Love teaches to forgive- A RagSan OS by Saanvi


Hi guys!! This is Saanvi and my first OS on RagSan?
My dear readers would think I’m pretty late this time but only I know how many times this OS crashed..Still I made efforts to complete this story which I don’t know why faced so many obstacles ?
So read it share your views about this OS.?

Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter.
Similarly forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free from anger.
Let’s see if Bitter past overtakes Love in this story…

Sanskar Maheshwari- A young and charming boy of age 21years.
Durga Prasad and Annapurna Maheshwari (DP and AP)- Parents of Sanskar.
Ragini Gadodia- Rich spoilt brat of age 21years.
Shekar and Janki Gadodia- Parents of Ragini.
Dayal and Parvathi Gadodia- Grandparents of Ragini.

Coming to the story:
A handsome guy places his bike at the parking area and walks towards the college.
A car comes with high speed and mud on the road splashes on that boy.
The boy shouts at the person driving.
A girl opens the window and throws money on him and says “Clean yourself with this!”
People present over there are shocked to see the scene and say “Who has the courage to do this to Sanskar Maheshwari?”
Sanskar leaves from there. He changes and comes back to the college in afternoon…
He calls someone and says I want to know where the girl is now..After a while that person informs Sanskar about the girl’s whereabouts…
Sanskar goes to the basement area and calls the girl..She turns and says ‘what?’
Sanskar picks up a bucket of dirty water and splashes it on the girl and says “Clean yourself with this!” and gives the money she has thrown on him..
She says “How dare you?”
He says- Sanskar Maheshwari se panga math lena..natija bura hoga(Don’t try to mess with Sanskar Maheshwari..the result will be bad)
Saying this he leaves the place..
The girl thinks to herself “You have challenged Ragini Gadodia..Now see what I can do!”
The girl leaves to her house..
At Gadodia mansion:
Parvathi: What have you done to yourself?
Ragini: I didn’t do anything..A arrogant guy did this..
Dayal: You must have done something first to which he replied this way..otherwise you won’t come home silent..
Ragini leaves from there angrily while Parvathi and Dayal laugh..

Next day at college
Ragini tells a boy to do something and gives him money..
The boy goes near Sanskar and hands over a parcel…
Sanskar- What is this? And why are you giving me here..Courier should be given at home..
Boy- But sir we have this address on the cover, so we delivered it here..saying this the boy leaves…
Sanskar doesn’t find any ‘From address’ on the parcel and wonders who must have sent him this…
Sanskar’s friend tells him to open and see…
Sanskar opens the parcel and finds a box.. He finds the box is locked from inside so he pulls the lid forcefully and so many spiders come out of it..
Sanskar scares seeing a spider crawling on his hand..
He throws the box and jerks his hand in frightened way..
Ragini comes there and says “Sanskar Maheshwari got afraid funny!!”
People in the background laugh…Sanskar angrily leaves the place..

Next day
Sanskar places a paper on the bench where Ragini seats…
She doesn’t notice it as she was staring and smirking at Sanskar while coming…
Later after the class finishes she goes to the canteen..Everyone laugh seeing her..
She doesn’t understand anything…
Sanskar walks up to her and says “We know you are mad but why are you saying it this way.”
Ragini says- What do you mean??
He comes closer to her..Ragini gets nervous but he takes out the paper attested to her back and says “I was speaking about this!!”
Ragini looks at the paper.. “I’m mad please don’t disturb me”is written on it…
She gives a angry glare to Sanskar..
Sanskar- I told you to not mess with me but I don’t think you understand things in one go..(smirks)
He leaves from there but Ragini is fuming in anger…
Their tom and jerry fights continue this way for many days…

After 2months
Durga Prasad Maheshwari throws a party to which Ragini comes…
Sanskar notices her coming..
He goes to her and says “ See we play pranks in college..This is my house party, so don’t try to mess things here!!”
Just then Dp comes there and says- Ragini nice to see you but where is your dad??
Ragini- Uncle, dad said he is on the way.
Sanskar doesn’t understand but Ragini explains him that she came because his father invited her dad…not for Sanskar.
After some time a lady who was standing silently in a corner starts reacting wildly seeing Ragini.
Ragini tries to move away but that lady holds her hand tightly.
Ragini jerks off in a force and the lady falls on the ground.
Everyone notice this..
Ragini says- Who allowed this mad lady into the party?
Just then Sanskar comes and says- “Mind your words Ragini..She is my mom!”
He helps him mom get up and continues saying- I thought you are spoiled brat but today I realised you are not even a good human being..
Shekar apologises for Ragini’s deeds but Sanskar says “Don’t be sorry for such people Uncle. They don’t deserve it.”
He gives a irritated and angry look to Ragini and leaves the place along with his mom.
While going home Shekar explains Ragini that Mrs.Maheshwari gets such attacks frequently when she sees something that recalls her bitter past.
Ragini understands that Sanskar’s mother is psychologically ill..

