Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Episode 2


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Ma! I am home Twinkle shouts as soon as she steps home. Raman comes downstairs and says Go and get ready fast and come Di already kept your dress ready.

Twinkle is confused and asks where are we going. There is a party at the Sarnas they just moved here, come on get ready Di, Babli and Pinni already left Raman says. Mamu I am not coming I am very tierd and hungry twinkle says holding her tummy. She heads towards the kitchen. She lifts the dish Karele! she shouts in disappointment. Then Raman comes in and says I am going to eat jalebis, Pakoras and drink lassi in the party ,he smiles at Twinkle sarcastically. Ok! i am coming she says with disappointment.

Raman tells her to come in the other car.

Twinkle goes to her room and sees that her whole bed was filled she saw that her mom picked a pink and silver lehenga which was simple but yet pretty. She quickly wears it and gets ready. She leaves. She reaches the Sarna mansion in minutes.

She gets down and sees Tanya and thinks that her kismat[fate] is itself is bad that she saw her face. Tanya wore a red dress with a slit towards the end. She comes towards Twinkle and says You look like a behen ji denying the fact that she looks gorgeous. Twinkle says You look like a …. sorry shouldnt mention it here you know. Tanya fumes and Twinkle leaves. Tanya thinks that Twinkle has insulted her a lot today now she is gonna get it. Tanya goes in too.

Twinkle enters everyone looks at her. Twinkle looks for her family then spots Leela she brisk walks towards her but then Tanya trips her and someone catches her right in time. She closes her eyes. Then she slowly opens it too see Kunj. Kunj is looking at her . They have an eyelock. Then he makes her stand properly.

Tanya gets angry. Twinkle says Thank you to Kunj. She walks towards her mother and Kunj walks towards his mother. Leela introduces Twinkle to Sarnas and Manohar introduces Kunj to Tanejas. Kunj and Twinkle give an awkward smile to each other. Why are you both acting so awkward Manohar says he asks Kunj to get Twinkle something to eat. Twinkle is happy that Manohar read her mind she was really hungry.

Twinkle and Kunj walk together. Your the guy with Tanya she asks Kunj. And your Yuvrajs… he asks Twinkle. Dont take his name in front of me she tells him, he sees her face change in anger. I am sorry i didnt know I thought.. Kunj says. Twinkle says its okay remembering how Yuvraj insulted her mother. Now tell me about yourself Kunj Sarna Twinkle says changing the topic. Pehle aap Jalebi li jiye he says. She grabs it from his hand and takes a bite and says Aap! seriously you can call me tum I dont mind.

Just then a boy comes running and crying and holds Kunjs leg and says Chachu! . What happened Ishaan Kunj asks him taking him in his arms. Twinkle looks at him and asks Aapko jalebi chahiye . Ishaan says no. Then twinkle removes her bag and removes three chocolates and asks him whether he wants chocolates. Chocolate! he shouts with joy in his cute voice. Kunj smiles.

Kunj asks him why he was crying he points at Tanya and says That Aunty scolded me because I bumped into her by mistake. Twinkle gets angry she moves towards her Kunj follows with Ishaan. Twinkle bumps into Tanya on purpose and the jalebi falls on her dress. Twinkle! she shouts. Ishaan and Kunj laugh. Twinkle says Sorry I thought the dustbin was here. She smiles at Tanya.

Twinkle holds Ishaan and says If this aunty ever troubles you again just tell me.Tanya fumes. Ishaan smiles and gives a kiss on Twinkles cheek. Kunj smiles at twinkle and asks whether they can go back.They both are just about to leave then someone says Twinkle.

Precap – Yuvraj entry.

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Credit to: Harshi

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