Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 6

RECAP:kunj leaving twi to home after cherry’s incident

epi 6
Kunj and twi reached twi’s home.They both came out of car twi was crying or ssy sobbing kunj came towards twi and cleared her tears wid his soft and warm palms.
KU:twi pls dont cry i cant see u crying pls just dont cry pls dont cry be happy nothing is happened come i ll drop u in and ll talk to ur mom also pls dont cry.

twi nodded and they both went inside.Leela was holding a crockery plate in her hand and she was going towards the kitchen and then only she saw twi wearing kunj’s shirt and saw her sobbing.She saw some sctatches on her hands.Plate fell from her hand and she ran and hugged twi.

Le:twi puttar tell me what happened why are u wearing this shirt twi tell me beta leave (moving towards kunj) kunj puttar wat happened to her pls tell me why u both are silent just tell me

Tw:mom u knw kunj hw cme??
Ku:twi u nvr came to our parties or attended any of urs func or ours func u dont know i m kunj sarna .Sarna family’s son and u knw dat we both families are frnds so ur mom knw me and i also didnt knew that u were their daughter but payal ur frnd told me today t5hats how she knw me nw pls cme inside.

They all went inside and leela made twi sit on sofa and kunj as well .She gave kunj water to drink but he made it drink to twinkle and both shared a cute eyelock whoch leela noticed and a smile peared on her sad face but she broke it by interrupting

Le:nw kunj puttar pls tell me everything
Kunj told each and everything but bfore leela said smthng two voices came

voices:WHAT THE HELL ……
twinj toghether:u both here
twi:mahi this is uv na ur frnd ?
mahi:yes di but how dare…….
uv:yes hw dare that cheapster cherry to touch twi di yes di i knw dat u r bit shy and studious as mahi told but how dare he i ll not leave him
Kun:uv u dont need to i already ve taught him a lesson nw he will not even come near or think of coming near twi i ll see to it how dare he touch her

leela:ok nw u children sit i ll bring mthng to eat and mahi pls take twi to her room and get her change
Mahi did as said and both mahi and twi left

Le:kunj puttar pls come wid me i want to talk wid u
Kunj nodded and both left

In the kitchen
Le:kunj puttar(folding her hands)thank u sooo much to save my twi main tera shukriya kaise karoon

Kunj holding her hands:no aunty pls dont do this u are like my mom and i ll do it for anyone ewlse also out of humanity and nw i consider her as my frnd also soooo pls dont

Le:kunj puttar mainu wadi khushi te naaz hai tere te ki tu meri kudi da dost hai (kunj beta i m very much happy and proud dat u r my twi’s frnd)BUT kunj i need one favour frm u pls

ku:anti if u say me puttar then pls dont say please to me just say i ll do wat u say

Le(keeping her hands on his head):kunj puttar i ve seen dat u said twi to change her looks and she change she is affected by wat u say but she never gets affected when we all say so kunj beta its a request dat ponly u can help me to change twi’s shy nature and make her open to the world pls kunj

Ku:aunty sure but what i ve to do

Le:kunj puttar dat u knw as u said twi to change her dress like dis in situations pls try to mould her choices pls as u two are in same college and rest thingds i ll tell u later

ku:ok aunty as u wish
and kunj went towards hall

Twi has changed her clothes and nw she is wearing jeans and simple top doind two ffolded plates wearing her specs.(again her nerdy look)
She was holding kunj’s shirt in her hand and smiling and she was remembering hw she hugged kunj and hw he fought fr her and all the past moments of them both and was smiling

This was nticed by mahi
Ma:di why u were affectedby kunj’s wrds do u like him
tw(nt in senses):yes and………….she was shocked in her reply nw she was saying nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mahi not wat r u thinking mahi
epi end on twi”s confused face and mahi’s shocked one


HI GUYS KAISE HO HAVE U ALL READ MY YESTETRDAY’S POST OF”I WAS ABT TO FALL IN LOVE PLS GUYS USSE PADHO OR COMMNT KARO WARNA MERA DIL TUT JAYEGA PLS YAAR PLS i ve written in dat ff also ki due to less commnnts i am going to stop writing but i just stopped due to meri jaan sayu’s emotional commnt aur main apni jaan ko mana nahi kar sakti and all others also who does commnts on my ff luv u all pls all who read my ff pls do commnts pls whether gud or bad pls love you all BYE TC

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      thanks soo much adya i love u are people are nt less aur ffs pe boht commnts hote hain but i think people here distinguish

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