Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( episode 7 )

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Episode 7 :
Sanskar is still in shock n trying to analyze wat just happened meanwhile he got mssg from rithvik .
“ dude rithvik really sent a number … see “ rohan gave mobile to sanskar .
“ that mean rithvik is not drunk … n he talked being in complete senses …. “ sanskar trying to bring some sense .

“ sanskar r u really sure … u never had relation with Amar premika “ rohan doubted .
“ just shut up rohan … now u too don’t start … trust me im sure someone trying to put me in trouble …. “ sanskar .
“ how can I believe u , u have dated so many girls before . may be u forgot her . “ rohan said .
“ r u mad or wat ? if I had that kind of relation with any girl I should remember right n wat do I get by acting innocent … im not that much scared to face reality . “ sanskar said .
“ buddy I trust u … u r not such guy ok then wats this nonsense n who is creating all this ? we have to find out “ rohan said .
“ u r right … but isn’t it strange these all stupid girls entering my life at once … “ sanskar said .
“ yes … but wat u r going to do now “ rohan asked .
“ very simple “ sanskar said .

Ragini n laksh r in room waiting for call eagerly . finally there wait is over .
“ ragini “ laksh screamed .
“ unknown number that means….. “ laksh added .
“ whoah !!! Last bench duffer …. “ ragini screamed excited .
Ragini n laksh jumps with uncontrollable joy .
“ ok laksh u just shut ur mouth until I say “ ragini warned .
“ ragini don’t continue that drama … already bhai must be tensed with that lie “ laksh .
“ oh my dear sweet sanskar ‘s die heart follower …. I wont let anything happen to ur bhai … after all I too need him for taking my revenge … chill … but he will end the call if we directly tell him that he should come back here … I will handle wait “ ragini said n answers call .
“ hello “ ragini in sweet voice .

“ hello ??? wat hello ? how dare u to make such crap about me haa “ sanskar screamed .
Laksh becomes emotional hearing sanskar after long time .
Ragini closes her ears ….
“ u haven’t changed yet jaanu ? calm down “ ragini continued .
“ jaanu ??? who me ??? listen I think u r mistaken im sanskar … not ur husband “ sanskar said .

“ do u think im so stupid enough to forgot my husband name .. ? “ ragini in mocking tone .
“ u mean im ur husband then “ sanskar irritated .
“ haan ji … finally u accepted …“ragini said .
“ listen I don’t know wat I will do u to u if u continue this drama “ sanskar .
“ drama ? finally u started showing ur true colors right … if mine is drama then wat u did with me 1 year back ? “ ragini replied .

“ I don’t who u r ? n y u r playing with me like this ? wat do u need from me n y r u putting me in troubles ? “ sanskar asked .
“ troubles ?? I should say it . for a small fight u left me ji …. Wat about our love ? didn’t u think once that how will ur amar premika lives without u ? “ ragini in fake sad tone .
“ amar premika ??? u know wat ur name is really awkward “ sanskar replied .
“ that’s y u call me AP in short cut na ji “ ragini .
“ god …. “ sanskar shouts .
Ragini laughs . laksh sighs ragini to stop . ragini nods .

“ ji suniyee “ ragini …
“ k first stop using such typical Indian wife slang ok … damn disgusting … n second can u plz tell ur details ? “ sasnkar .
“ arey patidev … u have known me long back very well now know about ur son … he just went on u ji his eyes r just like u “ ragini added .
“ wat ??? baby is born already but rithvik said that the soul is on the way “ sanskar said .
“ I forgot “ ragini realizing .
“ wat ?? “ sanskar amused .
“ I mean … I lied to him so that he make u call me soon…. Do u want to hear our baby cry listen “ ragini said n sighs laksh to do . laksh resists … ragini joins her hands n pleads with her eyes .
Finally with atmost difficulty n shy laksh makes baby cry sound . while ragini striving hard for control over her laugh seeing laksh . laksh gets annoyed hits on her arm .
“ did u hear it “ ragini .
“ by hearing this y do I feel the baby is not actually a baby “ sanskar asked .
“leave it . come soon na ji if not for me atleast for ur son will u come here by tomorrow na ji “ ragini added .

“ no not by tomorrow may be … “ sasnkar said out with realizing . …
“ wait … y should I come … ? see ur stupid talk also made me crazy … hey stop this ok im not ur husband not even that child’s father “ sanskar shouted .
“ enough jokes ji … ok tell me wat name shall we keep to our baby ??? I have some names in my mind … how about LBD … “ ragini .
“ hey that’s my name ok “ sanskar added quickly irritated recalling ragini .
Sanskar becomes conscious ..
“ wait a sec do u said LBD ..? “ sanskar .

