Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Intro


This is my new FF and the write up i wrote before will be seen in this FF only but a bit later. And about my before FF Destiny probably wasnt destined to be a FF as I myself was getting bored writing it due to its weak storyline. This is gonna be more fun with a diff story line and Twinkles character is more stronger and fun. So wish me luck I might have given up on my old FF but not giving up on this so fast. Today will be only the Intro.Love you loads and pls do comment.

MAIN CHARACTERS FOR NOW [ later more charcters will enter]

Twinkle Taneja- A fun loving and feisty punjabi patakha. Who never lets anyone that she loves down. She always brings the innocent justice when they are in distress in her own fun way. She loves her mother a lot and can do anything for her happiness.

Kunj Sarna- A happy go lucky boy who loves bringing a smile on peoples face. He respects his elders and can do anything for his family and never hesitates in doing the right thing. He looks innocent as ever but is often sarcastic and loves playing pranks.

Yuvraj Luthra- A handsome hunk who always gets what he wants and when he doesnt he does anything and everything to get it. He loves Twinkle. But after she breaks up with him he keeps on trying to get her back.

Tanya Rai- A girl who always wants the spotlight on her and can do anything to keep her popularity up to mark. She often gets insulted by Twinkle in public. Which makes her get angry and wants to destroy her life.

Chinki Kaur- A pretty girl who is the best friend of Twinkle and always supports her no matter what.

Abhay Dagar- A shy and studious boy who befriends Kunj and often gets beaten up.

Ishaan Sarna- A cute five year old boy who is the nephew of Kunj who loves having fun and spending time with his uncle.

Babli Taneja- Twinkles sixteen year old cousin sister who loves her a lot and wants to become like her when she grows up. She often saves her sister from getting into trouble.

other characters are Leela Taneja , Manohar Sarna, Usha Sarna , Anita Luthra , Raman Taneja, Pinni Taneja, Anand Sarna, Nidhi Sarna etc.

Credit to: Harshi

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  1. Wow……Harshi it’s awesum the intro was so good obviously the FF wl be not goo but great….??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Thanks SMC
    I am gonna start the FF as soon as possible

  3. Bravo it was nice n different…hope to see ur ff soon.

  4. I like it..looking forward to it

  5. awesome storyline Harshi! !!

  6. The intro is awesome hope u gonna rock with ur work.

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Intro seems to be catchy.
    Hope ur ff too is gonna be the same.

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