Next day { which happens to be a Sunday ?}
Ragini goes to meet Sanskar and apologise but maid says Sanskar sir isn’t at home.
She asks the maid about Annapurna.
The maid shows her the room.
Ragini notices that Annapurna is about to fall from the bed and holds her..
Annapurna becomes hyperactive seeing Ragini.
Just then Sanskar comes and sees this..He scolds Ragini for again troubling her mother.
Ragini tries telling the truth but Sanskar doesn’t listen and tells her to leave.
Maid informs Sanskar that Ragini saved Annapurna.
Sanskar feels bad and thinks to meet Ragini.

In college {On Monday i.e the next day}
Ragini is in the science lab and the professor says to document the results and then leave..
Ragini was so upset with Sanskar’s words that she was unable to concentrate on the experiment and she doesn’t get the result of the experiment…So she stays for extra time in the lab even after her classmates left..
Sanskar gets to know Ragini is in the he goes there to meet her.
Sanskar’s friend thinks only Ragini is inside and locks the door unknown of the fact that Sanskar is also inside.
Ragini- What are you doing here?
Sanskar- I’m sorry..
Ragini- It’s ok…Even I’m sorry.
Sanskar smiles.
They try leaving but notice the door locked from outside.
They again get into tom n jerry fight and argue..
Sanskar- It is because of you Ragini we got trapped here..
Ragini- It is because of you Sanskar!!
They get tired after arguing for a long time..
Ragini feels hungry.
Sanskar offers her a chocolate.
She asks how he knows that she is hungry?
Sanskar- You were so busy in experiment that you didn’t eat anything from morning. So I thought you are hungry.
Ragini- Thank you (smiles) By the way did you plan of giving me a chocolate and convince (winks at him)
Sanskar laughs and says- Don’t imagine too much Miss.Gadodia. I eat chocolate when I’m angry to improve my mood, so I always have one in my pocket.
Ragini pouts and eats the chocolate enjoying while Sanskar stares at her childishness.
Sanskar- You are not that bad…
Ragini- Even you are not that bad…(smiles)
Ragini continues speaking to Sanskar after eating chocolate.
Ragini- My mom expired when I was a kid..My grandparents brought me up while my dad spends time with me whenever he is free… I’m the most pampered one at home..That’s why I’m little spoilt but I don’t insult people..
Sanskar- I understand..Anyways you are lucky!!
Ragini – Why?
Sanskar- You at least have grandparents to take care of you but I was brought up by none..there was no one to tell me what is good or what is was only the servants who took care of my needs..
Ragini- What about your dad?
Sanskar- My dad doesn’t have time to speak to me..What will he know about my life!.
Ragini feels bad for him..She apologises for her past deeds and pranks…
Sanskar also does the same…
Ragini- So friends?
Sanskar shakes hand with her and says accepted.

After that Sanskar and Ragini become best friends..They always hang out together in college and have fun…
Ragini often visited Annapurna..
Doctor informs Sanskar that there is improvement in her state..
Sanskar thanks Ragini for helping his mother recover.
So Ragini continues to take care of his mother and whenever she has free time she spends with Sanskar and Annapurna…
Now Ragini isn’t going to pubs, disco techs at night time but staying with Sanskar being his helping hand…
Ragini’s grandparents are assuming that as usual Ragini is at some pub and is coming home late..
Sanskar’s mother recovers quickly because of the duo(RagSan’s care)..
One day Annapurna calls Sanskar by his name..In that happiness Sanskar hugs Ragini and kisses on her cheeck.?
Both of them later realise their position and part ways…
Both blush a lot recalling their moments together on that day and even in the past.
But from that day they start feeling for each other more than friends…
Ragini decides to confess her feelings and goes to meet Sanskar at his home but servant says he went out and will return in an hour…
Ragini thinks to return after sometime but later decides to stay with Annapurna till Sanskar comes home.
She goes near her room and listens to AP and DP’s conversation.
AP- I see Janki in Ragini’s face..I feel guilty whenever I see her.
Ragini doesn’t understand why Annapurna said such thing.
Later Ragini goes home. Shekar says “I need to talk to you.”
Shekar- I realised your changed behaviour these days..May I know the reason?
Ragini confesses about her feelings for Sanskar.
Shekar says – This can’t happen. He is a Maheshwari.
Ragini- But why dad?
Parvathi- Because you can’t marry a murderer’s son!
Sanskar who has come there to meet Ragini as his servant told him about Ragini’s sudden departure from their home is shocked to listen to dadi’s statement.
Sanskar left the place in a confused state.
Parvathi tells Ragini that Annapurna and Janki were best friends..
One day Annapurna was driving car while talking on phone with her son as Sanskar was stubborn to end the call..
Janki was also sitting beside her.
A truck came and crashed the car..
Annapurna survived although she had major injuries but Janki died
Ragini breaks down listening to it..
The person she cared for is somewhere responsible for her mother’s death.
Who she loved like a mom is a murderer of her mother..
Somewhere unknowingly in childhood Sanskar’s stubbornness affected her life making her to live without mother.
All these questions were running in Ragini’s mind.
Sanskar got to know the truth from his mom..He was shattered…He knew that he lost Ragini and love is far now as she would hate him after knowing about their past..

