Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 2


Hi guys i m back and i m very delighted that on my first epi i got this much comments well
Dreamer arundhati,baby sayeeda,maggipriya,sidmin,romaisah,purnima,fan,zayb zikra,rashi i am very thankfull to all of u that u all commented and liked my ff and ya maggi u told that u liked twinj drenching in paint so i will try my bestet to bring more and more good scenes as per aspirations of u all.And ya sorry guys i cant post for 2 3 days as my bday is tomorrow so i ll be busy as i ve thrown a big party and so i ve to do shopping so guys u ll ve to wait till then i ll provide a promo if i can.So enough of my lectures.
RECAP:twi and kunjs first meet a horrible onefull of paints…..

TWI AND kunj both were sharing an eyelock (SURPRISE IS……)they both compose and twi says to kunj TUM.
KUNJ-do i know u?

TWI-u dont know me?

KUNJ-AH……lemme guess u r sheena in xyz party and then he says no no she was more hot than u r tina or kim…………..

twi gives a frowned face
TWI:i m twinkle same batch inschool upto 0 u took help from me in exams kuch yaad aya??

Ku:oh topper twi how can i forget u and he hugs her t
twi feels awkward he composes.
TWI:Now also we are in same college

Ku:meri life meiu itni ladkian hain how i remember/
Then they see their cond and twi left without saying anythingw
[How many of u thought that they will fight lemme tell u that ku is a flirt but never fights wid girls unlike our real kunj (siddhant)THIS WAS A SURPRISE DO U LIKED TAHT THEY DIDN HAVE A FIGHT)

both of them reached their respective homes
A lady is shown
L:twi beta kya hua?tum to aj ghar agayi college nahi gayi aur tumhara ye haal kaise hua

TWI:kuch nai ma wo jaha mai roz padhne jati hu wahan ek flirt ne ye haal kar dia aop pareshan mat ho mai abhi nahakar ati hu aur fir muje coll ke lie bhi to late ho raha hai.
So the lady is leela aggarwal

leela:ok beta jao

Kunj’s residence
a lady asks same ques to ku as lee aasks from twi and kunj answers taht koi hot si ladki miul gayi thi as usual ma mai nahakar ata hu

l:chal badmaash
so lady is usha sarna
After 20 mins twi comes to hall all ready for college she comes to dining table wishes her father RT AGGARWAL gm and turns to leave then only a boy;s voice
B:Twi di aj ap ke darshan kese ho gaye ap to 5 baje hi padhne nikal jate hO.
So the boy is uv aggarwal younger bro of twi

Twi:kisi stupd flirt ki wajah se acha u leave it bye i m gettin late bye see u.

Uv:Bye di tc.

kunjs residence
kunj also comes and goes to dining table to have bf.
ku:gm papa
So the man on dining table is manohar
M:good morning ku

just then a girel enters and wishes ku gm
ku:GM mahi
so girl is mahi sarna
Ma:aj konsi painting banai bhai?

ku:aj kisi beautiful ladki ke chakkar me meri painting kharab ho gyi(guys painting was also drenched in paint)

Ma:bhai apki life me sab kuch apki stupid gfs ki wajah se hi hota jo har 2 hrs ke baad change hoti rehti hai sach mei apka kuch ani ho saklta….

Ku:mahi wo meri gf nahithi par kuch to baat thi bandi mei wo meri class mei `10 tak thi and was topper par aj maine pehli baar use khule baalo mei dekha aur ,kuch to tha leave itr mai coll ja raha hu bye tc.

Ma:bye bhjai u tc as well luv u
PRECAP:twinj confrontation in college again and again a major surprise.

so guys how was the epi and how many of u thought that they will fight?pls be open to comment
AND YA ONE IMP NOTE:twi and kunj dont know that their parents are family frnds as twi due to studies never went on their family trips.

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  1. I don’t know Hindi .. Pls post I’m English
    I liked ur 1st episode that is awesome and great keep it up….
    Happy birthday …

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi paavu..loved it…adv happy birthday ?

    1. Paavu

      thanks fan and thanks for wishes

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…& Happy Birthday….

    1. Paavu


  4. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode Paavu ….awesome… loved it ….
    Happy birthday to u …may u achieve all glories of world …keep smiling…

    1. Paavu


  5. I thought sum panga vl happen btn dem… The most lvly part is kunj being artist yaar… The lake side convo wz very nice… Happy birthday in advance:):)

  6. Paavu

    that was the surprise the diff otherwise always pangas and pangas only but this side of them is not seen so i thought it maggi well if u need that i should write some pangas also then i can write but the concept of my ff is not like this wait and watch coming episodes will rock.
    And ya sowbi from nxt epi i will give translation in eng also srry for inconvenience

  7. Baby

    hey paavu amazing yr wow u r brilliant luving it pls continue asap n yah happy birthday in advance dear enjoy d party n yah we also wnt party guys cmn u need 2 give us a party wid n amazing long episode of ur ff paavu

    1. Paavu


  8. Jiya_Ani

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY… May u reach all the glories of the world…
    Paaavu…amazing shweetu..loved it …muaaah..
    And surprise was really unique one..eagerly waiting for the next post..

    1. Paavu

      thanks lovely for ur warm wishes and also for liking my ff.I m very happy that u liked the surprise

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Paavu dear..if you don’t mind do read my ffs…Yehi hai ishq..
        And Our Love story..

  9. Dreamer...arundhati

    Paavu.. First of all.. AA VERY BIGWALA, HAPPYWALA B-DAY TO U.. SO HUMARI PARTY KAHA hai. .U can give us party by updating as soon as u r free frm celebration and work… May god bless u.
    Wonderful episode

    1. Paavu

      thanks dreamer arundhati for ur warm wishes and ya i ll give my bday party soon as u wish and i also love ur ff very much

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