Love at Once- Tashan e ishq (Part 2)

Hey guys I’m back,again. Thank you sooo so much to everyone that commented and made me feel so happy and feel welcomed. Thank u Sana, dreamer.arundhati, Thanmy, Rita, Shushmitha, Ramya, Payal, Purnima.agrawal30, TwinjSidMin, Anayaali, Shikha, Sidhanshi, SidVee,and aaku for commenting. It really means a lot ?

Now let’s get started on…. PART 2!
A 3 years leap….
A big mansion is shown with a stunning wedding mandap set up and amazing decorations. (Similar to the ones in the TEI wedding). As we go up the stairs we see a girl looking in the mirror at herself talking to babaji..
G: Babaji why did u do this to me when u knew that I can’t live without him…. Why???
With that, she stated sobbing.
P1: Twinkle puttar, r u ready. The woman was revealed to be Leela and the girl was Twinkle.
Twinkle looked absolutely dashing, wearing a red lengha with heavy gold embroidery on the sides. She had heavy makeup on and was looking no less then Ms. Universe.
Tw: Yes ma I’m ready. I’ll be down in a few minutes. Leela left and Twinkle sat back down, remembering….
Twinkle and Kunj loved each other madly and so did Chinki and UV. All 4 used to go on road trips together and life was just a blast.

Kunj calls Twinkle,
Ku: Hey twinkle I need to talk to u about something very important.
Tw: Yes Kunj? (She wasn’t expecting anything bizarre)
Ku: Twinkle I’m getting married….
Tw: WHAT!! Kunj how come… u loved me right? She fell down sobbing
Ku: Yes Twinkle I’ll love u till my last breath but ma and papa want me to get married to Chinki as they think she is a really sweet girl and it will also profit their business. U know that if I go against them, they will kill me and u when they find out that I love u and u love me.
Tw: so u haven’t told ur parents about us? ITS BEEN 2 WHOLE YEARS!
Ku: I’m really sorry twinkle.. the wedding is next year.
Twinkle cuts the call and hides under her blanket and cries until she fell asleep. The next morning, Leela came in and woke Twinkle up.
Le: Twinke puttar I have some very exciting news.
U know UV Luthra, I’m getting you married to him.
Tw: WHAT!! She realized that the whole thing was opposite as UV loved Chinki and Kunj loved her. She decided to say yes so that she could talk to UV and sort things out.
Tw: ok ma! Whatever u want. Can I meet UV today?
Le: Of course. He’ll be here by 11 so get ready fast.
Tw: ya ma

Twinkle went in the bathroom and came out wearing a mini skirt with a crop top. She put on light makeup and looked amazing. She grabbed her purse and head out the door to meet UV. UV looked at her with lust in his eyes, making her feel very uncomfortable. He eyed her bare waist and then looked at her face.
UV: u look very hot
Tw:(she looked at him boggled) Don’t u love Chinki?
UV: oh my darling. U really think I was going to like that stupid idiotic girl. Have u seen her face, she looks like a duck.She was just my way of getting close to u. She’s ur best friend right? I made Kunjs dad start thinking bad about u and told him the benift of Chinki getting married to ur beloved Kunj. Nice planning huh?
Twinkle looked away shocked knowing she had to tell Kunj. She came closer to UV and CHAATAAAK! UV was holding his right cheek with his hand as twinkle looked at him with fire in her eyes.
Tw: don’t u dare mess with me or my friends Mr. Luthra or u will have to repent.
With that, UV held twinkles mouth with his hand and dragged to her to his car. He made her unconscious and drove away.
UV: u really think that u will go away from me…. And he smirked as he drove the car off.

Ok guys, that’s it for today. Again thank u so much for ur support and love. I’ll try to post the next part as briefly as possible. Maybe tomorrow? Or tonight? The episode is still in the FLASHBACK of twinkle remembering everything before her marriage with…. Stay tuned and love u!!

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