Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Episode 3


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Twinkle keeps Ishaan down and Kunj leaves with Ishaan. Twinkle follows but just then someone calls Twinkle! she turns to see someone, she gets angry.

The guy comes towards her and says Hi! Baby you are looking hot in Lehenga. What do you want Yuvi? Twinkle asks him. You! he says. Twinkle smirks at him and says You should have thought about it when you insulted my mother.

Chodon kal ki baatein kal ki baat purani he sings and moves around her. Keeping that in mind only I got over you she says ,You are my yesterday and I left you she says to him with her hands crossed. Just then Twinkle! Kunj calls from behind. He comes towards her and says Leela aunty is calling. Yuvi looks at Kunj and smirks. Kunj looks at Twinkle. He sees her face and sees that she was upset didnt know why but knew it was because of Yuvraj. He takes her hand looks at Yuvi and says we shouldnt waste time here .

Twinkle is surprised with Kunjs reaction. They both leave. Twinkle takes her hand out and asks what are you doing? He says relax I was just trying to help you I saw that you were upset because of him so I thought you needed help. I can handle myself Mr Sarna you dont have to take so much of stress we barely know each other twinkle tells him. Sorry I made a mistake now for gods sake go your mother is calling Kunj says thinking how thankless she is.

Twinkle goes towards Leela and Kunj follows. Leela looks at Twinkle and smiles and says my girl has become so big she hugs her. Ma! what happened why are you acting like that she asks. Usha also does the same with Kunj. They both are confused. Manohar and Leela say we are so happy that your marriage is fixed. Kunj and Twinkle are shocked.

What? Twinkle says. Ma! are you crazy marriage she says. Kunj tells manohar that he just joined college here. Are you even intending to tell me who I am getting married too or that is also gonna be a shock Twinkle tells her mother. Kunj thinks the same. The Tanejas and Sarnas start laughing. Di are you serious you still dont know who the groom is Babli says laughing at her. Kunj and Twinkle look at each other then it strikes them. They say No! at the same time. Are you joking? Kunj asks them.

You both are reacting as though we are getting you both married today itself Leela says laughing at them. Dont worry not until college gets over we are giving you guys time to get to know each other Manohar says. Twinkle and Kunj are embarrassed. They didnt know how to react at the moment so they kept quiet.

Dont you think we should announce this good news Manohar asks Leela. Twinkle stops him and says Please dont. Leela asks what are you saying. I mean to say you know we are in college and in fact Kunj is new to the college dont you think we should you know get adjusted to it before making this big announcement. No one understands what she is trying to say but Kunj understands that she is trying to buy time so then he covers up and says She means to say that we have to get adjusted to each other before taking any decisions.

They understand and decide not to announce it. The party goes on and it soon comes to an end Twinkle and Kunj decided to agree to the marriage for now for the sake of their family. Tanejas were about to leave then Ishaan says Bye Twinkle. Usha tells Ishaan you are not supposed to call elders by name. He says Okay then! Bye Chachi he says in his little voice. Kunj looks at Twinkle. Twinkle moves towards ishaan and says No problem you can call me Twinkle only. He says no I like chachi and i will call you that only. Twinkle gives up and says Bye. The tanejas leave.

In College

Kunj comes to college on first day and definitely the spotlight was on him. Everyones eyes were on him after yesterdays grand party.

He enters his class everyone were already there. His eyes fall on Twinkle she was sitting alone. The Teacher welcomes Kunj and introduces him to the class even though half the class. Tanya sees Kunj and asks the girl sitting next to her to move front and sit with someone else. The girl reluctantly moves. Mr Sarna you may go and sit there are two free seats one next to Miss Rai and the other next to Miss Taneja.

He moves and walks past Tanya and sits next to Twinkle. Tanya fumes. Twinkle sees Kunj and says Dont tell me you are practicing to be my Pati Parameshwar from now only . Dont get so excited I dont want to sit with Tanya thats why i came here he tells her. Yuvi comes and asks May I come in sir after being late. he fumes to see Twinkle sitting with Kunj. He reluctantly comes and sits next to Tanya.

Precap- Chinki is absent so Twinkle is alone so Kunj and Abhay come.

Credit to: Harshi

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