ragini shouted n rushed to him .
Both falls back on bed . ragini on top of him .
“ how dare u to call me like that “ ragini shouted .
“ how dare u to say such crap about me “ sanskar shouted back .
“ u … “ ragini irritated . she take pillow n presses it against his face .
“ then wat should we do ? haa … u r such a idiot least bothered about ur own family …. Here ur family will be crying for u always n there u keep on dating girls … wats ur number ? oh ya I remember 49 … shame on u creature … this time if u leave ur family like before u will be in heaven directly … n im gonna be the one who gonna send u … n finally im not con artist … “ ragini said n takes off pillow n throws it away .
Sanskar trying to take breaths properly . still they r in same position . sanskar holds her arms .
“ wanted to kill me or wat psycho “ sanskar gasping breath .
“ I will surely, u mad creature “ ragini replied back .
Anshika n anwika comes there for calling sanskar n rags as everyone waiting for sanskar . they r almost taken a back in looking them in such state … ragsan didn’t notice them .
“ I don’t know that u love me this much “ sanskar sarcastically .
“ I have loads u cant even imagine … “ ragini replied .
“ u .. “ sanskar tightening his grip around her arms .
“ first catch ur breaths properly creature “ ragini replied looking him still gasping .
“ all bcoz of u … u should have given some space … I couldn’t breath seriously …. U should understand wat if I died “ sanskar ..
Anwi n anshu looks at each other with mischief smiles on their faces .
“ wat to do ? I couldn’t control myself seeing u after really long time … still I regret it should have been lil long . don’t worry next time I will do it properly . “ ragini said .
“ n u think I will give u chance again …next time it will be my turn … wats so hurry just now I came we have a lot of time sweet heart … we will go step by step . wats the need to rush to here so early psycho … “ sanskar said .
“ as I said im so mad of u I couldn’t control myself . “ ragini replied pulling his cheeks harder .
“ from now u will see my madness over u “ sanskar replied still holding her arms .
“ aww… I’ll be waiting “ ragini said patting on his forehead .
“ ahem … ahem …. We r waiting already “ anshu said .
Ragsan looks at door side . ragini gets shocked looking them . while anshu n anwi looking her with mischief smiles .
“ I can explain “ ragini said understanding them .
“ n u really have to … before that can u plz get off from sanskar ? “ anshu said smiling .
Sanskar n ragini looks at eachother with wide eyes now they r realizing how close they have been .
“ ragini can u ? or should we help ? “ anwi asked in teasing tone .
“ no … surely I can “ ragini smiling pale . ragini n sanskar gets up n stands beside each other holding hands still unknowingly . while anwi n anshu looking them with wide eyes . ragini looks at them . anwi n anshu looking sanskar keenly . they looks at sanskar’s messed up hair n smiles ragini notices n hits sanskar’s shoulder with hers . sanskar looks at her . ragini signs him to set his hair properly . sanskar sets his hair with his fingers n looks at anshu n anwi still giving him weird looks . anshu n anwi smiles at him he too smiles back palely .
“ I think this whole family girls r mysterious n strange … don’t know wat making them to smile at me in such weird way “ sanskar thinks .
Anwi n anshu still looking sanskar but this time its like anshu found something n whispers in anwi’s ears . ragini looks at them n then at sanskar . ragini looks at sanskar’s sweaty face . she quickly starts wiping sweat with her hand .
“ wat u doing mad girl ? “ sanskar mutters at her .
Anshu n anwi giggles .
“ its nothing … today weather is so hot right … see even AC is turned off in my room .. that’s y he sweated like this .. nothing much “ ragini added quickly .
“ wat ??? nothing much ? u forgot wat u did to me right now ? mad girl “ sanskar in complaining tone .
Ragini stamps his feet . sanskar shouts . anwi n anshu laughs looking them .
“ di …. Its not wat u both thinking I swear ? plz give proper chance to this poor lil one atleast this time “ ragini making cry face .
“ rags … just relax wat we r thinking ? “ anshu asked .
“ that only “ ragini quickly said .
“ wat ??? “ anshu intensionally .
“ u guys playing with me right “ ragini .
“ smartie … okay okay … since u r still holding sanskar’s hand plz bring him to MM …every one waiting for sanskar … later u both can have a lot time in private … come soon u both … “ anshu said smiling mischief .
“ n ragini we don’t know u have grown up this much … “ anwi teasing tone .
“ ya … proud of u lil one … see you “ anshu said smiling .
Both anwi n anshu leaving laughing .
“ di stop “ ragini shouts but in vain they went already .
Ragini makes cry face badly n sat down there self . they r still holding hands . sanskar looks at her weirdly .
“ oh !!! so they were thinking like that about us “ sanskar said out .
“ do u have anything to explain this god ??? y do u do to me this always ? y u gave me such sisters who always be like incoming calls n never hear to me …. Y ? y ? Y ? “ ragini shouts . Sanskar hits on her head .
“ u r complaining as if u always hear to all . they r like u only “ sanskar said .
“ all bcoz of u creature …. All bcoz of u only.. u ruined my life “ ragini says continuously hitting his leg with her hand .
Sanskar laughs seeing her .
“ hey stop it mad girl .. “ sanskar said laughing .
“ they saw me lying on u … wat they think of me ? “ ragini crying face .
“ wat ? do u think that’s it about us ? theres a lot they must be thinking sweetie “ sanskar said .
Ragini looks up at him .
“ like wat ? “ ragini asked .
“ u r such a … okay I will tell u … “ sanskar said .
He bends on his knees . ragini looking him curiously wat he gonna tell .
“ see they saw u on top of me … n my sweaty face n I said I couldn’t breath … n …. “ sanskar continued .
Ragini shows him her palm .

