Your love taught me meaning of life-intro


Hi guys I was a silent reader till now but I am part of tei tu from 6 mths but this is my first ff.I am the greatest fan of siddhant sir his killer looks,his acting,his serious wala look and sad wala all I just love so I m now gonna start my ff which I m pretty much sure that you guys will like and ya pls comment on it then only I ll continue.
So today only intros and a scene.

Aggarwal family

leela aggarwal
Rt aggarwal
uv aggarwal
twinkle aggarwal
Leela and rt are parents of uv and twinkle.Twinkle is elder sister of uv and is in +2 and uv us in 10.Twinkle is a simple but very studious girl.She is the topper of the class and considers fashion as nothinh.She renains simple and away from every girl of the class she never taljs much and sits alone in class.She has no frnds but only books.on other hand uv id all diff from her.
She only aspires to become most successfull psychiatrist.Tgats her only aim of life.

Sarna family
usha sarna
manohar sarna
kunj sarna
mahi sarna
Usha and manohar aare prnts of kunj sarna and mahi sarna.Both the kids are avg in studies.Kunj is also in +2 but in arts as well as mahi is in 10 std with uv.Both are besties.Kunj was in twinkle’s class upto 10 but then theirs ways parted but both are in same college.

Scene shifts to amritsar a big villa is shown “AGGARWAL VILLA”A room is shown.A well maintained room Its 2 o clock at nght all members of house are slept but that room’s light is on.A girls back is shoen sitting on study table.Her eyes are shown with specs very adorabke then her nose and lips are shown. Lips were dry due to cont reading abd cheeks are shown with light dimples.The girl is revealed to be twi aggarwal.Simple girls with hair folded into two plates and wearing a simple capru night suit.The girl is shown studying but at 2 o clock.The beautiful eyes are fulk of sleep but not in want of skeep but study……..

Sorry guys for today only this much other tmrrw.
pls do commnt if u want me to further write this ff.

KUNJ revelation and other members revelation. And guess what surprise…..

wait uptill nxt and ya srry for typing errors.

Credit to: paavu

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome start…do continue soon…

  2. Loved the episode please post asap

  3. Shreya098

    i am all hooked up
    continue soon

    1. Yhanks ill try my best to fulfill ur wishes thanks for supporting guys

  4. Kruti

    Nice intro

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)


  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing dear intro is fab….I’m looking forward for next episode..
    Welcome to tei family nd All the best for ur ff

  7. hey paavu it was amazing yaar loved it to d core
    carry on
    n like tw nerdy n padaaku side

  8. Sameera

    Wow welcome to tei family plzz cont soon

  9. Fan

    Awesome do continue…

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Paavu a big welcum to our adorable tu family… Hope u know me…
    Anyways the intro was wonderful
    Precap is 2 gud.
    Ctd soon dear

  11. Guys I know u all in fsct I love u and ur ffs.Love u all and thanks for support. I ll trymy bestest to fulfill your wishes.Dreamer arundhati of couse I know you and also I love ur ff.I ll update my nxt episode soon.

  12. wow paavu amazing jst w8ing fr it vry eager pls post soon

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