Months passed Ragini and Sanskar were not in contact..Although they came face to face many times in college but Ragini went away ignoring Sanskar which made him more depressed.
He again became the lonely Sanskar who had no social life.
RagSan college life was over by now.

Parvathi has arranged for another alliance for Ragini so that Ragini forgets Sanskar and moves on in life..
Ragini while holding the engagement ring remembers Sanskar and leaves the place leaving everyone shocked and surprised.
She goes to Maheshwari mansion and rings the door bell..
The maid says- You are here Ragini ma’m?
Ragini- Yes.. Can’t I come here? (In a serious tone)
Maid- Sorry..
Ragini- Where is Sanskar?
Maid- He is in his room..
Ragini without even replying the maid storms into Sanskar’s room..She finds him packing bags.
Ragini- What are you doing?
Sanskar is astonished but sees her decked up and thinks she got engaged and makes a sad face.
Sanskar- I’m leaving to London today..So packing my stuff.
Ragini- How can you leave me and go?
Sanskar looks on amazed at her statement.
Ragini- Don’t look at me like that..You are so shameless, you didn’t even come to stop my engagement.
Sanskar- But you only said yes to that proposal.
Ragini- Yes.. but you didn’t make a effort to convince me.
Sanskar- Do you still love me?
Ragini- I always did and will keep loving you..Idiot!! Saying this she bangs her fist on his chest.
Sanskar immediately takes her into a bone crushing hug..Tears flow down their eyes but this time they were because of happiness.
Sanskar- Trust me..I always wanted to come to you but was afraid of your reaction..

Gadodia family enter Maheshwari mansion and Paravthi shouts Sanskar’s name.
RagSan come out into the hall.
Parvathi- How dare you blackmail my Ragini to leave the engagement.
Ragini- Dadi ma no one blackmailed me..I came by myself.
Parvathi- How can you forgot what this family has done to you?
Ragini- I didn’t forget anything but decided to forgive.
Dayal- Have you gone mad? Is your love much more important than your mother’s life that you chose to forgive them?
Ragini- My mom is my life. Although she isn’t alive but I believe mom also would have told me to forgive and live a happy life.
She moves towards Dayal and says- If Sanskar’s family is culprit..Then why dad does business with DP uncle?
Shekar- Professional and personal lives are different.
Ragini- Nothing is different..In both of them we consider ethics and morals. But you know what Dad? For your profits rules change!!
Parvathi shouts ‘Ragini’ ….
Ragini- Truth is bitter but things don’t change if we shout dadi ma.
She moves towards Shekar and says- Dad if a person commits crime he/she is punished for 14years according to law. But god has punished this family for 20years.
Sanskar led a life without parents love for 20years. AP aunty was in trauma and guilt for killing her friend unknowingly for 20years. DP uncle got busy in his life so much that he never had time for his family..he also led a lonely life for 20years.
Do you think we should punish them even now?
Shekar, Parvathi and Dayal stay silent.
Ragini continues speaking- Forgiveness gives us another chance to make a new beginning..I want to begin a new life with Sanskar.
Sanskar- But Ragini we have to stay in this house after our marriage. Will you tolerate seeing mom’s face daily?
Ragini- Punishment is for those who don’t realize their mistake but AP aunty is dying daily thinking of that mistake. I can’t give her more pain by making her witness her son’s tears daily. I don’t have any problem with aunty.
Gadodia’s agree for RagSan marriage.
RagSan are married with all rituals.

At their wedding Sanskar’s friend asks “How come you both are married? You people fight daily like tom n jerry!”
Sanskar smiles and replies- This happened because Ragini knew to forgive.
Sanskar’s friend doesn’t understand anything but RagSan smile looking at each other..
There started a beautiful love story of Ragini and Sanskar who lived happily after their marriage. Like every couple even they fought but they knew the lesson of forgiveness so they didn’t part ways?❤

I know there are many RagSan fans here..So let me know through your comments if you liked this story ??

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