“ that means they thought we kissed each other “ ragini shockingly .
“ no … they r thinking u kissed me so hard jaanu “ sanskar said .
Ragini recalls her actions …
“ that’s y they went on staring u only like victim “ ragini analyzing wat happened .
“ may be … “ sanskar said .
“ theres no safety for handsome guys these days “ sanskar said with heavy voice holding his blazer tighter .
Ragini looks at him .
“ eww… “ ragini exclaims n pushes him . sanskar falls .
“ HC “ sanskar laughs seeing her .
“ sanskar plz go n tell them na wat happened really “ ragini looking him .
“ do I look dumb ? “ sanskar asked .
“ no “ ragini replied .
“ then surely I wont “ sanskar replied smiling ,
Ragini buried her face in her palms .
“ y my fate is like this “ ragini .
“ wat to do its like even they r too gud at imagination like u … “ sanskar said .
Ragini looks at him . sanskar bursts out laughing seeing her face .
“ look at ur face “ sanskar laughing .
“ stop “ ragini shouts .
“ so annoying right … wat about me ? “ sanskar pointed out .
Ragini looks away .
“ okay come lets go “ sanskar getting up .
“ u go … I cant face them now at all … it takes me atleast three days to get courage to meet them again … till then I will be inside this cupboard “ ragini said folding her arms .
Sanskar hits on her head .
“ hey don’t hit on my head “ ragini complained .
“ oh ..! im scared . do u think I care u “ sanskar replied .
“ u … “ ragini showing him her index finger .
Sanskar holds her hand .
“ get up .. I don’t have much patience .. “ sanskar pulling her hand .
“ y don’t u understand ? they make fun of me so badly … u go “ ragini replied .
“ oh poor kitty “ sanskar bends on his knees.
“ they make fun of u . r u sure ? “ sanskar asked .
“ yes … “ ragini nodding her head innocently .
“ that’s wat I want so badly … “ sanskar with evil smile .
Sanskar gets up n pulls her . ragini resisted .
“ hey do u want to die ? “ sanskar