“ finally u accepted that u r last bench duffer “ ragini said .
“ that means u r telling all lies till now …. No baby no amar premika infact u r “ sanskar .
“ so finally u got it duffer thank god … omg I scared lbd so dangerously … yayyy … “ ragini said n starts laughing harder .
While sanskar listening her laughing keenly as if some song playing …. After all He is hearing her after many years … ragini too becomes calm sensing his silence . both ragsan remained silent as if they r giving time to let their hearts speak out .
Laksh looking ragini amused for her silence …
“ so u r ragini “ sanskar atlast breaking silence .
Ragini feels gud hearing her name from him .
“ great duffer … I didn’t expect this from u “ ragini said .
“ stop calling me duffer … n u too still the same blo*dy irritating “ sanskar said .
“ don’t u dare ok . already u have seen trailer right …so mind ur everything or else u don’t have idea wat I can do … duffer … “ ragini replied .

“ hey u … don’t u feel shame to make all this drama “ sanskar shot back .
“ oh shame …! Its too funny to hear it from u … LBD better u stay away from using such words … “ ragini said .
“ wat do u mean ??? “ sanskar .
“ u know wat I mean … u r such a shameless guy sanskar u r not even atleast bothered about ur family ur parents ? how r they now ? have u ever thought ? atleast tried to recall ? “ raini asked .
“ so u made all this drama just to talk to me n remind me of that great family who even forgot about my existence ? “ sanskar said .

“ this is y I call u duffer … u don’t know anything still u feel u know about everything n every one . wat u know about us here sanskar ? how this family living without u ? in every happiness they take ur name first … u r still part of this family even if u r actually not … its not them its u who forgot their existence … grow up sanskar …. “ ragini said .
“ just stop this HC … I know u love lectures but I don’t have time for this ok … never ever try to disturb with such stupid pranks “ sanskar said n about to end the call .

“ sanskar listen “ ragini shouts .
“ now wat left HC ? u have called to remind me of that family n I gave u my reply . that’s it “ sanskar .
“ arey how its all over ? I did almost filmy drama to get a chance to talk to u n u r ending call so simply … don’t pour cold water on my hard work “ ragini shouted .
“ listen HC I said I don’t have time for emotional drama . did u get that ?? ? bye “ sanskar in stern tone .
“ sanskar no if wont end call like this … if u do I will … I will ….. “ ragini thinking .
“ haan wat u will do “ sanskar .
“ this time I will tell media that u r terrorist … “ ragini said quickly .
“ wat ??? god from where u r getting such instant horrible ideas HC as far as I know u were too stupid to think “ sanskar said .
“ I changed a lot LBD … I was stupid when u here all around … u used to give company as u too stupid like me … since u left theres no one here in whole kolkatta to match my stupidity as u do then I’m forced to behave like mature one … that’s y im asking u come back I really bored of such behavior . once u come back na then I will get courage to show my real stupidity saying I’m not only one like this LBD also there …aajanaa yaar plz “ragini said emotionally with tear traces .
Sanskar sensed her sadness in voice . he too feels bad .
“ don’t u wat to know how we r now ? how lucky n I looking now ? im became really trendy if u see me then u keep staring me … that much cute I am now … n u know wat our lucky is no more chubby boy … he is doing body building but still I cant understand y he doing all this things if he is not at all interested in girls . may he is just doing so that he don’t feel shame if he look in mirror every morning … “ ragini said laughing .
“ insulting me is so necessary for u right …. “ laksh in complaining tone .
“ lucky “ sanskar thinks .
Laksh snatches phone from her .
“ bhai listen even this drama queen is not as cute as she trying to tell … “ laksh said .

“ shut up … wat u know about my following …. “ ragini said attitude .
“ haan who else know ur following better than me . bhai u know wat speciality of ragini’s following is no one is behind her infact every one run away that much they scared of her n her talks … “ laksh said .
“ laksh stop it …. Sanskar u just come here n finds out reality … when u coming “ ragini asked .
“ haan bhai … plz come soon n save us from this mad girl … only u can handle her since u left she started ruling everyone “ laksh said .
Sanskar remained silent . ragini gets upset as he is not answering . she takes phone into her hands .
“ sanskar when r u coming back ? “ ragini expecting soon reply from him .
Sanskar gets back to senses hearing her . she asking when r u coming back echoes in his ears .
“ sanskar tell us na “ ragini aske d again .
“ I…I’m not coming “ sanskar replied .
“ sanskar plz don’t say like that … u will come n u have to … stop this childishness ‘ ragini said .
Sanskar becomes furious .
“ cant u understand my language ? I said im not coming that means I wont get back ever … did u get that ? by the way who r u to say wat I should do ? like who u r to me ? I know wat to do n when to do ? u have nothing to do in my life so just stay away from me like u were all these years … n make that family clear that I wont come back so stop playing dramas “ sanskar shouted at once .
Ragini gets tears in her eyes hearing him .

