Is This Love? [Tashan e Ishq FF] Episode 1

I am happy that you guys liked my Intro now for the first episode. Todays episode is Kunjs point of view POV even though it is his POV it makes you understand Twinkles character more. Wish me luck and excuse d mistakes . Pls do comment your comments mean alot.


I really need admission in this college its very important I plead the principal , returning from London after half the semester is over makes it hard to get an admission and I dont want my father to enter into this matter.

No more words ! I cant give you an admission he says. But sir… I say. He gets a call he picks it up slowly his face changes he takes out his handkerchief and wipes his face and says dont worry sir I will do the same to the person who he was talking to. He puts the phone down and says You can come to college from tomorrow itself. I was happy to know that but knew exactly who was on the phone now. My dad must have told the higher department. The principal said that he will take care of the formalities.

I step out of his office and decide to look around just then a girl comes and keeps her hand on my chest and says Hi! I am Tanya. She wore a white crop top and a black mini skirt. Kunj Sarna I tell her. If you want I can show you around she says flirtatiously. I take her hand off and say No thanks!. Come on! she keeps her hand around mine and doesnt allow me to speak.

She pulls me and while doing so she bumps into another girl and that girl falls into the mud. I try to help her out but Tanya says Dont your hands will get dirty she is exactly where she is supposed to be! She laughs at her. The girl feels bad.

Just then another girl comes running and screams Chinki! are you okay. She was really beautiful she wore a simple summer dress and her eyes were twinkling as she looked at Chinki with concern. She was holding an Ice cream in her hand she tells me to hold it and comes and picks Chinki up and wipes the mud out of her face.

Well! Well! if it isnt Twinkle Taneja Tanya says grinning. Twinkle keeps a step forward in anger Chinki stops her.

Then Twinkles face changes and she smiles and says Wow! your dress is so beautiful. Tanya smiles with pride. But its missing something Twinkle says. Tanya asks what. Twinkle wipes her muddy hands on her white top. Tanya shrieks and i couldnt help smiling. She takes the ice cream that was melting from my hand and applies it on her skirt. Twinkle you… ! Tanya screams. Now you look perfect! Twinkle says laughing ,even Chinki smiles. Tanya fumes. Twinkle takes Chinki and leaves. What a girl I thought to myself.

Tanya leaves stomping with her heels. I control my laughter. Just then someone keeps his hand on my shoulder I turn back it was a boy who wore big black glasses.Bro I am telling you better stay away from her he says in a soft tone.Who? Tanya I didnt she is the one who … I explain it to him. I wasnt talking Tanya I was talking about Twinkle he says. Twinkle, no I didnt even say… I tell him. But I saw the way you looked at her he says. If Yuvraj comes to know he will… I just borrowed a black pen from her once then Yuvraj came and beat me up black and blue he says. I assured him that I wont.

Btw I am Kunj Sarna I introduce myself. Your Manohar Sarnas son he asks me. I say yes. He tells me that his name is Abhay Dagar He tells me about the college and the people. I look at the time and I tell him that I have to leave. He says he will tell more late. I leave.

Precap- Twinkle is reluctant to attend the party at Sarnas.

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  1. Superb awesome bindass jhakkas amazing what do i tell… just love itttttttt ????
    Plzz do write nd post more I LOVE IT????

  2. Thanks sweetie I am happy that you liked it.

  3. hey harshi..why u ended the destiny…m very sad…bt anyways..this one is very good…i mean too good..u really write well..nd dont even think to end this….
    lots of love

    1. i agree with tara di

      1. I am sorry for ending destiny I wont repeat the same for this
        thanks for reading tina

  4. Thanks Tara, I was waiting for your comment .

  5. Hey dear ur episode is awesome…. hope u write inthe same way.

  6. Thanks FF reader

  7. Meenat Abubakar

    Its nice harshi, keep on writting as we read and enjoy, wish u luck

    1. Thanks Meenat

  8. Harshi plz don’t mind but dis POV system confuses me

    1. Ok then I will try writing normally thanks for telling me and i definitely dont mind.

  9. Harshi it’s just flawless! !!!
    u r an amazing writer! !!!

    1. Thanks sanam

  10. Ty harshi so sweet of u

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  12. Cute episode.

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