Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Episode 5


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Lol this time Kunjs siyappa not Twinkles.
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Twinkle! how much time will you take are you fighting a war or wearing a saree he asks her looking at the time seeing that they have only 15 minutes.

I am coming! do you know how hard it is to wear saree that to in a car Twinkle says. Twinkle finally opens the car door.

Kunj turns back and sees how beautiful she looks in saree. He stares at her. Stop staring at me and help me keep this thing she says trying to keep the mangalsutra. He helps her keep it she could feel his cold touch on her back ,she shakes.What happened? he asks her. Your hands are cold she tells him.

She takes her bag out takes the sindoor from it. Tell me if you need help in this also ,are marriage will also get over Kunj says jokingly. Very funny Kunj Sarna! she says keeping the sindoor with the help of the cars mirror. Kunj says go and get the passes i will lock the car and come. She goes.

Tanya comes to the party she gets out of the car and jumps with joy as she sees Kunj locking the car and going. She is like even god wants me and Kunj to be together.

She goes but stops at his car and sees scattered clothes inside. She sees there are girls clothes inside and realises that Twinkle wore the same thing today. Omg! Kunj and Twinkle were…..that too in the car Tanya thought , Twinkle you are so gone now look what I am going to do with your reputation.

Kunj and Twinkle take the passes and enter the party. They look around to see if they could find those people. Twinkle spots her mother she turns around and hides her face. What happened? Kunj says. If my mom sees me like this she is gonna kill me she says pointing to her mangalsutra. She hides her face and waits until her mother passes.

Look! Kunj says spotting one of the kidnappers. They go behind that guy making sure that he doesnt see them. Kunj tells Twinkle to wait here and call the police as now they are sure. He says he will follow the guy and make sure no one gets hurt. Twinkle calls the police and informs them.

Then suddenly someone keeps a hand on her shoulder. She was scared that it was her mother but then slowly turns. Kunj! she says in relief. What happened? she asks. They were here to Kidnap Tanya he says. What? Where is she? and what about the man? she asks him. I missed the guy we atleast should find her before…. he says looking around.

Twinkle and Kunj look around. There she is with the phone in her hand Kunj tells Twinkle. Twinkle goes towards Tanya and grabs her arm and takes her outside Kunj follows. Leave me you idiot she tells Twinkle. Twinkle leaves her arm. What do you think you are doing? she asks Twinkle.

Unfortunately saving you she tells Tanya. Kunj comes and says the police should be here any moment. You are getting me arrested! Tanya asks confused. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and think what an idiot she is.

There are kidnappers here who wanted to kidnap you we are getting them arrested not you Kunj tells her. You know what Kunj we should have let them kidnap her at least we would have got rid of this witch Twinkle tells him sarcastically. Kunj agrees.

The police arrived and thank Kunj and Twinkle for catching them. You know what Twinkle? Tanya says thanklessly. What? Twinkle asks her. Soon you are gonna face torture look what I am gonna do with you she says. Ya we will see ,Twinkle tells her thinking how thankless she is. Come lets go before our parents see us Kunj tells Twinkle.

Precap- Tanyas big plan.

Credit to: Harshi

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