Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Episode 4


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Twinkle sits alone in the cafeteria as Chinki is absent.

Kunj was talking to Abhay and he sees Twinkle sitting alone and goes there and sits there with her. Now, what do you want Kunj Sarna Twinkle asks him. Even Abhay comes and asks Kunj whether he is mad he is sitting with Twinkle. Chill! i wont eat you up Twinkle tells him.

But your boyfriend will Abhay tells her. Can you please stop it me and Yuvraj broke up Twinkle tells him. I am hungry Kunj says taking a bite from Twinkles lunch. Me too Abhay says and even he takes a bite from her lunch . Guys are you gonna leave anything for me Twinkle asks. They start talking casually. Eventually the day in college gets over.

Twinkle sits in her car and is ready to leave then she gets a call from her mom.She lifts the phone her mother tells her that she is going to attend a business party at Park view hotel and is leaving her mobile at home and she also tells her that Manohar and Usha are also going Twinkle says okay and she keeps the phone.

She goes to a mall from there she parks her car and sees few goons they were talking Twinkle hides behind at hears what they were talking about. Twinkle hears that they are going to kidnap someone in park view hotel at 7 pm. Twinkle records this. She thinks that she has to stop her mother but she didnt even take cellphone she thinks.

Even Manohar and Usha are going she thinks at least she has to stop them. She drives fast to the Sarnas she knocks on the door Kunj opens she just goes in. Aunty Uncle! she shouts. Relax what happened? he asks her. Where are your mom and dad? Twinkle asks.

They left for some party he says. We have to go and get them out of there twinkle says. Why what happened he asks. There is going to be a kidnapping there. What? How do you know this? he asks. She tells him what she heard in the mall and also shows him the recording.

Did you inform the police he asks her. She says what if its not true we will end up creating nuisance. Kunj agrees and decides to check it out first. They both leave to park view hotel. They reach there and try to go in but the security guard stops them. They tell him its important but he doesnt listen and he asks them for passes.

They go to get the passes. Two passes urgent please Kunj asks the person who was selling the passes. Sorry sir all the single passes are over only couple passes are there. What do you mean? Twinkle asks. The guy tells them the couple passes are for married couples. Twinkle and Kunj think what are they gonna do now.

Marriage! Kunj says. Are you mad ! we will get married only for the party has your mind gone for a strike she tells him thinking how stupid his idea was. No, we will just act like married couple to get in Kunj says. They agree on that since they had no other option.

Twinkle goes and asks one couple pass please. He asks for proof that both are married. Kunj and Twinkle think what are they gonna do now. They tell him that they dont have any proof right now. The guy tells them that how can I give you pass you dont have proof,your wife is not even wearing sindoor or mangalsutra neither of you are wearing a wedding ring and also this is a grand party and you are not even dressed .

They look at the time and sees that they have exactly one hour. Kunj you get clothes for both of us I will go and get that sindoor and stuff Twinkle tells him. They agree. Kunj leaves and even Twinkle leaves. Twinkle comes back fast and realises Kunj didnt come yet, they had 45 minutes. Kunj comes he is already dressed he gives clothes to twinkle.

Saree! Twinkle shouts at him looking at the green and blue saree he bought. I couldnt find anything else of your size so I brought my sisters. You have a sister! twinkle asks thinking how big his family is. Does that matter now just change Kunj says. Where will I change genius? she asks him. They totally forgot about that. You can change here only Kunj says. Twinkle hits him on the head and says you are joking even in situations like this. I mean change in the car he tells her. She goes in and says dare you turn back and dont let anyone… Okay! Okay! fast he says.

Precap – Tanya is in the party she sees Twinkle and Kunj together as a married couple.

Credit to: Harshi

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