“ right I have nothing to do in ur life . I accept but r u sure even those persons too have no rights on u who brought u to this world ? who gave u life n supported u when u couldn’t do it urself ? now u r independent n u have capability to stand on ur feet … great but sanskar how u forgot so easily that u have learnt to stand on ur feet by holding uncle’s hand once … how mean sanskar ??? “ ragini .
“ hey ragini just stop it … since from 15 years I was independent n I took no support from them … I stood on my own … n for the past u talking I can pay them back “ sanskar said angrily .
“ oho so u will pay back ? wow sanskar u have earned so much for urself that now u can pay back everything they spent on u … so u even know price of their emotions n feelings they had bcoz of u … u even know the cost of tears skipping out of their eyes just bcoz of u ? “ ragini asked with tears .
“ stop this ok “ sanskar shouted .

“ y should I stop ? like who r u to stop me ? lets come back to poing u r talking about paying back right … ok pay us back sasnkar … come here n gives us wat u wanna give ? even I want to see wat is ur price for human’s emotions . even if u sell ur everything then also u cant pay back for them sanskar . trust me . “ ragini said .
“ I will just kill u idiot if u go on like this “ sanskar shouted .
“ u cant do it sanskar . for killing me u have to come here which u cant ever be able to do so ? u r so coward to face to us … that’s y u r hiding somewhere … like wat this family did to u that u r so scared to meet them atleast “ ragini asked .
“ that’s none of ur business … I asked u to stay away from me … I’m living my life very happily staying away from all those people … I don’t need any one help not even concern for me . don’t u dare to call me coward again . im not scared of anyone “ sanskar shouted .

“ not once I will call u 1000times coward … if not then prove me u r not scared to meet them … come here once show us how happily u r living …. Then they too will believe that u r safe n happy n I too will believe u r not coward … then none of us will trouble u again . they r just fools worried of how u r living once they see na then they will believe u can live very well n no one’s help is needed for u . show them sanskar … lets end this …can u show them or am I correct that u r too scared to face this family … u have great passion of proving me wrong na . I hope u win this time too “ ragini said with tears . n ends call .
Sanskar too gets tears n his eyes . he angrily throws his phone on ground .
“ Ahh……….. “ sanskar shouts a loud angrily .
“ sanskar … “ rohan tensed looking sanskar .
Sanskar goes to his room angrily n bangs door n locks it .

Sanskar recalls ragini’s words .
“ emotions ,feelings tears who can know about them very well than me ? n wat do u know about me ragini that u said all things … wat do u know wat they did to me ? haa …. “ sanskar shouts with tears .
“ they never forwarded their hand to me to hold … infact those hands locked me in a room … they didn’t suppot me when couldn’t do it for myself infact they broke me even more “ sanskar made self talk .
FB is shown
MM is shown decorated grandly . DP is shown dragging a boy of 3 years with him .
“ bade papa leave me plz …. “ boy shouts pleading .
DP brings him to a room n leaves him . DP goes out n locks the door from outside . the boy runs to door n shouts hitting door but in vain . the boy cries to open the door . suddenly lights goes off . the boy gets scared badly he runs to corner of room n sits embracing his knees . he looks horrified bcoz of darkness n cries .
Fb ends .
Sanskar jerks recalling that incident .Tears skips out of sanskar’s eyes . he wipes them angrily he goes to cupboard n takes out a medium sized cardboard box from it . he opens it n looks at photograph in it with tears . he takes it in to his hands .
“ main aapko aur uss andhere ko kabhi nahi bhool saktha hoon “ sanskar said with pain .

“ no sanskar … u shouldn’t fall back into past … dont get habituated to feelings again they will never let u go ahead “ sanskar thinks .
He keeps photo back in box n closes it . he keeps it back in its place .
“ I think theres some point in wat ragini said . they wont stop bothering me until I go n answer them on face . if I wont go may be they also think im scared to face them . I have to go n show them that im not scared to face anything or anyone “ sanskar said to himself .
“ yes I have to go “ sanskar said firmly .
Episode ends .

Precap : # omg its u …!!!
Sanskar n ragini face off .

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