Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 7

Firstly i wanna thank adya ,payal,sidhanshi,sidvee,roshini,purnima,ramya,chiku sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i love u all and silent readers as well and guys ur commnts are really an only support system to encourage me just like today my adu(adya) and all who commntd were angry wid me as i said i write bad ffs i dont knw whether i write bad ones or nt bt ur love wil improve me so i m writing as my adu and u all ordered.

RECAP:Kunj and leela join hands to reduce shyness of twi wid help of kunj we can see dat twi is greatly affected by kunj’s wrds mahi asked her that whether she like him and she (not in senses) says yes now…………………..

epi 7::
Mahi(shocked cum lil happy)started jumping on bed and shouting eah she likes him yeah yeah………..
And while jumping she fell down and saw 4 legs near door he was shamed cum shocked and wat not and twi was double triple shocked………………..

uv:Ha hahahhahha bandariya(female monkey) mahi u proved today that humans took rebirth from monkeys heeeeheehee (he didnt stopped laughing)
Uv was holding his stomach and laughing haha hhhhhheeeeeeeee mahi bandariya (to leela)leela aunty apke toh din mein 2 dozen bananas lag jaate honge iss bhookhad bandariya ka pet bharne ke liye

MAHI:haww kya bola tune sade hue karele ko khate hue gorilla khud ki shakkal toh gorille jaisi hai aur mujhe mahi aggarwal ko tu bandariya keh raha hai main toh itni cute si hun wat say kunj bhayia

Ku:yes mahi u r rt waise u have given him perfect name ood vry good waise mahi why u were shouting who likes whom

Uv:are bhai u also are wid her see leela anti is bandariya ko
Ma:uv dont say dat again

le:mahi wat is this are these ur manners uv puttar toh is vry nice and nw u bth stop fighting like bandariya and gorilla(while laughing)
uv and ma:aunty/maa aap bhi
Le:acha baba ab phir se mat shuru ho jana best frnds ho phir bhi ladte rehte ho
ma:par maa

Ku:acha mahi nw tell who likes whom
Uv:bhayia wat are you asking aa gaya hoga iss bandariya ko koi bandar pasand
Ku:oh uv u just shut up mahi u tell
Ma:(stares angrily at uv and then back to answer kunj)woh kunj bhayia wo ap tw…..
Tw:i ll tell u all she was talking abt her favourite tv serial in which heroine likes hero

ku:ohhh twi are u sure
Ma:but twinkle di
Twi:nw why we r talking abt all these things maa lets all take lunch come

le:ya kunj and uv puttar pls join us
ku:no aunty maa will be w8ing fr us nxt time sure
le:par puttar

ku:aunty pls
le:ok puttar bt nxt time pakka na
ku:promise aunty

le:ok chalo ab neeche chalein
uv and ma:haan yes maa
They all went twi was abt to go but was stopped by kunj who was holding her wrist
Twi feels his touch and she feels gud and she closes her eyes

Ku:twi nw are u fine do u need anything and ya nxt time in college any problm is there tell me as we r family frnds and ya one more thing WILL U LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND
Twi(back towards ku):(smiling somewat)ya we can be frnds
Ku:ok so lets go dwn
Tw:kunj w8 i want.. to thank u for saving my life and srry bcos payal was being rude
Ku:twi wat is this today we became frnds and today u brk rules remembr no ssy and no thank u in frndship otherwise ill not talk to u
Twi(shyly):ok kunj and ya kunj wait take this(giving him his shirt which he put on her during cherry incident)thank u once again
ku:twi no thank u ok again and chalo lets go ok

THEN kunj and uv leave and mahi ran after nervous twi wid a line of ques prepared which twi knew so she also ran and ………………………

epi ends


srry guys for short epi i was not having time so thgats why but nxt time i ll try to write long one bt pls do commnts pls

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  1. Chiku

    Awesome ??????????
    Paavu it’s amazing
    Yeaahhh do do episode el din mie. Wowwwwww??❤️????????????????
    Loved it
    Love u soo much

  2. Ramya

    Hey paavu awesome bechari mahi ghir gayi it was funny dear plsss do write as soon as possible can’t wait

  3. Adya

    Haaawwww paavu DIIIIII ……so cutttteeeee loved it………ek din double dhamaka…….sooooo nice…….nd ha u r ri8……jiddi to Mai bachpan se hu…..Sry paida hee jiddi hui thi……..loved it dii……nd love u……. eagerly waiting for the next part

  4. Sameera

    Amazing awesome yaar paavu ???

  5. Awesome epi paavu… Nd that line sade huye karella khata hua gorilla… Hehehe… That was very funny… I’m no no… Not only me but we all r very happy that u r not ending u’r ff… Now waiting for the next epi… Post it soon…

  6. Amazing epi paavu.. that Bandar n gorilla part was???.. n wow 2 epis in a day??.. loved it.. do cont soon ?

  7. Simiyy

    Cant wait for the next one… post soon… it was good

  8. Amazing……fantastic …..awesome post nxt asap

  9. Hey paavu don’t be angry on me yar for not cmnting bcz I’m trying to cmnt on every ones ffs but don’t know why sometime it’s showing successful n sometime error.
    So I’m realy very sorry for that n don’t know this time also it’ll post or not.
    Well cmng the epi it was fantastic ,cute n funny also.Yuhi’s scenes was interasting .
    Love u dear n TC.


  10. Maggi

    It was funny..esp mahi incident
    ..luvd it ❤

  11. SidMin

    Loved it and Yuhi scene was cute 🙂 Twinkle is so shy 🙂 Sorry for the late comment 🙂

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