“ sanskar plz na “ ragini pleaded .
“ no way HC … u have to “ sanskar said n pulls her up .
Ragini gets up .
“ u r such a demon … leave me “ ragini trying to free her hand .
“ no way … till I stay here I cant take risk of keep u away from me … lets be together .. “ sanskar said looking up .
“ huh!? “ ragini looking him .
“ especially around ur sisters … “ sanskar whispered .
“ no… “ ragini making face …
“ yes yes yes … ‘ sanskar shouts excited .
“ lets go cry baby “ sanskar drags her out .
They were about to descend stairs. They find dadi . dadi looks at sanskar n he holding ragini’s hand .
“ how r u sanskar ? “ dadi asked formally .
“ gud “ sanskar said .
‘ ragini actually I wanted u to… “dadi intensionally said n pulls ragini to her side .
“ yes dadimaa … do u need anything “ ragini asked .
“ I forgot … sanskar u should go to ur home every one waiting for u “ dadi said to sanskar .
“ okay … we will leave now “ sanskar said .
Before dadi could understand “ we “ meaning . sanskar grabbed ragini’s hand infront of dadi n took her with him . dadi looks on …
“ how dare he is ? that’s y I don’t like him … no manners no respect for elders … didn’t even ask me if at all he can take ragini ? took her with him as if he have rights on her … “ dadi mutters .
@ MM entrance .
They looks at ragsan coming .
Sanskar still holding her hand . they stand at door entrance . ragini wanted to run away as anwi n anshu looking her weirdly n other hand laksh is ready to tease her as again this time also she ran away bcoz of sanskar . she covers her face with her hand in embarrassment . sanskar laughs looking her . he felt feeling of winning over kingdom . all family member became happy seeing sanskar smiling .
“ only ragini can make my sanskar smile forgetting all his pain “ sujatha thinks .
AP performing sanskar’s aarti . ragini looking here n there trying harder to avoid eye contact with her sisters n laksh . she moving one step ahead n one step back thinking . soon she about to fall . sanskar holds her . ragini gains her balance n stands properly .
“ cant u even stand properly ? “ sanskar said on her face .
“ stop shouting on me for such small things also “ ragini replied equally.
Sanskar n ragini glares at eachother . while all other laughs seeing them .
“ they r so cute together right “ anshu said to anwi .
“ they have been like this since from childhood … bhai n ragini share special bond … im happy to see still they r the same “ uttara said .
“ u r right … “ anwi said.
“ they cant stop fighting at the same time cant be away … “ uttara said .
“ may be that’s y ur brother not at all ready to leave my sister’s hand still now “anwi replied .
“ even ragini can go away right …y she standing so silently “ uttara took sanskar’s side
“ bcoz ur brother holding my sis hand so tight “ anwi took ragini’s side .
“ uffo stop u both … ragini n sanskar don’t have any problem y u both fighting relax “ anshu stopping them .
Sanskar comes inside along with ragini .
“ sanskar u go n fresh up … lets have lunch together we made all ur fav dishes “ sujatha said .
“ haan sanskar go n fresh up .. “ Ap said .
Sanskar nods . every one dispersed to make arrangements .
“ since this LBD came every one r in hurry as if some king visited his empire after long vacation “ ragini murmurs looking all around .
Sanskar already left ragini’s hand but ragini didn’t realized . sanskar about to head to his room … ragini follows him like she got habituated . sanskar stops suddenly ragini bumps into his back .
“Ahh ! Cant u walk properly with out stopping “ ragini screamed .
“ so u r coming to encourage me in bathroom too … wat a companion I have got “ sanskar sarcastically .
“ am I coming or u taking me “ ragini screamed .
Sanskar shows her his both hands .
“ so u left me already “ ragini realized .
“ n u even didn’t realize … how can any one be so stupid like u ? “ sanskar in teasing tone .
Sanskar goes upstairs . ragini clutches her fist .
“ one day Im gonna crush him like anything “ ragini said being most irritated .
“ hey mad girl “ sanskar called up from upstairs.
Ragini looks up .
“ I really want to know peaks of ur stupidity don’t go anywhere “ sanskar said smiling .
“ u r a true demon “ ragini shouted .
Sanskar smiles at her n heads to his room .
“ he went smiling as if I have given him some compliment … real mad guy is he . god plz give him some brain to understand “ ragini said .

Episode ends .

Precap : sanskar gets to know about ragini’s feelings towards Nikhil . ragini seeks sanskar’s advice to help her in this matter . later sanskar makes an attempt to bring ragnik closer . did it work ?

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