It’s all about love (Tashan-E-Ishq & Manmarziyan) Intro and Episode 1


Hey guys…… I’m writing a new ff…… this is the first time I am writing…… I know there r many ff & (I even read all of them) but plz do take out some time to read my ff plzzzzzzzzzz……. And ha don’t forget to comment……..

So coming to the backdrop as usual twinj r pairs & I even like aradhika & near pair of manmarziyan so I have them also included & no Mahi but instead of her there is a girl called Lisa(played by Mrunal Thayer i.e Bulbul of kumkum bhagya) uv & Anita r there…….

Introduction :
Twinkle(twi) (a cute girl who cares a lot for her family & can do anything for her loved ones)

Samira(sam) (a modern girl with beauty & brains & cares a lot for her sisters & she hates her mom)

Radhika(radz) (the youngest of cousins, and the most pampered. She & Arjun love each other a lot but no one noes it)

Lisa( A girl who cares a lot for her family. Her MIL(Anita) hates her but she keeps trying to impress her. Married to Yuvi)

Kunj( a hot handsome guy he loves his family a lot and can’t tolerate a word against his family)

Arjun ( a smart boy & a real cute chick. He is a guy who can give up anything for his family and for his lady love-radz)

Neil (hotty who is damn intelligent & very attractive, does a lot for his family)

Yuvi ( a bold guy & has looks which any girl would fall for, he hates his mom & is married to Lisa against his mom’s will)

They all r cousins & live in a joint family.(Anita is the only -ve character and I’ll reveal it later ki why she hates her family) Twinkle(24) & Radhika(21) r daughters of Leela (Her husband died in an accident a few years ago so she stays in her mom’s place).Samira(24) and Yuvi(27) r kids of Anita(Her husband gave her divorce 18yrs ago so she also stays with her kids in her mom’s home) and Yuvi is married to Lisa(25). Neil(26) is the son of Usha & Manohar, they have two younger twin sons Kunj & Arjun (both r 24).

Coming to the families
Aarti Sarna & Ram Sarna have three kids Eldest is their son Manohar, second & third r their daughters Anita & Leela respectively.
Ram had started a business which runs a huge chain of hotels & restaurants all over the world it is called The Sky Hotels. Now Manohar handles the business & Neil & Yuvi helps them in the business. Twi, Sam, Kunj & Arjun have finished their degree in business management & have asked there family some time before they join their family business. Radz is still doing her degree.

So coming to the episode:
Episode 1:
Its night a girl is sleeping peacefully in her room. 7people sneak into her room(there faces r not clear as its dark).
They all r discussing something.
Voice1: how much more time is left.
V2: 1 more min.
V3: what 1more min that means 60 more secs. O God I’m so sleepy I’m going
V4: are yar twi you keep sleeping the whole day nd still feel sleepy, I think u were kumb karn’s sister in ur previous life.
Twi: hawww, kunj u called me kumb karn’s sister. U… u na… ur….
Kunj: ha tell na what am i
Twi:u na…… ha u r sadu Sarna….
Kunj :what me & sadu no ways.
V5: guys, guys stop it now
V6: yeah u both fight like husband & wife .(twinj give her a one eyebrow up look) any ways it’s time.
V7: yes Sam is right guys, now everyone take ur positions.
Everyone goes. Twinj give each other a death glare & turns & go in opposite directions.

Twi ons the lights…… and everyone screams HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADZ.
Radz wakes up and is surprised to see everyone.
Radz:u guys…… thank you so much…..
First Twi gives her a gift, next Sam gives her one then Lisa(V1) gives her a gift, Next Arjun (V2)gives one. (radz blushes while taking his gift) Then the other boys altogether give her one gift. Radz feels really happy & hugs all of them they have a group hug
They break the hug, and everyone wish her & all starts going to their room.
Sam: guys stop.
Twi: wat is it Sam.
Sam:Twi don’t u think these boys r a bit kanjous.
Twi: Sam u got to know this now. U r a tubelight.
V7:wat do you guys mean.
Sam: wat v mean to say Mr. Neil is that u all together gave one gift couldn’t u guys buy a gift each & give it to her.
Neil:o madam u don’t understand how tough it is to buy gifts for girls. And even after such a great difficulty that v faced to choose a gift u r not even satisfied. BTW wat is bothering you, the person who should be happy is happy na, now wats itching u.
Sam: wats itching me???? The thing is….
(before she could say anything arjun Interrupts them)
Arjun: guys plz don’t fight. It’s already late go & sleep.
V5: yeah, Arjun is right go & sleep.
Neil: yeah & anyways who wants to fight with this girl. BTW I’m really sleepy.
They all go to their rooms & sleep.

So just to let u guys noe

Guys I’ll update each episode in 3-4days gap as I need ideas…….

And ha plz don’t forget to comment plz…..

Credit to: Mrs.Bunny

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