Love tedha hai ( ragsan ) ( episode 5 )

Hi guys . this one is short one bcoz of no time . hope u like it . next time I will make it longer .

Episode 5 :
“ finally u came “ riya opening door .
Ragini enters without speaking anything .
“ ragini I said something “ riya .
“ arey meri maa … we r best friends from childhood still u didn’t get that … madam wont talk if she is upset . now find out reason for that “ krithi said in sleepy tone still lying on bed .
“ when u r awake y don’t u get down from bed “ ragini asks sitting on bed .
“ I don’t feel like . “ krithi said .
Ragini holds her arm n drags her to sit .
“ now y u behaving like chudel ragz “ krithi in complaining tone .
“ wat do u mean by I don’t feel like ? every thing goes on ur wish … “ ragini replied .
“ dude wat happened ? one min wat happened to ur outfit “ riya said pointing her .
Krithi looks with wide eyes n starting giving weird smile to her .
“ stop using ur dirty brain ok . “ ragini said irritated .
“ krithi shut up . she seems really upset n u r …. Ok ragini tell me wat happened ? how is that guy now ? “ riya asked .
“ is he hot or cute … ? “ kirthi added quickly .
Ragini n riya passes death glares to her .
“ k I understand … “ kirithi said .
“ I don’t know whether he is hot or cute . I just came to know that I don’t have heart at all … he don’t have feeling n im sure he don’t care about anyone’s feelings n emotions . just like u krithi …even more stupid than u to be frank “ ragini said .
“ oh really … I said na there will be someone of my type …u both never heard see today ragz is telling … ragz come I want to meet him “ krithi said excited .
“ for wat ? “ riya asked .
“ arey to start a relation wat else “ krithi said .
“ oh then wat about omi ? “ ragini asked .
“ I think I should say gud bye to him now “ krithi replied .
“ I think I should give u a tight slap … u will never get someone like omi “ ragini said seriously .
“ dude… im just joking … I love omi y do I leave him ? “ krithi said .
“ guys plz lets change this topic . I don’t want to talk anything related to him . “ ragini said .

After sometime krithi n riya went to get something to eat . ragini comes out of washroom having freshed up . she ehars door bell . she opens door expecting riya n krithi . but she becomes dumb seeing some one .
“ tum ??? “ ragini shocked .
“ y so shocked ? see destiny made us meet again “ sanskar said .
“ I just don’t want to talk to u . just go . “ ragini said closing door .
Sanskar stops her from doing so n enters inside n closes door .
“ r u mad ? “ ragini shouted .
“ just don’t shout . “ sanskar said .
“ leave now or else “ ragini pointing him .
“ haan orelse wat ms. Over kind heart “ sasnakr in sarcastic way .
“ wait I will call every one now “ ragini said n about to go to door .
Sanskar holds her hand n drags her to him locking her in between his arms . ragini looks on .
“ if destiny itself made us meet again who r u to change it ? ow can u run away from me ? “ sasnkar asked .
“ wat do u mean mr. heart breaker “ ragini asked angrily .
Sanskar laughs .
“ I mean just some time before u wished never to see me again … but see u r in my own arms now “ sanskar said .
Ragini tries to get rid of him but in vain .
“ how do u know that im here “ ragini asked .
“ well again credit goes to u … u just made a wish not to meet me again but u urself left clue for me to reach u “ sanskar said .
Ragini looks on confused .
Sanskar takes out phone from his back pocket while still holding ragini with other hand . ragini looks at phone .
“ its my phone “ ragini amused .
“ hmm genius …n that’s mine “ sasnkar shot back pointing phone kept on side table . ragini looks at phone n recalls while coming from sanskar flat she mistakenly grabbed sanskar’s phone from table instead of her phone.
“ n by tracing out location of phone I got my phone along with u . “ sanskar said looking her .
Ragini closes her eyes cursing her stupidity she leans forward on sanskar’s shoulder . sanskar looks on . for first time he feels something strange in his heart . ragini gets away n looks at him .
“ ok … im sorry .. I was by mistake … take ur phone n leave “ ragini said expecting now he will free her from his arms .
Sanskar holds her tighter .
“ wats so hurry ? I will leave u but after making some heart to heart talk . wat u think of urself ? u r the first girl over who made me hear all those nonsense . wat u said some heart , precious , beats ? wats it ms. I didn’t get it “ sanskar asked .
“ n u will never get it also cuz u don’t have heart at all “ ragini shot back .
Sanskar grabs her more closer .
“ u r right … I don’t have heart but I have loads of ego n u have hurt my ego … like how dare … all those words I didn’t even hear from my ex girl friends also … u said all those things like I have played with ur heart … “ sanskar said seriously .
“ u r misbehaving with me “ ragini complained .
“ I don’t care … who gave rights to say something like that to me … u did really wrong by messing up with me “ sanskar said tightening his grip .
Ragini winces in pain . sanskar feels affected he tries to ignore but he couldn’t bring himself to talk more in such way seeing her . sanskar leaves her .
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily .
“ u r such an idiot “ ragini said approaching him to push back .
Sanskar holds her both hands .
“ just don’t ok . u have no idea wat I can do . I left u one time again if u try to do like this I will pick u up n chain u for life time … “ sanskar said .
“ life time n u ? oh come on …. U r person who just living on short moments … u cannot love someone for long time not even hate someone for long time … n reason is same as I said u have no heart no feelings … “ ragini replied pulling her hands back .
“ quite impressing . u really got me perfectly in no time … u r not as stupid as u look “ sanskar shot at her .
“ u …. “ ragini forwarding her hand .
Sanskar puts her phone in her hand . n goes to side table . he bends to take his phone . ragini raises her fist in air feeling like punching hm hard . sanskar turns back suddenly … ragini quickly pulls her hand back .
“ wat ?? “ sanskar raising his eyes brows.
Ragini nods nothing . sanskar takes his phone .
“ so u steal phones too … u did it really professionally . nice job ms . I must appreciate u “ sanskar said checking his phone .
“ yey … r u mad ??? y do I steal ur phone when I have my own “ ragini shouted showing her phone .
Sanskar snatches her phone .
“ do u call this phone ? I mean of which century ? outdated model like u .. look at my phone “sanskar said .
Ragini snatches her phone back .
“ I don’t care … this is my phone not just phone my bestie … so don’t insult her . got it “ ragini replied .

“ wat ??? like seriously I understood u r emotional fool … but u r beyond that…u started caring thing’s feelings too “ sanskar said laughing .
Ragini feels annoyed .
“ hey just stop it … I don’t want to talk to a heartless guy .. get out from my eye sight “ ragini said .
“ don’t u dare to warn me . u just have seen wat happened ? generally I wont give second chance to people … I don’t believe destiny too … but u r a big talker of destiny right … ok im giving u n ur destiny one more chance … just don’t come across my path again if this time u enter my life again na then it will be me next time who decides when u leave ur life not ur destiny … n facing me for long time is not so easy especially for a girl like u …“ sanskar said looking direct into her eyes .
Ragini looks on .
“ gud bye … n best of luck “ sasnkar said n leaves smiling leaving ragini speechless .
Ragini sits on bed recalling his words .
“ is he mad or wat ? no actually he threatened me so cleverly . god which kind of mad people u r sending into my life … show some mercy … oh come on ragini u got sacred of him so easily . he is mad but u r normal right … he cant find u after all u r leaving this place tonight . I will get rid of this idiot forever . be confident this time u didn’t left anything that can make him to reach u . uff .. “ragini thought .
Episode ends .

Precap :same precap
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    awesome dear….whn they are going to know about their identity…plz update ur another ff…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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