Love at Once – Tashan e Ishq (Part 3)

Hey guys, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of sweet comments I got on my earlier writings. Thank u so much everyone and happy birthday Thanmy!!!?? I hope u had a great day…. Now let’s get on to Love at Once…. PART 3!
Precap: Leela tells Twinkle that she is going to get married with UV and Twinkle decides to talk to UV…. UV tells her his truth and kidnaps her…. Now LETS GO!

UV calls his man,
UV: hey… how is he doing? Did u threaten him? Good I’ll see u
Oh my Twinki, ur only mine
20 minutes later UV stops the car at an old abandoned farm house. He picks Twinkle up and drags her out of the car. He sets her down and ties
her to a rope….
Twinkle gains conscious and looks around, puzzled. She keeps looking until her eyes get glued to one thing… Mr. Chocolate?! It was her Kunj infront of her after all those years. She tied to wake him up but she was tied…. KUNJ she yelled! Kunj woke up in fright and saw his lady love infront of him… he couldn’t believe his eyes… he pinched himself to see if his twinkle was actually there…
Tw: yes buddhu, it’s me
Ku: Twinkle what r u doing here?
Tw: I’m dancing… do u not see me kidnapped along with u
Ku: (his mind) ab ye konsa siyappa hogaya…. Why is her lioness avatar out?! Margaya to Kunj
Tw: Oh mister… what r u thinking about… u weren’t thinking when u left me two years ago… she realized what she said and bit her tongue. Kunjs eyes became glassy thinking about it…
Tw: Sorry…. Anyways I had to tell u something very important…
Ku: Please, what does a monkey like u have to say?
Tw: twinkle looked at him furiously… IM THE MONKEY!! U r a fat pig and I was about to tell u that UV….
At that moment, UV came in

UV: so Kunj, I am getting married to ur lady love right now infront of ur eyes… stop me if u can
Blood shot through Kunjs eyes as he looked towards twinkle. As UV was getting the wedding mandap set up, Kunj signaled twinkle through his eyes… he used a sharp edge from the wall to cut the rope… blood fled out of his hands but he didn’t care. Kunj got up and found a stick and BAAMM!! He whacked UV below his head and UV fell unconscious. Kunj helped Twinkle and they shared a sweet eye lock while the song Kaun Tujhe played in the background. Their eye lock showed love, pain, and agony. They continued to look at each other expressing a lot of feelings…. Twinkle saw Kunjs cut and started to suck on it… she ripped some of her shirt off and used it to help the blood stop from Kunjs hand… Kunj was just looking at her lovingly. They came closer and closer to each other until Twinkle realized their position and backed away…
Tw: look Kunj… I know u didn’t mean to leave me and it was parents force but was our love that weak? That weak that two people broke it and we fell apart…. I love u Kunj and I will but I don’t trust u anymore.

Ku: Twinkle ur right… u don’t deserve someone like me so go live ur life… I will always love u too….
Twinkle looked at Kunj and tightly hugged him… a shocked Kunj pulled back…
Tw: I love u… please let me be yours… I only want u
Kunj looked at her and smiled and hugged her, letting out his sorrow and joy at the same time… they broke the hug and their lips were about to meet when UV woke up and saw them in that position… he got angry and yanked twinkles arm and pulled we towards him… my wedding is happening with twinkle and u can’t stop that… Kunj looked at twinkle and then UV and angrily went away… Twinkle tried to pull her arm away but UVs force was too strong for her. UV held her hand tight and said,
UV: oh my baby doll where r u going? Ur loser Kunj went off and left u… ur staying with me now… he leaned towards her… u smell so good was what he said… twinkle used all of her strength and pushed UV off of her and ran. She ran on the streets, not knowing where to go until a car came infront of her… sitting in there was Kunj telling her to get in…. twinkle looked for a second then looked away, remembering just how Kunj left her…
Ku: oh Siyappa Queen now isn’t the time to be mad at me… come in the car and be mad or that idiot UV will be after us again… twinkle looked at him and then got in the car
Tw: why did u leave me stupid… he was about to… he touched me…
Hearing that Kunj clenched his fists and pulled twinkle close… ur only mine… I went away because he would have hurt both of us again and I can’t see u in pain… ur my strong lioness so that’s why I left u, knowing that u would get away… now let’s plan what we r going to do to stop UV…
Tw: ok Kunj, hear my plan..

FLASHBACK ENDS ( I know it was a long FLASHBACK… sorry)
Tw: Kunj where r u? We have to start the plan and I don’t see u? Do u want me to get married to UV? Twinkle was still crying while holding Kunjs picture…
Le: Twinkle!! Hurry up… the auspicious time is coming to an end… twinkle hesitantly got up from her chair and hid Kunjs picture.

Ok guys, so my super long episode has come to an end for today? Who do u think twinkle will get married to? Please comment any feedback or anything u want to say… I’ll try to post the next episode as quick as possible but my exams r coming up and I have a lot of work… love u all..?

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